Maurice Clarett Feels for Donte Stallworth

donte-stallworth-catchAs we’ve discussed in the past, former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett is transcribing a blog from the walls of his prison cell.  In his latest “post,” Clarett answers a handful of questions ranging from his feelings towards Ohio State to if he will ever suit up for a football team again.

But the final question was related to the latest tribulations of Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth.

I haven’t been interested in sports seriously since 2003 but I am familiar with who Donte is. I wasn’t aware of the situation when I received the question but became educated on it as the week passed. I believe that the situation is unfortunate for both parties. I think there is a lot to be learned and I hope and wish the best for everyone involved. I know what it is like to lose a loved one in a car accident and I know the stress that comes with your life being in limbo and prison potentially being in your future. Both situations are very uncomfortable.

The big difference, obviously, is that Stallworth’s potential prison sentence involves an accident – wrongdoing or not.  Clarett didn’t accidentally suit up in a bulletproof vest while packing assault weapons.  He may have accidentally gotten caught, but I’m don’t think that he accidentally brought his vodka with him on his joy ride. 

“Uncomfortable” may be quite an understatement. 

Now we just have to await the results of world’s longest blood test.  Ever. 

Questions and Answers: 3-22-09 [The Mind of Maurice Clarett]


    This Maurice Clarett blog is becoming more and more intriguing by the day. It came across as well-written and well thought out writing.

    Then again, it’s also like a car accident on the interstate. You want to look away. You want to NOT want to look, but you do…

  • swiggidy

    Lesson #1: You are rich, pay someone to drive you around.

    Funny he mentions 2003. Seems like something happened that year, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

  • Scotty P

    My money is on that Stallworse “got his goose on”

  • whipjacka

    Why take shots at Clarett? He isn’t doing anything wrong in this situation.

  • Dave

    What’s with the shots at Clarett? I don’t see anything in that snippet where he claims his situation was due to an accident. He states that he knows what it’s like to lose a loved one in an accident. No idea what the history is there, but it was obvious that his reference to an accident was not related to his bizarre joyride.

  • Mo

    Actually, the blog is just Moe Claretts thoughts, transcribed by one of his relatives on the outside. He relays his thoughts via phone, and one of his relatives (a cousin, I think…could be wrong, I rem reading it in detail a few weeks ago) actually places the thoughts onto the blog.

  • Scott

    no shots at clarett, just that the two situations are very different.

  • Scott

    Mo – that would be transcription.

  • bridgecrosser

    I wish Mo Clarett well. The same people that glorified him villified him WAY before his illegal acts. The guy will do his time. Make no mistake, without Mo, that OSU team doesn’t win the Big 10, let alone a national championship. Obviously I don’t condone his illegal acts but he seems to have moved on, so can we.

    His effort at Warren Harding in dominating St. Eds remains one of the greatest individual performances I’ve seen at any level, and the most impressive I ever saw in any sport at the h.s. level.


    Hmm, saw this on another blog on Saturday!

    But anyway, his “girlfriend” is penning the blog based on what Mo relays over the phone.