While We’re Waiting… Varejao’s Arsenal, Value Menus, and more LeBron for MVP talk

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The Brazilian Backhand?  “Anderson Varejao has added a new trick to his game this season — well, at least new to his NBA game — and it is fast becoming a surprising weapon for the Cavaliers.Varejao uses a backdoor cut and will actually catch an entry pass, usually from LeBron James, when he’s under the backboard and behind the defense. Then, sort of like a backward layup, he has nearly perfected kissing the ball off the glass with just the right sidespin from what would seem like an impossible angle.” [Brian Windhorst/Plain Dealer

Get in my pins-striped belly: “We all know that Cliff Lee will take the mound on April 6 against the Texas Rangers and Kevin Millwood on Opening Day. The home opener will see Scott Lewis on the bump for the Wahoos, and… well, I don’t have time to figure out who’ll be pitching for Toronto.  The big news today is that on April 16, when the Indians travel to New York for the official home opener at new Yankee Stadium, a very familiar, and very rotund foe will be waiting for them.” [Vince Grzegorek/’64 and Counting]

Man, I hope that Progressive Field follows suit: “It might seem just like a fast-food restaurant when you walk into Great American Ball Park for a Reds game this season.  The Cincinnati Reds’ concessionaire is launching a value menu, offering a few food and drink items for a dollar.  “We realize the need to create more value,” said Don Dierig, general manager for Sportservice at Great American.” [Shyster/Hardball Times]

Have a take and don’t suck: “I like [Ryan] Garko. I think he’s funny, and its kinda funny he text messages [Jim] Rome. It is also funny that he was rolling with ‘Benny’ Francisco at the time, and I laugh at the picture of those two guys huddled up like school kids snickering as they busted out a ‘prank text’ to Jim Rome. I would like Garko more though, if he hit 30 homers, drove in 100 runs, and batted .300 this year.” [Shaver Sports]

And finally, some solid NBA MVP talk for the kids…

“I’ll leave you with a quick microcosm: During their current 9-game winning streak, the Cavs have entered 4 fourth quarters trailing and had one other overtime game. Within those games, LeBron:

-Directly accounted for (scored or assisted) 21 of the Cavs’ 35 points in a win over the Clippers
-Accounted for 34 of the Cavs’ 42 points in the fourth quarter and overtime to erase a 14-point fourth quarter deficit against the Kings.
-Accounted for 21 of the Cavs’ 25 points in the fourth quarter against the Magic, including a go-ahead g 28-foot three with the Cavs trailing with 47 seconds to go.
-Against the Blazers, accounted for the Cavs’ final 17 points, not including two Mo Williams free throws on an intentional foul to end the game.
This is the team with the best record in the league, and it’s almost entirely because LeBron is having an absolutely superhuman season in every imaginable facet of the game. I think that four players this season are having seasons that could have won an MVP award in previous years, and I think LeBron is head and shoulders above that pack. He’s been that good.” [John Krolik]
(Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • mendy

    call me crazy, but if we win the yankees home opener in their new staduim… it would feel better than any other tribe win since 1948 (after all, all the great wins since then have ultimately led to disappointment)

    …and yes, i realize that i was not yet born in 1948. but you get the picture

  • LaundroMat

    About the tips email in the sidebar…is it possible to just post the address? Or since you now have my email address as I submit this, could you just send me a message from the address?

  • xt04

    I live in NYC, and I will be wearing my Wahoo hat all day on 4/16, and hoping I dont get stomped out by angry New Yorkers. Lighting up CC would just make my entire year.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick
  • phil

    I also liked what John Krolik wrote (in the linked article) here:

    “(As for) +/-, … when LeBron is off the floor, the Cavs are a -9.6 team. That would make them the worst team in the league. …
    The Cavs’ starters alone have missed 51 games this season. And this is the team with the best record in the NBA.”

    It seems the Cavs are always a freak injury to one certain player away from a sharp turn downward in their fortunes.

    About CC, let’s hope he has another big-game dud when he faces the Tribe.

  • deep13

    phil- that’s exactly why he’s the MVP.

  • Boomhauer

    A tip for Indians hitters on Opening Day in Yankee Stadium – look for the fastball.

  • Les_fleurs_du_mal

    I also live in NYC and will taking the 4 train up to the South Bronx on the 16th with my Charlie Nagy jersey on.

  • Chris M

    Game 1 – Shell C.C., win big.
    Game 2 – Cliff Lee comes out hard and decimates the Yankees lineup
    Game 3 – Carl Pavano pitches a no-hitter and gets a standing ovation ( sarcasm ) from the Yankee faithful.

    Could anyone imagine a better 3 game series than this if it happens?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    I know I want an Indian to hit the first home run at that park…that would be poetic.

  • Eli

    If there is one thing we know about CC, is that he hates huge pressure. He was able to pitch a few times under short rest during Milwaukee’s push for the playoffs, but I’d argue that he still wasn’t under as much pressure their as a playoff game.

    I’ve already imagined in my mind that CC loses/ND’s his first two games and then comes into the stadium opener with the NY media, especially the Post, looking for blood. And then we pin 6 on him in the first two innings…

    It might be just a dream, but its a beautiful dream.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    By the way, I’d be thrilled with a $2 value menu at the Jake…

  • scotty p

    That we be the 2nd greatest thing ever

    (best thing ever would be the Browns drafting in the first rd and not having them be a bust)

    Wait….i forgot about the Jackets going to the playoffs and Nash raising Sir Stanleys Cup…

    Ok…lets reorder

    1.Browns draft a good player in Rd one
    2.Jackets win cup
    3.Indians sweep Yanks in new home

    wait, what about me dream for all the children in the world to come together a sing….

    Ok, let me reorder……