NFL Trade Rumors: Who’s Next to Leave Cleveland?

With the Kellen Winslow trade in the rear view  mirror for the Mangini/Kokinis era, popular sentiment is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The Browns are desperately looking for a re-branding, and those that are not on board will be sent elsewhere.  Given that, Craig and I did a two-man round table of sorts to discuss who we feel could be next to go.  You’ll find the product of some weekend rambling below.  Do enjoy.

Malcontents.  Locker room cancers.  Unsupported contract demands.  Those that became too comfortable during Romeo Crennel’s Country Club.  There are a few players that currently wear the Orange and Brown that could fit into at least one of these categories.  Given that the new era will have nothing to do with any of these issues, the trade of Kellen Winslow to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signals the sign of things to come in Berea. 

We now know that the basis for the Winslow trade boiled down to his contract demands.  Tampa Bay has the space to pay a tight end of his caliber, and we need draft picks.  It was the perfect match.  But this team cannot trade away all of it’s talent without acquiring sometalent in return.  We know our strengths and we know our weaknesses.  But it will come down to capitalizing on these issues, and getting the most bang for our proverbial buck.

So who out there could be of interest to other teams.  And what could we possibly take back in return?

Donte Stallworth 

Ineffectiveness + Mad Cash = Not Gonna Be Here Long.

At least, that would be the ideal situation.  Stallworth’s contract (thanks Phil!) makes it very difficult to cut the oft-injured receiver.  Another variable in this is the return of Joe Jurevicius.  Joe J was a big fan of the Crennel/Savage era, and may not be a big fan of the Mangini camp.  If he could return as a No. 2 receiver, the team could look to trade Stallworth, but would be lucky to get anything of remote value in return.  If Stallworth shows some commitment – as he was not much of a problem attitude wise – perhaps he’ll be given a chance to resurrect his career.  The Laveranues Coles rumors are great, as I’d love to have him as a target, but it appears that he’s looking at the Buffalo Bills.

Braylon Edwards 

Kellen Winslow was a problem because he wanted his contract reworked and because he can be a distraction. Braylon battling it out with the fans off the field is certainly another kind of distraction that I am sure Mangini and Kokinis won’t tolerate. Braylon’s value is at an all-time low, but it is anybody’s guess if the powers that be will consider BE a part of the problematic past or their vision of the brighter future.

It appears that the team could try to work out an extension with the wide receiver, which – if agreed to – would prove Edwards’ commitment to the new regime.  He will definitely be given a chance.  But if not, the team could pursue other avenues if needed.  The OBR (via MSF) reported a rumor that could have Edwards sent to the Giantsfor outside linebacker/defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka which addresses a position of need.  And it sure beats trading away a 1,000-yard Reuben Droughns for a three-catch Tim Carter!

Shaun Smith

Smith is a serviceable defensive player, and plays with a ton of intensity.  But assuming Brady Quinn is not going anywhere, will their reported scuffle make Smith an undesirable?

It sounds like Smith will at least be given the chance to rectify his perceived attitude.  After all, this “fight” took place during a time that was not exactly morally high for anyone related to the Browns.  Perhaps it was an act of frustration?  To be determined…

Shaun Rogers

Rogers appears disenchanted that big lovable Romeo Crennel isn’t here anymore to be the player’s coach. As we mentioned earlier this morning, it appears that Mangini is attempting to rectify the situation.  If Rogers buys into the fact that this new regime is trying to build a team that wins rather than a group of individuals that lose, he might be fine.

Even if he is not, there is no one on the Browns’ roster, other than Joe Thomas, who has higher trade value than Rogers. They won’t trade Rogers for less than a first-rounder, and I would be surprised if they don’t at least attempt to talk trade with a few teams.  Compared to the recently-signed Albert Haynesworth, Rogers is now relatively underpaid so provides quite a value on both sides.  But again, losing him in the middle would be devastating to the Browns’ defense.  Keeping him would be gambling on the fact that he doesn’t regress back to the unhappy, sub-par Rogers that was rumored to be prevalent in Detroit.

Derek Anderson

The Clevelanders are talking a good game about keeping Derek Anderson around, but I am not sure anyone believes it.

Derek Anderson got contentious with the fans last year and really failed to live up to the extension he got from Savage.

“They don’t like me.  They never have.”

While I think we could all agree that we don’t like losing more than we don’t like DA, this can be debated for ages.  As a result I have a tough time believing that the Browns won’t find a new home for  Anderson; though the possible destinations keep declining by the day.

Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer has been a good citizen ever since flirting with being a bad guy after the Browns drafted Joe Thomas. Still, he got beaten like a drum (thanks Fred Phelps!) on too many occasions last year to justify his cap number as a right tackle.

Remember, when Shaffer was signed, he was signed to a contract worthy of a left tackle.  His substandard play lead the Browns to Joe Thomas, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  However, seeing as he can’t hold down opposing rushers on the right side, his fate might be somewhere other than Cleveland next season.  His contract is good through 2012, and is is actually cheaper for the team to keep him, but if the team feels that they need the extra $2.1 million of cap space, then we may see a different direction.

If any of you feel that we may have missed someone, feel free to discuss in the comments.  It’s always fun to play Survivor: Berea. 

Have at it.

  • BrianRut

    Edwards for Kiwanuka is a ripoff. I really hope that doesnt go down.

  • Scott

    Kiwanuka has an additional year on his deal – I think that has a lot to do with it.

  • ClemJax

    As far as DA goes, am I the only one that thinks the Pats and KC screwed the Browns here? Just a 2nd rounder for Cassel (ok, albeit one good season and slightly unproven…sound like anyone at the end of the 2007 season?)…I know we talked about trade value for DA, but didn’t the Cassel deal just set the market for DA at something like a low 3rd rounder at best?

  • Scott

    Agreed, Clem. I would hope that he slots in there somewhere between Cassel and Sage Rosenfels (whom required a fourth-rounder).

  • AMC

    Clem –

    I had that thought too, but I’m not sure if the Cassel trade is really going to be considered as a fair trade in the “market.” I think everyone around the league realized the Chiefs got Cassel (with Vrabel as a free toss-in) for way less than they should have given back and that this basically amounted to a personal favor. I don’t think a second round pick for DA is out of the question.

  • B-bo

    @ClemJax: I think the argument could be made that Rosenfels to Minny was the bigger blow, as they were a much more likely target for DA than KC. Aside from the Vikings, I doubt anyone was looking to give up more than a 3rd rounder fo DA anyway. I’m still leaning toward “keep him”, especially if the Browns end up paying the roster bonus, but I understand the argument for getting rid of him regardless. And by the way, did that Cassel deal strike anyone else as shady?

    As for the Braylon deal, I would say make it so. Sure, it would be nice to get a pick thrown in if possible, but I’d be content with adding ‘Nuke to the D. Clearly this is a rebuild and not a reload, so no need for BE to stick around. Even if he puts up contract-year numbers, it’s not like the Browns will sniff the playoffs this year: get what we can for him now.

  • Chris M

    I’m not entirely sold on the idea of Cassel being undervalued in the trade. This is a guy who started 15 games since high school, and the Pats’ schedule was relatively friendly last year.

    I think the Pats did this year what I believed the Browns should have done last year, sold high.

  • bobby

    While I would tend to agree clem, I am going out and saying DA won’t be traded if thats what they get. Once he gets his 5 million roster bonus that may change though, because then he would be paid 1.5 mil for next year, while Cassel will be taking in close to 15 mil. The Pats traded Cassel more for cap space in my opinion, and DA wouldn’t take up nearly any cap for a starting QB.

    Im sure you’ve all seen the Cutler things… He may be considered a cancer by this regime since he’s causing problems in Denver, but how would sending BQ and our 1st rd to Denver for Cutler and their 1st sound? just thinking out loud here (not really but you get the point)…

  • RandyOSU

    Shaun Smith

    “Smith is a serviceable defensive player, and plays with a ton of intensity.”

    Guys…’ve GOT to be kidding. Seriously. That out of shape fat slob never moved more than two inched laterally across the line, and had no thrust forward. The only thing serviceable about him is his gut and his running mouth. I started watching him after seeing his mouth run incessantly and the above is what I observed.

    I’m seriously surprised at that comment. Ton of intensity? My gosh.

  • RandyOSU

    Who in the heck would replace Braylon Edwards on this team? Cmon……

  • Boomhauer

    I think the Chiefs will be the loser in that Cassel deal. He’ll struggle on that team. The Pats other offensive weapons could make anyone look good. And they did play a weak schedule. Hmm, where have I heard that before…

  • Craig

    The other thing to keep in mind regarding Cassell is that he carries a HUGE salary cap number because he was franchised. DA’s contract may look bad on paper now, but it isn’t nearly as burdensome as the $14.5 million that Cassell is owed this year as a result of having the franchise tag put on him.

    Still, it means at best, DA is worth a second rounder, probably.

  • BrianRut

    @B-Bo: Why is this clearly a rebuild? Because the Browns traded one player?

    @Clem: There are three other teams that were offering a higher pick for Cassel. Looks like Cassel was a gift to Pioli for his years of loyal servitude.

  • BrianRut

    Also, trading Edwards for a position of need makes no sense. WR would be an alarmingly urgent position of need without Edwards. You wanna line up Syndric Steptoe as our #1 reciever?

  • Craig


    Given his performance last season, WR is a position of need even with BE. I am not looking to pile on the dude, but really. Can you go into a season thinking he is going to be a reliable #1 after last season?

  • BrianRut

    Craig: Whats the point in trading him when his value is at an all-time low? Im not saying we should expect a repeat of his 2007 season, but i think the somewhere in between his 07 and 08 numbers would be reasonable to expect. The average of his last two seasons would be 68 catches, 1081 yards, 6 TDs. Those are #1 receiver numbers.

  • BrianRut

    ***Correction: 9.5 TDs

  • bobby

    BrianRut… No those arent #1 receiver numbers… Not a lot of TDs, under 70 catches… the number 1 guy should have over 80 catches, and get near 10 TDs… especially now that K2 isnt here to support edwards.

  • bobby

    ok, didnt see your correction.. still he needs to up reception and yards

  • Tron

    The one nice thing about Winslow was he WAS our clear cut #1 TE. if you step back and look at the Browns O right now we don’t have a #1 WR, we don’t have a legit #1 RB (sorry J-lew, but I’m tired of watching you curn butter in the backfield) we don’t have a #1 QB, and now we just have Heiden as our top TE. Heidens not bad, but he hasn’t exactly been healthy recently either. Basically we have no offense, which is crazy to think about since we went from an unbelievable point scoring machine in 07, to absolutely no playmakers in 09. Rough.

  • JackGonzo

    The Cassell deal is a fair trade but based only on his contract. By franchising him he’s guaranteed something like $16 million this coming season…a season where he played his first real football since high school. The Chiefs haven’t done a new contract with him so he technically could just leave after the season, hence the danger of trading for him. DA on the other hand has a reasonable contract in place, and has plenty of game tape for a team to look at.

    Now I didn’t get to speak on it yesterday, but I’m happy with the KW2 trade. Yeah he shows us his “passion” but caught the Edwards disease last season towards then end and has never been healthy. He also isn’t a “team” player, he talks a good game but a team player doesn’t complain about not getting enough touches, TO does that and do we think he’s a team player?

    I’m for trading both Stallworth and Edwards, though with Edwards I want much more then what I want for Stallworth. Hell I’d take a fourth rounder and a bucket of fries for Stallworth. Edwards though, well we know a certain receiver isn’t too happy in Phoenix, so why not attempt to trade Edwards for Boldin?

    Also, I keep looking back to this season and thinking about DA…and I keep remembering dropped passes. Passes that weren’t dropped the year prior. I keep wondering what his stats would have been like if certain folks caught the ball, or if Joe J was playing. I’m…I don’t think I’m ready to give up on DA just yet.

  • MacNip

    BE will be traded because he does not fit the mold of the type of player Mangini wants here. Mangini couldn’t care less whether his value is at an all time low. BE will not be seeing the field.

    He is a me-first cry baby who can’t handle any type of criticism or negativity sent his way

  • Scott

    Something I should have included in here – as we’ve had a few questions about it in the past – is Ryan Tucker.

    There is no denying his talent, it has just been the injuries that are a concern. Understanding this, and willing to be a part of the this team, Tucker has restructured his contract so that it will save the Browns close to $4 mill this year. Albeit a one-year deal, it’s something that may help EM/GK a ton.

  • BrianRut

    It doesnt seem very intelligent to trade someone at their all time low value. If Mangini truly “could care less” about his value, as you state, then he is an idiot. Instead of doing the lazy thing and dumping Edwards for peanuts, why doesnt Mangini…oh i dont know…COACH HIM UP and get back to his Pro Bowl stature. The talent is still there. If he still doesnt think his personality is a fit after actually showing some effort at working with him, then trade him and get much more in return. I mean, there is NO WAY that Edwards could possibly have a more idsappointing season than he had in 08, baring injury.

  • Harv 21

    MacNip: Totally agree. My sense is that Edwards Scissorhands carries himself with the precise attitude the new regime is trying to change, the kind of guy who needs all his inner strength not to grab a reporter’s mic each week and talk about how things are affecting Team Braylon. Not that dealing him now makes the most football sense either given the remaining WR alternatives or his depressed trade value. But I think they are still in the beginning of snapping up everyone to attention and instilling a little fear. Personally, I think a new sheriff is in fact what the organization most needs now, not a talented receiver. And it’s wrong to assume that they ain’t doing a total rebuild just because the fans are sick of that.

  • B-bo

    Can anyone really look at this team, as presently constituted, and consider it a contender? Is this really a squad that is just one solid draft and a free agent or 2 away, keeping in mind the new coaching staff and relative strength of this division? If so, you have a much higher opinion of the team than I do. Of course it’s a rebuild (again): the only question is do we half-a## it (keep some “name” guys that have trade value now, just to say we aren’t totally conceding) or go all-in? I say go all in and (hopefully) do it right this time–the end result will likely be the same regardless (the 4-12 to 6-10 range is most realistic; 8-8 is best-case scenario), so personally I’d rather feel like progress is being made toward the future. Fact is, 2007 has proven to have been an aberration: a product of weak schedule and career-year-type production from key guys. This team is closer to the 2008 version than the ’07 model, so strip it for parts and start rebuilding. Am I excited to see yet another restart? Absolutely not. But frankly, this team needs it.

  • The Other Tim

    Who is this Donte Stallworth you speak of? Never heard of him.

  • MacNip

    Trading BE for a LB opens the door to the Browns drafting Crabtree if Curry is gone at 5

  • B-bo

    @MacNip: That’s a door that needs to be welded shut, even if BE is shipped out. #5 is waaaay too early to being taking a speed WR, especially given that this linebacking corps is thin at best. If Curry is gone, then it should be address the lines or drop back into the 20s and look for a guy like Clay Jr., Maualuga, or even Little Animal. I’d even rather see a reach on Jenkins before I would want Crabtree.

  • Josh

    When I opened up the page and saw trade rumors and a dread-locked guy wearing a number that started with a 1, i immediately thought Cribbs…

  • Harv 21

    I have no prob with a rebuild IF I have confidence in the rebuilder. Right now, we have no idea. If they take the second coming of Rahim Abdullah with the new second round pick, where are we? We’ll have our first idea as to the competence of our new architects come the last few exhibition games. Be smart to pay no attention to the usual post-draft glowing quotes from unidentified scouts the PD always runs (You know, “The Browns got a steal by drafting this guy in the third round, he’s really going to surprise some people.”).

  • Jeremy

    I for one will be a little more optimistic. I will, however, save my optimism for this regime until we see what they can do. Let’s take a look at last season to see if we were as bad as we think. I think that if we had a couple of breaks go our way we ar a team that is closer to .500. We had a pretty tough schedule last year. We can agree on that.
    Week 1- Dallas: This game was out of our talent level. D was hitting on all cylinders and our defense had no answer for them. Even if BE catches that TD pass, it makes no difference. We wouldn’t stop them. 0-1

    Week 2-Pittsburgh: This was a game that we should’ve won. I mean we only lost 10-6, the weather was horrible, and if we get a bounce, maybe we win. 1-1

    Week 3-@Baltimore: This game was 50/50. We had a 10-7 halftime lead. We pry wouldn’t have won this game since it was 28-10, so I will chalk this up as a loss. 1-2

    Week 4-Cincinnati- We won. Probably shouldn’t have, but we’ll take it. 2-2

    Week 5- BYE

    Week 6 -New York- We won, I don’t know what team that was, but it does help my arguement a little bit about the how close the team could be. 3-2

    Week 7- @Washington: We lost this game 14-11. We didn’t play that well, and we only lost by 3, and if I remember correctly had a chance to win at the end of the game. So I say the ball bounces our way this game and we win. 4-2

    Week 8- @Jacksonville: We won, and we got the bounce we needed. 5-2

    Week 9- Baltimore: The famous BE drop. Well let’s say he makes the catch and we win. 6-2.

    Week 10- Denver: We should’ve won this game. We had a big lead, and if the defense just gets a stop, we chalk this up as a win. 7-2.

    I will stop here because this is where injuries to the QB’s started happening, and if we beat Baltimore in week 9, I think DA is still our QB. This changes the whole outlook of the season. Plus if we are 7-2 at this point, the confidence of the team is different. Who knows what could’ve been?

    My point is this, the Browns were pretty good in ’07. I honestly don’t think they were as bad as their 4-12 in ’08. I think Joe J makes a difference with BE because we all knew coming out of Michigan that BE doesn’t like going across the middle. JJ took that off of his shoulders in ’07 and look how Be flourished.

    I know I will get crucified for this post, but I see things as half full, not half empty!!!


  • Craig

    Unlike previous “rebuilds” the Browns at least have a stud left tackle, left guard and nose tackle, assuming they work things out with Shaun Rogers.

  • bobby

    To make another point stemming from Jeremy… who was the go-to-guy last year? in 07 it was Joe J, but without him, there is no possession receiver. That is what Heiden was during the NYG game.

    I actually havent broke it down like Jeremy did, but that is really what it was like last year, a lot of close losses that they should have won, and did last year. I expect them to win this year too, since once again they will have a weak schedule.

    To clarify my opinion, that is if we make good moves this offseason by improving the LB and getting some help on O… I think we could be on the verge of a wild card again, then probably a step back the year after when the schedule will probably a little harder.

  • Humboldt

    Jeremy – thanks, appreciate your optimism!

  • mj

    “I’m not entirely sold on the idea of Cassel being undervalued in the trade. This is a guy who started 15 games since high school, and the Pats’ schedule was relatively friendly last year.

    I think the Pats did this year what I believed the Browns should have done last year, sold high.”

    Consider the market value that had been established for a 3rd year player with just two starts under his belt was *two* second round picks, which Houston paid for Matt Schaub. Cassel’s numbers and performance dwarf what Schaub did in ATL. NE may have tried to sell high, but they missed… Cassel brought back far less than what had been established as fair value over the last few years.

    The reports that Denver offered their #1 pick (#12 overall) and TB offered their first and third are a clear indicator of Cassel’s market value… for reasons we can only speculate about, NE settled for far, far less than they could have gotten in trade.

  • Chris M

    “The reports that Denver offered their #1 pick (#12 overall) and TB offered their first and third are a clear indicator of Cassel’s market value

    Where did the reports come from? Seriously now. New England cares only about what’s best for New England, there was no charity trade to K.C., this is all a b.s conspiracy. Please don’t cite Mariotti columns to bolster your argument. If you’re telling me that TB and Denver both wanted to pay that high for Cassel, I’ve got some beach front property in Arizona for you.

    Perhaps there is a chance that Cassel won’t be as good as Mariotti will have you believe, and Pioli knew this.

  • RandyOSU

    Somehow I get the feeling that Cassel could be the current version of Scott Mitchell, and Belicheck knows it. It’s quite possible that Cassel plugged into an established system and won’t function nearly at that level on his own. Belicheck has already proven that all of his coordinators are meaningless, he simply replaces them and moves on-while almost every one of his “disciples” fails on their own.

    mj-you’re obviously exactly right that it was a no-brainer last year for Savage to tender DA and then trade him, especially since they had invested a #1 pick in trade for a QB with a great pedigree. New England and Belicheck are simply following the playbook here.

  • mj

    Hadn’t even seen Mariotti’s column, Chris M. There were two potential three-way trades that have been reported, one involving DEN-DET-NE and another involving DEN-TB-NE, both of which involved Denver getting Cassel and unloading Cutler. Feel free to check your own news sources, I don’t know who you trust or not, but with all the different places that have reported or confirmed the rumors I figured it was common knowledge at this point.

    I don’t know how good Cassel will be, but it is absolutely not hard to understand why Josh McDaniels–Denver’s new HC, and Cassel’s OC in NE–would want to bring his protege in.

    Regardless of the potential Denver deals, there is still the fact that the market was set most recently by the Schaub deal, and Cassel’s compares to that by less than half (one pick vs two, Vrabel as throw-in.) I’ve yet to see one pundit or football insider claim anything other than that Cassel should have fetched more. We could debate all day about how good Cassel’s going to be, but I don’t care… what is relevant is that Schaub was far less proven, had fewer starts, played in fewer games, and hadn’t put up comparable numbers.

    It doesn’t matter to me what what Mariotti would have me believe, or what Pioli knows. What I do know is that when a team is offered a high first-rounder or a first and third and settles for a second, something’s off. Teams don’t pass on first round picks to settle for second rounders.

  • mj

    “New England and Belicheck are simply following the playbook here.”

    I get that. Absolutely understand the rationale for moving him, it was the smart move to make. He could be the next Scott Mitchell or the next Tom Brady… I don’t know. What I do know is that they for years the Patriot approach to success has been to always get maximum value, stockpile picks, and maneuver around the board on draft day. With Cassel, they didn’t maximize their value or stockpile the picks they could have, and I’ve yet to see a valid reason they settled for less. Speculating he might end up a bust like Mitchell doesn’t explain that… the same argument could have been applied to Schaub. Or any high-first round QB, for that matter. It’s nonsense to think that two teams will burn first-round picks on Stafford and Sanchez this year, yet folks will argue that a guy with proven success over an entire season doesn’t warrant more than a 2nd rounder. Even in DA’s case, Savage negotiated against himself to insure that he locked DA up… because he knew somebody else would sign him to an offer and he didn’t believe the 1st and 3rd pick we’d have gotten were fair value. It’s insanity to think that after his one good season DA’s value was higher than a 1 &3, but somehow NE is lucky to get a 2nd for Cassel after an even better season? And they have to throw in Vrabel to get it done? Insanity.

    Who knows what really happened there, but one thing this does indicate to me… I have a feeling that it won’t be long before it becomes clear that Pioli was the real brains behind the operation in NE, and Bellichick’s Pats start falling back to the pack.


    Who in the heck would replace Braylon Edwards on this team? Cmon……

    Um, well just about anyone can not catch a football, right?

    So, the possibilities are endless. You could. I could. We all could.

  • Chris M

    I suppose my point is that who really knows what Denver offered to which team for whom.

    Unfortunately, Denver isn’t going to come out and say that “yes, we indeed offered to mortgage our future on Cassel and let’s also cast off the Pro Bowl quarterback we currently have.”

    No, all we have is speculation from I can’t say that I apologize for my skepticism, given the source. All we have in concrete is what was transacted in the trade.

    One last thought, I’m sure that the degree of desperation that Houston showed last offseason probably raised the price on whomever they were going to trade for.

  • David M.

    I love the Browns, but who really thinks Derek Anderson is worth a second round pick? If I could get a third round pick, I’d jump on it.

    Aside from a four or five game stretch in 2007 during which Anderson made his season, he has been below average. He’s going to give you 3,400 yards, complete 52 percent and throw 22 TDs and 18 INTs. He’s a backup with a big arm.

    Take what you can get and bring in a veteran quarterback and let Brady Quinn become the quarterback many of us believe he can be. Quinn will have a better career than Anderson, let’s hope it is here!

  • mj

    @Chris M:
    “No, all we have is speculation from I can’t say that I apologize for my skepticism, given the source. All we have in concrete is what was transacted in the trade.”

    Um, what?

    At the risk of sounding confrontational, you have a serious reading comprehension problem here. You sourced ESPN in your Mariotti rant, I explicitly said I wasn’t even aware of the column. At no point have I said anything based on “all speculation from”

    And, yes, indeed, the Broncos have confirmed the trade talks.

    Peter King. NBC Sports. SI. PFT. Denver newspapers. The Plain Dealer. Dozens of others, just check your favorite sports site, odds are it’s there–take your pick.

    Schefter’s blog on is a good starting point to get you up to speed:

    Peter King’s MMQB has some interesting tidbits on Cutler as well, including that he requested a trade when OC Jeremy Bates left.

  • mj

    “One last thought, I’m sure that the degree of desperation that Houston showed last offseason probably raised the price on whomever they were going to trade for.”

    Sorry I missed this on my earlier post…

    That would certainly be noteworthy if the “degree of desperation that Houston showed last offseason” somehow impacted the price they paid for a player the year before.

    Your credibility is taking a bit of a beating here, Chris M.

  • ryan

    this is the most comments i have ever seen on one topic! anyway, what about getting jason taylor to address the DE spot? i wouldnt mind that..any thoughts?

  • Jared

    Jason Taylor would not fit into the defensive system(3-4) unless he was put at outside linebacker(he’s never done it and at this point in his career will not happen).

    There is no way in hell I would trade Braylon unless we get a first round choice in return(not gonna happen). This is a contract year for him and I’m sure he’ll be ready play(catch the ball).

    Alot of people are forgeting we played the last 5-6 games with QB’s that wont play in the NFL ever again(Gradkowski could hold a clip board but not Dorsey). We currently have two QB’s(Anderson and Quin) who CAN start in the NFL. If you trade one, you have to draft one. MAKES NO DAMN SENSE! You don’t draft a QB until the rest of the teams holes are filled. Now, if you trade one, to get one(Jay Cutler) that would make more sense for US.

    Now, onto the draft. If Aaron Curry is off the board(KC) then you have to take the best player available(unless your able to trade down to take Ray Malaluga). With the Edwards contact situation and Stallworths recent driving record you have to consider Michael Crabtree. I know our defensive needs, but if our defense wasn’t on the field for 40-45 minutes per game then the statistics wouldn’t look as bad on the them. We also are going to have to address the Right Tackle spot with Kevin Shaffer being released(not that he was that good anyway). But, Tackle is a deep position in this draft. Our defense is in desperate need of Linebackers and a much better scheme(i hate the prevent and/or cover 0 they play….lol). If you cant take a game changing Linebacker here then you have to take the BEST PLAYER you can get!