Open Thread – Cavs vs. Hawks – 2009-03-01

Well, here we are in prime time on a Sunday night.  The Cavaliers have an opportunity to overtake the Celtics’ number one position in the East due to the Pistons victory earlier in the day.  In order to do that, the Cavaliers will have to get past a tough Hawks team in Atlanta.  The last time the Cavs played the Hawks was December 13th when the Cavs came up on the short end on a night when Lebron scored 33.  Of course that was also a night when Zydrunas Ilgauskas was out.  This time, trade Zydrunas for the recently injured Ben Wallace.

It should be a good test for Mike Brown and the boys tonight.  Stick around here and talk Cavs.  Or you can check out Scott, Rock, or me, Craig, on Twitter.  Also, we are all watching the buy-out market very carefully.  Whether it be Joe Smith, Drew Gooden, Shawn Marion, or the impossibility of Chris Bosh (HA!) the dreams of buyouts are alive and well, if only for the stupidity of our lustful dreams.

  • Nicko

    The buyout guy was definitely Sheed. (I actually wrote a comment about it on Thursday).

    Go Cavs tonight!

  • TBrown

    Yeah, I would take Rasheed in a heartbeat.

  • DCBucks

    I love NBA refs.

  • historycat

    I want to know why Spike Lee is giving the “call me” signal to LeBron before the game!!!

    Can the Knicks get penalized for tampering with our guy for this?

  • DCBucks

    He wants LeBron to be in his next movie to keep it from sucking like all his others.

  • deep13

    Better question: why is Spike Lee even *at* this game?!

  • deep13


  • Alex

    Wonderful… at least there’s less worry about that now

  • Hoy

    awesome, now lets see if any other fireworks happen

  • DCBucks

    Another typical Cleveland 3rd quarter. They look tired out there. Doesn’t help that it looks more like hockey out there than basketball.

  • deep13

    What’s up with Delonte’s air balls from the corner?

  • Lars

    not gonna freak out, but these games hurt to blow when you want home court.

  • DCBucks

    the offense looks horrible

  • historycat

    They lose everytime Boston loses, it’s like they don’t want the 1 seed. Sooooo frustrating!

  • deep13

    Man, Varejao is playing tough!

  • historycat

    Thank goodness for mo!

  • Lars

    phew… really didn’t think they’d pull that out.

  • deep13

    lol… I need a drink.

    Great win.

  • phil

    It was crucial when LeBron hit Mo in the corner for the three after salvaging his own missed shot. It seemed almost to have taken the camera or production crew by surprise, since they pulled back anticipating action to spread out across the floor. Mo’s a steely shooter.

    First in the East!

  • Bobby O’Brien

    Great Win, Joe Smith has just been bought out. Good times in CLE

  • S-Dub

    Doesn’t matter if you win by and inch or by a mile, also, Thank the gods Smith is coming our way because Hickson isn’t ready yet.

  • Craig

    Big road win for the Wine and Gold. Next up? The Miami Heat.

  • Chris

    Great win indeed.

    Now if we can beat the Heat Monday night at American Airlines Arena, as well as the Bucks again at the Q, and then win the big game against Boston on Friday, I will be very, very happy.

    And it looks like we’ll definitely be getting Joe Smith now (sometime mid-week). Sweet!

  • David

    yay to getting joe smith back. now the trade for Mo looks even better!

  • Ben

    We traded Damon Jones for Mo Williams. Well played Danny Ferry. Well played sir.

  • DCBucks

    So what you’re saying Chris is that, if they just win all their games you’ll be very happy. :)

    I watched the final shot in slow motion, 3 steps before the clock even started to run. He was already on his way up with the shot before the clock stared.

  • Eli

    So Gooden was one of the guys bought out. However, it seems it would be a huge mistake picking him up. He’s had nagging injuries all season and even left his last Kings game in the 4th quarter because of too much pain.

  • Scott

    Not saying that it helped or not, but when Delonte aired that second three, I changed the channel from ESPN to FSNO…

    just saying…

  • Craig

    Daniel Stern from Celtic Pride thinks you’re too superstitious, Scott.

  • B-Dizzle

    More Hardball went through the Sports Illustrated Vault to construct a MLB team of current players that have appeared on the magazine’s cover. This is an all-star cast to be sure.

    Give it a shout out please!

    (WFNY Edit: Links are gladly accepted in the ‘tips’ mailbox. Please keep comments in reference to the post. Thanks)

  • mendy

    @ scott

    haha, yeah… same here

  • IRB?

    I didn’t have the option of switching away from Doris Burke. Consider yourselves all very lucky. Very lucky indeed.


  • DCBucks

    At least Doris acknowledged that LeBron was fouled. Miller would have said LeBron charged, Jackson would have said he travelled, and Van Gundy would still be talking about some irrelevant incoherent drivle.

  • Hoy

    I’d rather have those guys over Doris, all night she just sounds like shes reading from a teleprompter or something, theres no energy or interest in her calling the game.

    I was kind of surprised Lebron got the call at first, but then I looked at the box and saw how many free throws were attempted in the game (a little over 60 iirc), so while there was alot of physical play the refs were calling a good bit of it.

  • LaundroMat

    For the record, when WFNY had the poll about which team would be the toughest for the Cavs to meet in the playoffs, I was in a tiny minority who voted for the Hawks. I stand by that vote.