Chris Cooley Doesn’t Hate Cleveland, Has Funny Way of Showing It

chriscooleyChris Cooley is more heavily involved with Browns fans right now than anyone who is working in Berea.  Cooley came under fire from Browns fans in the know when he posted this on his blog.

Trade talk is a weird wake up at 6:30.  Obviously something was said between teams to cause this internet trading s*** storm.  I would be pissed if I got my a** shipped to Cleveland.  But seriously, when the internet is the first news I hear about something this big I would hope it to be speculation.

Now, while not the most obvious slight aimed at Cleveland, Cooley certainly left his statement open to interpretation that he doesn’t like Cleveland.  Being that Clevelanders are protective of their city and more importantly their NFL team, Cooley obviously got a lot of messages regarding this.

Cooley comes out and says that we Clevelanders are all stupid for thinking that what he said was a slight against Cleveland.  He says what he really meant to say was that he would be pissed if he got traded anywhere.  He then goes on to post probably the dumbest of all the responses he received from some guy named Dennis who used all sorts of colorful language.  Cooley uses Dennis to project a negative image of this one knuckle-dragger on all of Cleveland.

Dennis, by your brilliant writing style and obvious intelligence I should be surprised that you took my comment out of context, but I guess you just never know.  So for you I will clarify, really all I was saying was that I do not want to leave DC.  Any team or city could have been interchanged and I would have made the same statement.  “I would be pissed to go to San Diego, Baltimore, or even New England.” Nothing wrong with any of their teams, fans, or cities, I’m just happy where I am.   Your, wait, (you’re) kinda idiotic.

I will admit that maybe we are a bit too defensive as Clevelanders.  We might fly off the handle a little too quickly.  Certainly when the mob starts rolling the cream doesn’t necessarily rise to the top as Dennis plainly showed.  At the same time, I refuse to let Cooley sit all high and mighty like he has some kind of moral high ground.  He certainly didn’t deserve all the profanity-laced emails and other general ugliness from Cleveland fans, but that doesn’t mean he can deny what he said.

What Cooley said might not have been a direct insult, but Cooley wasn’t taken “out of context.”  He, in his “brilliant writing style and obvious intelligence” failed miserably in conveying his point that he wanted to stay in DC and not go anywhere else via trade.  He, instead, said he would be pissed if he was sent to Cleveland.  He had a clear opportunity to say exactly what he meant and apparently he failed miserably as the clear and obvious interpretation of his statement was one of negativity toward Cleveland.  Then, he takes the absolute worst email he received (probably) and used that as an example to project a certain image on all of us Clevelanders.

To Cooley’s credit he also posted the apology email that Dennis sent, but Dennis really screwed up his apology.  He apologizes for misunderstanding Cooley’s email and taking offense and sending the profanity laced email.  He was right to apologize for sending the profanity laced email, but he shouldn’t have apologized for the misunderstanding because as far as I am concerned Cooley insulted Cleveland whether he meant to do so or not.

In the big scheme of things, this internet drama is really dumb and doesn’t deserve as much time as I have spent on it.  But as long as it is out there, I just figured I would point out Cooley’s mistake. Again, I will not defend the horrendous emails that some Clevelanders sent to Chris Cooley.  He may not have meant it that way, but that is absolutely what he put out there by not conveying his point effectively.

And instead of taking ownership for his own deficiencies in communication and accidentally offending a city full of people, he takes it as an opportunity to say, “Oh! I almost forgot.  John Elway wanted me to ask you how it felt almost getting to the Super Bowl?  That must have been awesome!”

Hey Chris, I just talked to Matt Hasselbeck and he wants to know what it felt like to get knocked out of the divisional round in 2006.  See how stupid this is, Chris?

  • DP

    As I said in the e-mails to the WFNY guys:

    So, guy sends you a profanity-laced e-mail = guy is idiotic
    Guy puts a picture of his junk on the internet = guy is NOT idiotic

    I think I get it now.

  • Scott

    Leave Phil Savage out of this

  • Boomhauer

    Nice hair, d-bag.

  • Tron

    Not to justify what he said, because he is idiotic for posting something like that in the first place, but I’m sure anyone hearing the words “trade” and “Browns” right now is thinking the same thing. If I were a professional football player, I can think of about 3 or 4 teams I would absolutely in no way shape or form want anything to do with right now. And sadly, the Browns are on that list.

  • Scott

    Are the other three in the CFL?

  • Denny

    For what it’s worth I think the Elway line had more bite than the Hasselbeck line.

    If you would have said “Matt Hasselbeck just chugged EAS Muscle Milk, beat you in the playoffs, and said ‘Now you’re done'”, I would have accepted it.

  • Swig

    I will admit that maybe we are a bit too defensive as Clevelanders. We might fly off the handle a little too quickly.
    Admission is the first step to recovery.

  • Tron

    @Scott: No, Raiders, Lions, and Bengals. That’s some screwed up management that just makes losing a standard. Browns are thrown in that because, as I see it anyways, it’s pretty widely perceived our organization has no clue what it’s doing right now. Add to that our rabid dog fans that boo you if you get hurt, make mean comments to you in public and hurt your fragile feelings (had to get a Braylon digin) or our overwhelming number of staph cases, and I just don’t think you have that appealing of a place for a lot of guys to want to come to right now. About the only pluses right now are our rich football history (which a lot of athletes today don’t give a damn about) and the fact that the Cleveland economy and housing market is in such a decline right now you’re millions of dollars go farther and buy you more in Cleveland than in say, Boston or LA or someplace like that. Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything like that, I just could see how the guy would be pissed to come here. Now in the age of the internet where ANYONE from ANYWHERE can read anything you say, he probably should have exercised a little more discretion.

  • buu

    you said it yourself, but too much time has been spent on this (and barkley for that matter).
    cooley said something, it was misconstrued, comedy ensues. its out of our hands and entered the world of deadspin and KSK.
    its chris cooley for pete’s sake.
    can we please talk about shaun rogers snubbing that random dude in the weightroom in that video on

  • thebigmack67

    “If you would have said “Matt Hasselbeck just chugged EAS Muscle Milk, beat you in the playoffs, and said ‘Now you’re done’”, I would have accepted it.”

    Now that was the funniest thing I have heard all day…

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    Did anyone else see Chris Mortenson on ESPN saying how the Cowboys are excited in what they’re seeing from Travis Wilson? Huh? What? Where am I?


    I actually thought Cooley’s response to the e-mailers was pretty funny. People are offended way too easily in this town (see the Barkley post).

  • whipjacka

    Hitler? Who said anything about Hitler?

  • CAVSn6

    i hate art modell & cooley