Cavaliers Thump Celtics; Ray Allen Will Not Tolerate Your Fun-Having

83010101_DLK020_CAVS_V_CELTCavaliers 107, Celtics 76 (box)

One would assume that if they were elbowed below the belt that they would be the ones unhappy.  Oddly enough, it was the elbow-er Ray Allen who is apparently getting emotional in his old age and didn’t take very kindly to getting his rear end handed to him for 48 minutes on national television.  But more on Jesus Shuttlesworth a bit later.

What a game.  From start to finish.  There were questions on whether each team had what it took to “get up” for their opposition.  The Celtics are in a mode where they would just like to get healthy while playing enough to hold Orlando down to the third seed in the eastern conference.  The Cavaliers, owner of the top seed in the east, have to make a decision on whether or not they need to lock up the top seed overall, or just play things out and see what happens.  Then of course there’s that whole home court record coupled with the fact that things did not go well in Boston during the last time these two teams duked it out. 

But all questions above were answered from the opening tip on when the Cavaliers jumped out to a 31-9 lead after the first quarter.  Unlike the game that preceeded Cavs/Celtics on ABC, Quicken Loans Arena seats were full of fans in wine and gold, and their reward for coming out on Easter Sunday was getting to witness one of the biggest beatdowns of the season.  Even a 14-0 run by Boston going into halftime would not be enough to overcome said deficit. 

The Celtics main offensive weapons Paul Pierce and Ray Allen combined to go 6-for-25 from the floor.  Only Glen Davis (-27) had a worse +/- than Allen (-20) in the game, and was spelled by Eddie House for much of the second half.  Cleveland outrebounded Boston 46 to 28, with Zydrunas Ilgauskas pulling down 10 and Joe Smith and Anderson Varejao each grabbing eight.

In the end, it was all about two things: 1) The mighty Celtics were held to 36 percent shooting, and 2) They could not stop LeBron James.  Even a bear hug on a fast break opportunity resulted in an and-one after James muscled in the bucket.  Complete with flexing and getting all 20,500 fans on their feet.  When it wasn’t at the hoop, it was James draining one of his five three-point field goals.  One occurred with less than three seconds left on the shot clock; the next was a turn-around three square in the eye of Tony Allen.  All in all, James finished with 29 points in 30 minutes of play as he sat the entire fourth quarter.   A perfect 6-of-6 from the line, 9-of-14 from the field.  And one mean air guitar in the fourth quarter when the Cavalier reserves outscored those of the Celtics 25-20, locking up the everpopular free chalupa for those in attendance.


Now, about the much-discussed Ray Allen and his in-game and post-game antics.  All of this talk about feeling “disrespected” due to the Cavaliers enjoying their win and taking part in the exact same ritual as they have much of the season by air guitaring to Never Gonna Give You Up?  Let me get this straight: There are only certain times when a team is allowed to take part in their typical celebrations?  All of a sudden since hitorical Boston is in town, the other team has to change the way they act?  Right on, Ray.  Same goes to all of the media and bloggers alike that claims to watch all of the Cavaliers’ games but then fail to recognize that this is all in line with the previous games.  What’s next?  Whining about how their introductions are louder than yours?  “Hey, they get fire!  No fair!”  If you don’t want an opposing team to celebrate in the fourth quarter, how about not falling behind by 30+ points? 

And to me, you have a team and a fan base that gets all up in arms if you use the term “dirty,” and this is what goes down?  


Allen’s remarks wreak of “poor me.”  His layup that was blocked by LeBron James will be played on loop for the remainder of the playoffs.  His team had a shooting percentage of 15 percent at one point well within the game.   But because he decides to get tangled with an opposing player, his reaction is two throw an elbow?  I’m sure that will go over well considering the last time these two teams played, Glen Davis decided to use a clothesline instead of, you know, fundamental defense.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Allen gets fined.  Had the referees been in a place to witness the altercation from the appropriate angle, he may have been ejected.  Opposing teams fans love to point the finger at Varejao, who obviously gets under the skin of a few people.  I never think that Varejao’s always in the clear – I’m not that biased.  But in this instance, I fail to see what actions took place that called for Allen’s cheap shot.  For a few other opinions, here’s what a few others are saying about the move.

Varejao clearly didn’t do anything to deserve that elbow. The refs appeared to be shielded from the play, which is probably why the double technicals were handed out instead of Allen alone getting the whistle. I think if an official had seen it originally, things would have gone down differently. An elbow to the groin on a dead ball? That’s an ejection, people. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the league handed down a fine or suspension for it in the near future.  [Brett Pollakoff/NBA FanHouse]

83010101_DLK016_CAVS_V_CELTThe Cavs are right at that line where whether they went too far is up for debate.  And that’s fine.  I’m not here to complain about it.  Nothing they did pissed me off.  But it DID piss off the Celtics… and that’s what matters.  The Cavs were celebrating like it was a blowout in Game 7… rather than a meaningless regular season game.  You don’t want to give a team that feeds off emotion like the Celtics something to get amped up about the next time around. [Red’s Army]

Now, did Ray’s reaction look pretty dirty?  Yeah, it looked pretty bad.  Here’s the thing though, he wasn’t even looking at Anderson and he threw the elbow back, probably hoping to catch him in the gut and …well, missed.  Clearly he didn’t make any solid contact or the man would be doubled over in pain (one would think). [CelticsBlog]

This weilded three funny results which were:  A. Varejao didn’t respond to being elbowed in the sack whatsoever, which either means he’s the strongest man on earth or has … B. Instead of retaliating and smacking the sh*t out of Ray Allen (which is what 90% of the population would have done), he holds his arms in the air and follows Ray around like Frankenstein.  C. Varejao received a technical foul for his troubles.  [Sportaphile]

Regardless of all that is above, the Cleveland Cavaliers are now the 14th team ever – as in the history of the NBA – to win 65 games.  Unfortunately, not all was roses yesterday as Ben Wallace, who recently returned from a leg injury, left the game midway through the second quarter after bruising his knee.  Brian Windhorst reports that Big Ben did not travel to Indianapolis for tonight’s game and will have an MRI done to ensure that it is in fact a minor injury.  Judging by the way that Darnell Jackson and Joe Smith have been playing as of late, tonight should be a decent night to rest Wallace up for the playoffs. 

Needless to say, the home stretch of the regular season is upon us.  I’m already being told how much I owe for playoff tickets.  All in all, it’s probably the only time of the year that I look forward to actually owing someone money.  Playoffs, baby.

Go Cavs.

(photos courtesy of Associated Press)

  • Swig

    Varejao clearly didn’t do anything to deserve that elbow
    There are very few offenses worthy of an elbow to the boys

    And lol at Boston fans trying to explain it away. 3rd graders know better.

  • Chris M

    Jim Rome just called Varejao “the absolute baddest man in the east. He didnt even flinch.”

  • Oppie

    I use to respect Ray Allen, but after last night’s events, I completely lost all respect for them. The Celtics need to realize that this team has had fun all year and doesn’t change the way they act for anyone. One of the veteran Cavs’ coaches (Can’t remember who it was, but they had coached for over 30 years, may have been Hank Eagan) said that they’ve have never been part of a team that is as close and has as much fun as this Cavs team. If you look to last week when the Cavs got killed by the Magic, you didn’t see anyone crying about dirty play and celebrating, you just heard the Cavs talking about how it was a tough loss and how they were going to bounce back and over the past week, the did more than that, they made a statement. Go Cavs, 40-1, let’s make history.

  • bitmatt

    Ray, if you don’t want your conference rivals to chair dance in clear defiance of the respect due the Celtics’ Fightin’ Leprechaun and his Amazing Championship Banners, stop getting drilled by 31 points. Or at least quit crying about it, because even my four year olds know that won’t solve anything. Idiot.

    And for anyone who says this game meant nothing to the Celtics, I want you to go back in time to the pregame locker room and ask Paul Pierce what he thought about the upcoming contest. I doubt he would have said, “Aww, if we lose by thirty or whatever it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m going to sit on the bench and eat this whole bag of Peanut M&M’s. They’re Easter colors! That means they are more yummy than regular ones.”

  • Lyon

    If Andy would’ve responded and smacked the Shhh out of Allen, he would’ve been suspended a couple games, and that is not anything we need going into the playoffs. Andy did the perfect thing and did not react at all.

    His reaction just made Allen look like even more of a lil bia than fighting him would’ve.

  • BostonBlameGame

    As Windhorst pointed out… It’s not like Boston hasn’t played cheesy songs & encouraged dancing during blowouts in the past. But I guess, since they’re The Boston Celtics, they don’t have to explain themselves or worry about being hypocrites.

    As for Ray Allen – He’s an easy nut to crack (unlike Andy’s cojones). I like knowing we got in his head, and I’ll look forward to seeing if he puts his money where his elbow is come playoff time.

  • Josh

    I agree with Oppie…i used to think Ray Allen was a good guy…but you can’t throw an elbow at someone’s Junk and still earn “good guy” status.

    Loved how LBJ summed it up:
    “When we are on the court we don’t disrespect anybody and we don’t fear anybody. We’re all professionals and if you take it as disrespect then you have to do something about it.”

    That’s right – DO SOMETHING!

  • MacNip

    Wow…if the Celtics need to get motivation from the cavs celebrations to get fired up for the playoffs then they have a lot more to worry about than some silly dancing

  • matt

    I always love the “this gives us motivation” BS that all professional athletes talk about. Are they implying that during normal games (without “motivation”), they typically give 82% of their effort? But now that the Cavs did THIS… comes a 95% effort outing! Shame on them if they are not playing 100% every night, because they are certainly being paid to do so.

  • CJG

    I know some might not like to hear this, but I hope this does motivate the Celtics. Believe me, I loves me a good blowout, but its gets boring after awhile. I was psyched about the finals being a great battle between two great teams. Boston’s win-loss record says they are a great team–but their performance yesterday REEKS of the Washington Wizards classless form of playing. For as proud as people are of the Celtic’s history, that game fell far short of that heritage.

    Something I also noticed was a blurb about how the Cavs spend their free time (can’t remember where I saw it….here? Windhorst?). Cavs rather spend freetime in Independence training than–well–whatever other rich NBA players do says something. This Cavs team is doing what I think seperates champions from really great teams (i.e. everyone else who is really good). Champions have fun. Judging by last night’s drama with Mrs. Allen, I think we can see who is champion material and who isn’t.

  • CJG

    Also, when did regular season games become “meaningless?” (I am looking at you Red’s Army). If I am not mistaken, you have to win those kinds of games to–you know–get into the playoffs. SO, I think they count for something.

  • MacNip

    Games are meaningless for Boston now because they are locked into the 2nd seed


    “He doesn’t like Brazilians or maybe he doesn’t like my hair,” Varejao said.

    One of my favorite quotes ever. After the Chosen 2 Sharpie tattoo picture posted here the other day and this quote I’m thinking any should make a comedy club tour in the off season….

  • Harv 21

    Guessing that Allen and the Celtics are trying to get themselves pumped for the playoffs, making issues out of nothing. Let’s face it, last year they were very hungry, and played like they were desperate for a ring. They didn’t get blown out at the end of last season in “meaningless” games, they were trying to be dominant going into the playoffs. Anyone remember Pierce in Game 7, tearing the ball away from LeBron and willing a win? It’s hard to maintain that attitude the season after you get a ring unless your name is Jordan. Let’s hope this year it’s the Cavs who are tearing the ball away and getting the floor burns to get that ring. In the mean time, let them all be offended.

  • Oppie

    I agree the game was meaningless on paper and it would have been one thing to lose by 10-15 points, but it’s a completely different story when they lose by 31 and only score 9 points out of the gate. It definitely says something no matter what anyone says.

    I think if/when the the Cavs plays the Celtics again, they should do a different dance when they beat them. Maybe they should do the chicken dance, macharena, or electric slide. Then they could see some real disrespect and be begging to hear Rick Astley again.

  • Denny

    What I like is the hypocrisy that the C’s get away with, including Doc Rivers. In an article by Sheridan today, he says that Doc Rivers is struggling with the idea of resting starters, because that might “be somewhat of an indignity to the sport”.

    Howevaaaaa, isn’t that exactly what he did two years ago with the hopes of winning the Oden/Durant sweepstakes?

    What a goon.

    Here’s the article (which isn’t all bad btw):

  • Swig

    I get tired of blowouts when I have nothing invested in the game. When it’s my team I find it quite enjoyable (and stress free). If the cavs went 16-0 through the playoffs winning every game by 15, I would still watch them all and love every second of it.

  • adam

    i love all of this! I cant wait to see how the orlando/boston series plays out. even if the celts make it out of that alive, they will be hardpressed to win in the Q. Ray Allen was not thinkin as he spoke yesterday. I wouldnt be surprised to here him reneg on some of those comments this week and into the playoffs. DOWN WITH BOSTON

  • Rick

    How about props to the PD for the guts to publish the anti-Boston piece yesterday in the paper.

  • adam

    if anyone is lookin for some entertainment hop over to redsarmy and check out barons comments. looks like some of the celtics fans are jumpin ship:

    “Well, you’re wrong.
    The cavs are on the verge of being in the conversation of best home team ever with the 86 celtics, have the best record in the league and the best rated defense in the league..

    I dont wanna hear a lick about injuries, because they’ve had their own, and I dont wanna hear how great KG is, because even when he was playing this season he was HAVING HIS WORST SEASON OF HIS CAREER, we still lost to the lakers twice, went 2-7 in a stretch completly HEALTHY…

    and to the people who just refuse to be sold on the cavs just need to take there green glasses off immediately, experience, dont wanna hear it, they have plenty of experience themselves, and its just an overrated aspect, people were saying that last season when we had never done anything…fact is you sound like a detroit pistons fan from last year

    All that stuff is overrated, and just so ya know, the cavs have done something, they won the eastern conference title 2 years ago when they werent even half as good as they are now, and gave the defending champs there toughest series last year, are on the verge of being the best regular season home team of all time

    they have done alot more heading into these playoffs then last years celtics team ever did…fact?”

  • kevin

    I think this backfired on RA. now that he opened his trap I think LBJ and the rest of the Cavs are going to use his comments as further motivation to trounce the “champs” if they play again.

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  • JM

    A Celtics player elbows an opposing player in the groin and a Red Sox pitcher throws at a guy’s head. You stay classy Boston. I think Allen realizes the Cavs are just as good as they are so he runs his mouth to make us out to be bad guys.

  • phil

    Love the enthusiasm for the Cavs in the recent posts.

    As for Allen, it’s being reported he’ll be suspended for today’s meaningless game but also be docked $167,000 in the process. I don’t care how rich you are, that’s not a meaningless sum, especially not for a childish elbow in the groin.

  • brittney

    All yall can just shut up about the cavs winning it all..I dont care if they got homecourt advantage or not..The truth of the matter is they CANT WIN ON THE ROAD..An they will get beat by the detroit pistions first round..Watch what i tell ya..It aint gon be no more celebrating..An lebron used that statement about if you dont like it DO SOMETHING about it…I think he got a sudden case of amnesia..Cause i kno KObe and the lakers beat them not once but twice..A blow out in the Q…An did you see them celebrating…lol Oh and lets not forget about da blow out in Magic…hold on lets really not forget about getting beat by the wizards…Matter fact lebron is nothing without Mo williams..He bails them out alot…
    Go Lakers..