While We’re Waiting… LeBron vs. Wade, Browns Free Agent News, and the Future of Andy Marte

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“I’ve long held that this team is the one you don’t want to see in the playoffs, and tonight was a reminder. They have a great shot at the 4 seed, and as long as Atlanta doesn’t go anywhere and the Cavs maintain pace, we’re looking at a very likely Wade vs. LeBron matchup in the semifinals. Which would honestly be the best thing all year. These two go at one another in a very unique way. Maybe they’re courting one another. Maybe they like putting on a show. But there’s something that happens when these two step on the floor, the same thing that’s been missing between LeBron and Kobe. They’re friends, contemporaries, paired icons of a generation, and the idea of them battling back and forth, LeBron with Delonte at his side, Wade with Beasley, is almost too good of an idea to be true.” [Matt Moore/Hardwood Paroxysm]

The future of Andy Marte: “It is hard to envision the Indians actually sending Marte to Columbus, but if this scenario is to take place he would go to Columbus and be a bench player filling in at third base, first base and designated hitter. But if this happens, when you consider you already have Brown at first, and then Marte on the bench able to play first and designated hitter, it pretty much means Aubrey and Head could be considered redundant and one would not make the team. Aubrey would be released, or Head would open in Double-A Akron instead.” [Tony Lastoria/Indians Prospect Insider]

While we all wait to see if LeBron James holds his word on next year’s Slam Dunk contest, Vince Grzegorek sits down with the first ever winner: No. 22 himself, Larry Nance.  He even offers LBJ some advice on taking home next year’s trophy. [Vince Grzegorek/Cleveland Scene]

A little free agent talk: “Of the four AFC North teams, finding the best match for the Browns was the most difficult. Following last week’s trade of former Pro Bowl tight end Kellen Winslow Jr., it’s clear this team is starting over. Therefore, Cleveland is more interested in draft picks than big-name acquisitions in free agency. With that said, eight-year cornerback Hank Poteat would be the ideal fit for Cleveland. He’s cheap, experienced and most importantly he is a favorite of new Browns coach Eric Mangini, who coached Poteat with the Jets.” [James Walker/ESPN]

More points, please: “After browsing the likes of Antoine Vermette, Nik Antropov and Dominic Moore, Howson returned home Sunday and watched his team score one goal for the third consecutive game, a 3-1 loss in Vancouver. It was a western Canadian road swing that emphasized why the Jackets have been in the market for a scoring center or at least a top-six forward.  Whether he’s able to negotiate a deal or not, the Jackets must find a way to score more than three goals in a week if they are to secure a playoff spot. They get another opportunity tonight against the Los Angeles Kings in Nationwide Arena.” [Tom Reed/Columbus Dispatch]

  • Tron

    I hate the Browns right now. Any chance you can just sub out every Browns related article for a good Cavs related one? That would do wonders for my blood preassure and stop reminding me how pissed I am Ward just signed with the Bucs, and how we’re in full rebuild mode when we weren’t suppose to be, and doing the rebuilding without the best GM we could have gotten (Pioli). Yea, definately more Cavs articles… On that note, what is wrong with Boobie? He was tanking it last night. Brown actually pulled him to put Sasha in and Sasha did not look even close to being at game speed. I love Boobie and all, but he really needs to take some time off till he remembers how to shoot the ball.

  • Jon

    Any shot at Jason Taylor… I know it’s a stretch.

  • Chris M

    I’d really doubt at this point that the Browns make any real splashes in free agency, why should they? Now that they’ve traded Winslow, most likely will trade Rogers, and have completely demolished any expectations of winning anything this season, they have no reason to do anything.

  • RandyOSU

    Chis M-why should they do anything that would impace their competitive position? “Wait until next year”.

    viva la mankok.

  • jake

    Isn’t it more LeBron and Mo more than LeBron and Delonte?

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  • sambofromOH

    I dont know about you guys but, with our schedule, I still expect to be close to .500 next year. Trading Kellen doesnt necessarily mean we are in a full rebuild. We got rid of a luxury while relieving salary cap stress.

    Thats why I dont read James Walker anymore, he makes occasional good points but there is too much negativity about the Browns.