Guest Post: Cavalier Lookalikes 101

Every once in a while, we get ideas tossed our way that are too good to pass up.  This is one of those ideas, brought to life by esteemed WFNY commenter I’m Ron Burgandy? (or IRB?, as he has grown lazy in his commenting ways).  Below, enjoy the hard-hitting research of IRB? as he digs into the true underlying foundation to the success of our Cleveland Cavaliers.

Who doesn’t like a good game of professional athlete look-alike?  In case you don’t know how to play, here are some examples:

1) We all know that Jimmy Clausen looks like an emu.

2) We all know that Mike Tomlin is also a doctor on House, MD.

3) You might also have noticed that Eli Manning just won eight gold medals in Beijing.

4) Honestly, who can’t help but think Andy Varejao doesn’t look just like Sideshow Bob?

But Andy is the easy one. So I got to thinking – do any of the other Cavs players look like anyone we know? Here’s the rundown that I thought of, with help from Scott, Craig, and my wife.

Your starting five:

Take former Buckeye Troy Smith. Give him full sleeves of tattoos, and you’ve got Mo Williams.

Delonte West looks a bit like Justin Timberlake in Alpha Dog.

LeBron James looks like the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. If you don’t believe me, check out the beards. Put a top hat on Lebron, or a pair of sunglasses on Abe, and boom. Twins.

Ben Wallace – ?uestlove’s ripped cousin.

And Big Z is almost as fond of trousers as his good buddy Wallace.

The Bench:

Wally Szczerbiak wants to know how many Abidigidals you see modeling.

Boobie Gibson once was the star of The Famous Jett Jackson.

Sasha Pavlovic once broke out of prison then broke in to break his brother out then somehow got another two seasons of prime time TV time on Fox.

Joe Smith doesn’t look like anyone famous – his looks are as commonplace as his name.

JJ Hickson is a real-life version of Bucky from Fat Albert!

Tarence Kinsey once disappeared in Africa to escape the clutches of Comedy Central.


So that’s all I’ve got, Cavs fans. Feel free to name former Cavaliers and their lookalikes, starting with Damon “P Diddy” Jones.

  • Chris M

    Travis Hafner and Vin Diesel. More to follow.

  • Chris M

    Sorry, i kinda broadened it from the Cavs, that kinda narrows it down a lot.

  • MacNip

    That was great

  • Boomhauer

    There’s the obvious Mike Brown and Mr. Potato Head.

  • RandyOSU


    Never could stand the look of Jimmy Claussen, now I know why!

    I actually think Mo Williams looks more like Cuba Gooding Jr.

    How about pairing up Eric Mangini and Paul Bart (mall cop)?

  • Rick

    I object…pairing Delonte West with anyone other than Tumnus from the Narnia movie is an outrage!

  • Scott

    Boom, twins.

  • Bigs

    Best post ever? It sure gets my vote.

  • Jordan

    Joe Smith = Charlie Murphy

  • Josh

    I always thought K2 looked like Vin Diesel…

  • kevin

    lebron as abraham lincoln?? you smoked the good stuff!! he looks like Andre iguodala though!!

  • kevin

    Here is the proof:


  • LaundroMat

    The Joe Smith one actually made me LOL. Every aspect of it is funny.

  • LaundroMat

    Darnell Jackson and Malcolm X…

  • LaundroMat

    Well, I tried to post the pictures but couldn’t. Here are the links:

    Darnell Jackson

  • D-Train

    lolz @ joe smith/charlie murphy

    charlie murphahhh, what did the 5 fingers say to the face

  • dgriff13

    hilarious! what a great post. loosens me up for tonight’s game, I’m getting anxious.

    I’m gonna call Z “Wallace” from now on. Get the man some CHEEEEEEESE! LOLOL

  • IRB?

    @ Jordan – Great call on Joe Smith, but I couldn’t think of anything for a while and once I made that half-assed cartoon I will never accept anything else.

    @ Rick – I really struggled with Delonte, found a few pictures that slightly resembled someone/thing but I couldn’t figure out who. Yours works quite well too.

    @ Randy – yea a couple months ago I think I said something like Mangini + mustache = Blart. It’s uncanny.

    Braylon Edwards and Chris Tucker? Boom – Twins.

  • Scott

    DP thinks that Kokinis looks like Nard Dog.

  • RandyOSU

    IRB-you get full credit for Mangini/Blart! Definitely uncanny………

  • mendy

    haha, truly great

  • Thunder Dan

    I hope we never see this in a Cavs box score:

    Wally Szczerbiak – (DNP-Freak Gasoline Fight Accident)

  • IRB?

    @ Scott – I had to google Image search for Kokinis, and lo and behold Craig’s wonderful photoshop of Kokinis with a Browns hat was on the first page. I got so excited that I peed a little.

    Would love to hear Kokinis say “Break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast!”

    Also how awesome was Creed leaving the blood bank van with a blood bag last night? He’s a class A creep.

  • Scott

    @IRB?: He had to get back to play free cell.

    “That’s against natural selection. Like the guy that invented the seatbelt.”

  • Tony

    You know, I always thought J.J. looked like the actor J.B. Smoove:

    He was hilarious as Leon Black on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  • squirrelyearl

    Anderson Varejao is twins with one of the kids from High School Musical.

  • Jordan

    @ D-Train: Slap?

  • Jeremy

    Joe Smith looks like Charlie Murphy. Brother of eddy murphy.
    He was in movies like Roll Bounce

  • DP


    “Unlikely. There are 3 billion women on the planet, and most of them are in Asia. The numbers just don’t add up.”

  • IRB?

    Remember when someone ripped this off on Cavs Fanatics? Yea, that was awesome…

  • Rod

    This is hilarious. Sorry Scott, but the Joe Smith-Charlie Murphy from the comments might be the best one. Only because I can’t stop saying “CHAHLIE MURPHAHHH!” to myself here at my desk. LeBron and Honest Abe is up there though…boom, twins lol! Nicely done!

  • Tsunami

    Andrei Kirilenko looks like an emu too.

    Deron Williams looks like a puppy to me…I have no idea why…

    Z and Wallace is HILARIOUS!

  • Tsunami

    Tarrence Kinsey Dave Chappelle made me lol

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  • jayef

    josh smith looks like the game…howd u miss that