While We’re Waiting…Chris Bosh Trade Rumors?

Um, Danny?  If this is true, get on it…Pronto: “ESPN loudmouth Stephen A. Smith is reporting that Chris Bosh has told Bryan Colangelo that he is not interested in remaining in Toronto. […] Bosh probably feels that not enough has been done to surround him with good enough players to compete and that his recent bad play has more to do with NBA defenses zeroing on him rather than his own ineptitude. Keep in mind that the Raptors can offer Bosh approximately $30 million more than any other team so although the trade rumour make sense basketball-wise, it makes little sense financially unless Bosh feels he can make up the money through endorsements.”  [Raptors Republic]

“Losing breeds contempt; in the case of Lerner, losing and the manner which his organization has been portrayed has brought great torment. Not due to making what seemed to be some bad hires. Not solely due to the poor record of his teams over the years.  What has to be most difficult for the team’s owner is the manner in which his organization is perceived, and how the perception sheds a negative light on both himself and the fan base.” [Lane Adkins/The OBR]

“As things look, the three best hitters in this offense will come from the Indians’ starting center fielder, shortstop and catcher. It’s quite an accomplishment to have elite hitters at these positions; usually teams are forced to write off any offensive production from at least one of these positions. The Indians, instead, may not get much of anything from their left fielders, first basemen, or even their designated hitter.  On a positive note, notice how many of the players in this projected lineup are in their mid-to-late 20s.” [Ryan/Let’s Go Tribe]

“Evan Turner (29), Wil Buford (24) and Jeremie Simmons (17) each established new career highs in points and the Buckeyes ripped off 56 second half points in a 93-81 win over Indiana [Saturday] in Bloomington.” [Chris/Eleven Warriors]

And finally, former Ohio State Buckeye Santonio Holmes doing his best impression of LeBron James post touchdown.  Any royalties on this?


  • http://www.twitter.com/dennymayo IRB?

    I just can’t force myself into hating Santonio. I really like what he does, just wish it was for a different team. Remember when he was coming out and there was all the Holmes/Sinorice Moss debate? I think he’s answered that one pretty loud and clear by now.

  • Harv 21

    Ah, yes, Stephen A. Smith, that reliable font of information regarding impending NBA superstar relocations … Wonder where Stevie thinks Bosh is heading … any wild guesses?

  • Chris M

    2 points I’d like to touch on.

    1) Could the Cavs afford to make a deal for Bosh, and get Lebron an extension this offseason ( if he wants one).? If so, then make it work. I would think some sort of sign and trade would have to happen first if the Cavs would even think about mortgaging the future for this. And who would the Raptors want in return with an obvious low #1 thrown in?

    2) As much as I hate the Steelers, that Holmes move was pretty sweet.

  • Jason

    The way people seem to write off Ryan Garko is outrageous – the guy will be the rich man’s Paul Sorrento, with a better average but less power and a decent glove. Not terrible – not going to cost you $20 mill a year, either.

  • kunal

    I think i just peed a little, I would cry if we got bosh

  • mendy

    on bosh: 30 mil’s a lot to overcome… even if one doesn’t want to be in the particular city/workplace they’re in. heck, i dont WANT to be at work right now, but the measly amount of money i make is keeping me here… and believe me i dont make anywhere NEAR 30 million!

    …this, by the way fellow clevelanders, is 90% of the argument we consistently use for our reasoning of why lebron is staying here.

    and on holmes: what chris m. said

  • Windy City Wahoo

    Did anyone else hear Stuart Scott ask whether Holmes was applying ketchup or hot sauce when he was “shaking the bottle” after his touchdown? Not one of the ESPN guys knew that it was an homage to LeBron’s pre-game ritual. It’s not like Nike didn’t make a commercial about it or anything…

  • RandyOSU

    Mankok on the Steelers rivalry:

    “It’s just another division game”.

    (I know…..doesn’t matter as long as we win right?).

  • http://farmersonly.com Jordan

    Mendy? Owner of Kenny Banya’s favorite restaurant in Seinfeld?

    I think 90% of our argument about LeBron staying was about money BEFORE this year. Now that we’re tearing the league up and have as good a chance as anybody to win a ring, I’d say about 50% of our argument has shifted to the ‘he has the best chance to win here’ variety.

  • mendy

    very true jordan… but there are still a lot of parallel’s. i guess i’m just trying to be devil’s advocate and looking at it from toronto’s pov.

    and yes, owner of kenny banya’s (“i HATE that guy!”) favorite restaurant in seinfeld.

    actually its just my last name, shortened… been called that since high school, although there really is a mendy’s restaurant in nyc and i’ve been trying to get a t shirt from there for a while but they dont sell them unless you work there. bastards.

  • Chris M
  • S-Dub

    Get Bosh at any cost to the roster not named LBJ or Mo Will or maybe even D-West?

    The LF will give us some consistent hitting as long as Fransisco is consistently in the lineup, and I think we can look forward to a solid 2nd base whether it’s
    A-Cab or Jamey.

  • Swig

    When they say Bosh can get $30 million more from Toronto, isn’t that because they can offer an extra year? So realistically it’s more like $15 more. But then he can sign a new deal with a higher ceiling so that last year he would be making even more (i.e. lets say it’s a 4 year deal instead of 5, he will still get that 5th year but as year 1 in a new contract).

    Would be interesting to see the expected financial comparison over the projected career.

  • mendy

    “Would be interesting to see the expected financial comparison over the projected career.”

    haha, this comment chain is starting to sound like my college finance classes.
    “if you amortize mr. bosh’s 30 million over the next 15 years….”

  • Dchilippy

    @ #11: Love it. That would be the untilmate test of Ferry’s bargining skills.

  • Boomhauer

    @#11 Why would Toronto trade for Nash when they already have Calderon?
    A deal for Bosh would include Wally, JJ, and draft picks (at a minimum). Might also require the Cavs to take back a bad contract, like Kapono’s nearly $6 million a year.

  • Chris M

    I know Boom, i did throw in the disclaimer that it was just for fun. I obviously don’t expect this deal to happen.

  • bridgecrosser

    A few players who came to CLE and scored TD’s this year also did the LBJ chalk-dust routine….. Still solid though.

    Wait.. so we all dismiss everthing Smith says about LBJ rumors then people believe the Bosh rumors….. WT-?

    Am I the only one who thinks no GM wants to give the Cavs too good a deal b/c they don’t want to be the one who starts the Cavs dynasty? No way Bosh is going to an Eastern Conf team…. A Bosh/Amare deal would be most likely

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  • http://www.dbuu.com buu

    silly question and totally irrelevant at this point but shouldnt santonio have been penalized for using the ball as a prop?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    “silly question and totally irrelevant at this point but shouldnt santonio have been penalized for using the ball as a prop?”

    Yes. I said the same thing. And Harrison should have been ejected after going goon on that punt return. And the referees could have balled up and called a play the right way instead of relying on review for EVERYTHING. But so it goes…

  • S-Dub

    Also, the players tackled Holmes and they were all laying on the ground, also should’ve been a penalty The refs were terrible in this game and basically gave the game to the Steelers for the most part. I mean that roughing the passer was outrageous and the running into the holder? ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!???