Unanswered Prayers: Trevor Hoffman to DL?

Padres Mariners BaseballDuring our off-season search for a closer, the name Trevor Hoffman was dangled about as the veteran closer was looking for a new home.  We belabored a bit, but given Hoffman’s age and relocation to a home that was not as pitcher-friendly as he had in San Diego, we were happy to see that the Indians decided on passing on Hells Bells and signing Kerry Wood.

Since then, Sir Hoffman opted to sign with the Milwaukee Brewers in attempt to be their ninth inning stop-gap.  And while we had a bit of a scare with Wood’s back, it appears that Brewers fans will have to wait a little while to see their signing take the field.

“It’s kind of looking dim,” Macha said of Hoffman’s chances of getting ready by the April 7 opener in San Francisco. […]

“Mr. Hoffman’s not getting any better,” said Macha, who indicated that Hoffman might be scheduled for further tests. “That cloud will continue for a while.”

Oblique strains are never fun, and are understandably a big part of the game of baseball.  Instead, the Brewers are now forced to scramble for a replacement until Hoffman is ready.  Ironically, one of the possibilities include former Indian pitcher David Riske – he of the 10.60 ERA this spring. 

Granted, the Indians did not exactly sign a poster child of healthy seasons with Wood.  However, at almost 10-years younger with a fastball that can best Hoffmans by a few miles per hour, I will be more than happy to take my chances with No. 34. 

Pen’s status shaky [Milwaukee JS]

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP

    Wait, what manager calls his players “Mr. Hoffman”??

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    I think Wedge would have to, considering Hoffman’s about 10 years his elder…