NFL Trade Rumors: What is Kellen Winslow Worth?

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Since the Browns’ latest reboot with Eric Mangini and George Kokinis running the show, they have harped on one main theme.  They are looking for team-first guys with good attitudes.  Now there could be a whole host of arguments on both sides whether or not Kellen Winslow fits into that category or not.  I for one, think Kellen Winslow easily could be the guy who buys in to a team-first approach depending on who was selling it.  Obviously Phil Savage wasn’t the guy to do it and Romeo Crennel couldn’t pull it off either.  Whether Mangini and Kokinis can do it remains to be seen.  That being said, I think Winslow, while a bit of a problem sometimes, just hates to lose and thinks he is a key for his team to win.

Either way, let’s say for the sake of argument that Mangini and Kokinis don’t believe that Winslow is capable of being a part of this new team.  If they were intent on trading him this year, what exactly is he worth?  As Browns fans we know just how amazing Winslow can be.  We know how distracting and hurt he can be too.  Given his potential, what exactly is he worth?

The rumor out there right now is that the Browns have put a price on Winslow to at least one NFL team.  The alleged price tag is a 2nd round pick and a player, or a 2nd round pick combined with a 3rd round pick.  So, I will leave it to you Browns fans.  Would you take that for Kellen Winslow, or would you roll the dice on him re-creating the amazing performances he put up two years ago in a Pro Bowl season?

I am 50/50 on it, personally.  If you can get two picks in this upcoming draft for him, I guess I trade him.  I am sketchy on his ability to play at a high level for the long run given what a battering his knees have endured.  Notice, I don’t question the man’s heart. I think it is as big as any in the NFL.  I am just afraid that his body might revolt at some point and keep him off the field.  Also, it obviously depends on how good the talent evaluation of Kokinis and Mangini can be too.  I certainly wouldn’t entrust additional picks in the 2nd and 3rd round to, say, a Dwight Clark level of talent evaluation. 

So, assuming you can trust the talent evaluators (I really don’t want this to devolve into another bash session of who Lerner hired,) would you take that compensation for Winslow or would you keep him?


    Are the Monsters considering any trades?

  • Craig

    Hah… If only the Cleveland Crunch was still around in Cleveland so we could talk about prospective deals being mapped out for Otto Orf…

  • matt

    Keep him…..from what I have seen about Winslow, he is a 100% full motor, win at any cost kind of player. When healthy, he’s the most consistently dangerous player we have on the field. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, regarding draft prospects.

  • bridgecrosser

    Winslow is the type of player you keep. I hope Mangini can repair this relationship. Quinn throws short so Winslow is going to get plenty of work.

  • B-bo

    Keep him. This team sorely lacks competitive fire without K2. I have no problem with a guy who hates to lose and isn’t afraid to say it when necessary. Physically there are long-term concerns, but right now he’s a monster. Let’s see this regime handle a draft before we call for them to ship off one of the three best talents on the team.

  • DJ

    I say keep him as well. Edwards, on the other hand…

  • Humboldt

    keep him. Trade you proposed is enticing but Kellon is a Super Bowl caliber talent who can change a game

  • S-Dub

    depends on how good they think rucker can be. If they like him AND they can get a good LB or CB or RB and a pick, then make the trade I guess. But no just for a second and third.


    Windhorst just commented under his story that a three-team deal is “on the horizon”.. doesn’t say who or what that involves. I hope they trade Joe Tait.

  • Jeff

    I love Winslow, love his intensity, his heart, and his work ethic. That being said, for a 2nd and 3rd round pick, and the fact we all raved about Rucker in the preseason, I think I would take that deal. We know we aren’t going anywhere without an infusion of talent in many areas, many on the defensive side. We don’t have a ton of picks right now as it is. I say do it, and then pray it doesn’t come back to haunt us. Which it very well could.

  • Brownie4Life

    KEEP HIM!!! He’s due a breakout season! And with Brady in there we know he’s going to get the ball A LOT! He is a TEAM first player, people just seem to misunderstand this guys passion. Browns would be STUPID to trade him. He’s one of the only reason I still go to the games.

  • SambofromOH

    Depends on who the player is and/or how high the picks are in thier respective rounds. No way would I take a late 2nd and late 3rd for him, but a top 10 in both rounds is a different story.

  • RandyOSU

    You’ll never get Winslows value in a trade-a second round pick would be a horrible move. K2 is a primetime athlete, big time competitor, and burns to win. In this current environment where the Browns are searching for identity, Winslow brings a defined persona and spirit along with unparalleled athletic ability at his position. The guy is one of the few mismatches the Browns can throw at a defense-he’s still young and has much to accomplish and many goals to reach in his career. He’s a big time talent and will make many big time plays before his time is up. I repeat, a second round pick in return for K2 would be ludicrous.

  • Z_NoLogoNeeded

    I think if the price has been established at a 2nd and 3rd we HAVE to do it. As much as I love Winslow and how he plays the game… is how he plays the game that makes him a must trade for the price. I would venture to guess K2 has maybe one more Pro Bowl season in him and that might be pushing it. He has surgery every offseason and if we can get early to mid round 2nd and 3rds for him and plug some holes on defense and pick up a possible replacement or combo back to pair with Lewis I would be ecstatic.

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  • Ezzie

    Depends on the player. No to a 2+3.

    If he’s packaged with Anderson to the Vikes and you can get a #1 + a couple other picks or players, do it.

    Otherwise, hope he buys in.

  • mj

    I’m with you Craig… I’m ambivalent. I love the kid’s talent, but there are two major risks with him: first, he is a serious health risk. He’s tough, but he’s got a lot of damage for his age (a good bit of it self-inflicted.) Second, he hired a new agent last year and has been making noise about a new contract. With two years left, that may be a problem better left for somebody else to deal with. That said, he is all about football (unlike Braylon) and I could see him buying into Mangini’s program if they handle him right. I guess the final assessment would come down to what we get in return–if they can make the right call on those picks, I could see being happy with a 2nd and 3rd, even if that does require a leap of faith right now.

  • Kunal

    keep him, i would be very angry if all we got was a second and third for him

  • Harv 21

    No one has mentioned his new agent, Rosenhaus, who was hired to force a re-working of his contract. If he holds out in summer camp distraction and forces a trade, what would the Browns get then? I’m for moving him now if it’a a 2 and 3.

  • Jason

    His knees tell me to trade him now (while they’re still capable of allowing him to walk, let alone run). Period.

  • Harv 21

    Cut out “distraction” above.

  • Battles

    I’d take a 2nd and a 3rd for KW.

  • Scott

    no less than a 1st rounder. At least. I don’t think that he’s devalued that much from when he was drafted a few years ago. He’s been injured but you guys dont think hes got years of good football left? And with Quinn starting he’s gonna need solid targets to throw to to get his confidence up, and Winslow is that guy.

  • paulbip

    I would trade him for anything we could get but he won’t pass the physical. He is a slow receiver that can’t block nor can he run after the catch.

  • bobby

    I would hate to see K2 get traded, but im with a few others who are saying Braylon on the other hand.

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