While We’re Waiting… James Posey Trade Rumors, Ohio State’s Hoops Future, and Cousin Eddie?

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“The Hornets said they wanted frontcourt depth [for Tyson Chandler] and the Cavs couldn’t really provide that, plus Danny Ferry is very close to the Thunder and General Manager Sam Presti so he’ll know exactly what the issue is with Chandler. The toe injury must be serious because this was a steal for OKC.   A player the Cavs have long been interested in is James Posey, who the Hornets got ahead of the Cavs because they offered a longer contract last summer. New Orleans has some depth on the wing and even though Posey is a championship player, it has become obvious their focus isn’t all on winning.” [Brian Windhorst/Plain Dealer]

Any post that can blend a steroid scandal with the Browns’ Terry Cousin and Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon movies deserves a read.  Though I wish there would have been some sort of incorporation of a “forehead being sewn to the floor.”  [G Money/Money Shot]

On the Tyson Chandler debacle: “I wonder if perhaps we also learn a little something about why the Hornets may have been willing to make a lopsided trade. Not that they were trying to dupe the Thunder, but if the medical staff has long-term worries about Chandler, then that might be one more reason to make a move.  And while Thunder fans are the ones hanging their heads tonight, I wonder whether it isn’t Hornets fans who find themselves in the bigger pickle. Now we know the Hornets — a team on delicate financial footing — are likely to be spending more than they think they should, and a lot of that will be going to a big man who has some kind of long-term health concerns. And even with a healthy Chandler, the Hornets needed another quality big man. The future was annoying after the cost-cutting trade that would cost the team a year of contention. But now, with money and health problems, the joy of Chandler’s return has to be laced with a couple of profound new worries.” [Henry Abbott/TrueHoop]

Uh-OSU:  “With Penn State upsetting Illinois, the loss drops Ohio State into a three way tie for fifth place with the Illini on the slate Sunday at 1pm in the Schott.  All of a sudden OSU’s tourney hopes are a little cloudy though they control their destiny with three straight games against teams ahead of them in the standings. After the Sunday home game against Illy, Penn State visits Tuesday before a Saturday roadie at Purdue. A trip to Iowa followed by the season finale at home to Northwestern closes out the regular season.  At 7-6 in conference, the Buckeyes might need three wins or else two wins plus a win in the conference tourney to secure a bid. That seems like an obtainable but very challenging task. Protecting home court could very well determine Ohio State’s post season fate.” [Chris/Eleven Warriors]

A look into the Browns off-season: “Roughly 37 plays during the 2008 season cost the Browns an opportunity to be on the right side of the won/loss ledger. Just an interesting number and one which tells how deep this team is being looked at.  While many outside the Browns look at the organization and see a talent base that’s average at best, those evaluating the roster appear to have a much different perspective. As changes are expected throughout the defense and in a couple key offensive areas, the belief is this team is going to be more than just competitive heading into the 2009 season.” [Lane Adkins/The OBR]

  • Tron

    Not to complain because I absolutely love your guys site, but I hate when you link thing to the OBR. For some reason I just consider it a crime against humanity to charge $110 to read something on the internet. Especially when there’s so many other alternative news sorces available, such as yourselves. Its the same beef I have with ESPN and their nonsense IN articles. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

  • DCBucks

    That goes for any Scout.com site.

  • RandyOSU

    Please…….NO James Posey. This guy is an aging three point shooter with years to go on his contract. He’s not and won’t be a difference maker (I’d much rather have Wally play those minutes) and I don’t want to add him to ensuing years cap. Check his stats-he’s content to hoist up three’s and at a low hit rate at that.

    Get me a big man or leave things as they are. No James Posey, please.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com RockKing

    @Tron: I hear ya, but I will 100% vouch for the worth of The OBR. The insider information you get there is WELL worth the monthly fee, and the amount of valuable news and notes you get from Barry and the crew over there is unparalleled by any other source for Browns news.

  • Straws

    I bet we can come close to naming all 37 of those plays. Most will involve Braylon Edwards dropped pass against (insert game).

  • Lyon

    Agree with you Randy. His defensive presence doesn’t outweigh his lack of offense. Only reason to get him is for his experience in the playoffs. Not something I find worth wally and getting back another bad contract.

  • Chris M

    Richard Jefferson anyone? I’m reading in a few places ( HoopsHype being one of them ), that the Cavs may be close to something with Milwaukee. As much of a disaster as Milwaukee is, it would make sense for them to trade Jefferson for Wally’s expiring, and maybe toss in a draft pick for good measure.

    He’s only 28, so we aren’t going after a guy that would be in his twilight, but rather someone in his prime. His contract expires in the summer of 2011, and he may be considered overpaid, but I was always liked this guy.

  • Tron

    @RK: I’m sure it is excellent info, that’s probably what makes it the most disheartening. I hate thinking I’m about to read an awesome article on those lovable losers and then realize I can’t, because I’m poor. Oh well, such is life. Just keep up the good work here and I’ll be alright.

  • Nicko

    I’ll give everyone inside information on the Browns for free, THEY STINK!

    With the Cavaliers, should be a fun fun day…

  • http://www.twitter.com/dennymayo IRB?

    Nicko – do you accept Paypal donations for your insight?

    You just clarified a LOT for me.

  • Hoy

    so I can now return to worrying about Joe Smith winding up in Boston? Damn.

  • RandyOSU

    OBR better provide something, you get nothing from Mankok. (other than “we are looking at the big picture”).

  • http://www.twitter.com/dennymayo IRB?

    Randy – this is the big picture they’re looking at.


    It’s extremely hard to describe but the big picture looks promising.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP

    When I got in the car and heard the Smith/Chandler trade had been rescinded, the first thing I thought was that I hoped Danny Ferry has been on the phone with Sam Presti all night. If they could get Smith on the cheap (I mean, how much should we really have to give up to get Joe Smith??) and then get Delonte back, I think this team would be all set.

  • RandyOSU

    IRB-I’m glad you’re placing expectations on the Browns and Mankok. Excuses will fly about as far as Daboll’s resume.

  • Boomhauer

    The Cavs can’t trade for Smith because they already traded him this year (league rules). Their only hope of getting him is a buyout.

    Latest crazy rumor is Wally and Andy for Shaq. Z and Shaq, the biggest and slowest front line in NBA history. Plus Shaq v. Wallace free throw contests in practice!

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Craig

    I think James Posey makes a lot of sense. He is a role player. He is getting paid like a role player. I can imagine him playing good D and playing spot duty on offense pretty capably for the next 4 years. I don’t know. Maybe I am jaded by all the bad contracts in the NBA. Posey makes $5.6 million this year and in the final year when he is 36 his contract will pay him $6.9 million in 2011-2012… that might be less than ideal, but it isn’t exactly Larry Hughes’, Wally Szczerbiak or Ben Wallace’s current contracts. Plus, I think James Posey helps the Cavaliers TODAY more than Wally does. I know Wally has performed admirably and all, but let’s not get too crazy in love with a role player making $13 million this year, ok? He can’t play defense anymore. His closeouts look like he could break a leg at any time on the perimeter.

  • Tron

    I just read something on ESPN that said Joe Smith is keeping his fingers crossed he can get a buyout and sign with the Celtics. That sucks.