Cavaliers Too Much For Detroit Again

86012963GS014_DETROT_PISTONCavaliers 94, Detroit 82 (Box)

Forget the 4th quarter. Mike Brown will address it, more than likely by waiting longer to rest his starters if this type of situation arises again in the playoffs. When your biggest problem was the bench losing focus and blowing a huge lead, you have no problems.

The Cavs took it straight to the Pistons early on, and the Pistons couldn’t respond. The big adjustment for the Pistons was to try and rotate who guards LeBron, and throw some double teams his way. Consider that strategy worthless.

Next they pulled the PG and went with a big line-up. About three possessions later the Cavs solved that look as well. The result was a frustrated Detroit team that looked quite disinterested by the time the first half ended. The Cavs held Detroit to 32 points in the first two frames. There were technical fouls on Kwame Brown and Amir Johnson. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that Rasheed wasn’t involved in either of those plays. Then again, you have to show a little emotion in order to get a tech. Sheed certainly didn’t do that in this one.

The Cavs dominated the boards throughout, and got all the loose balls and hustle plays through the first three quarters.  One play that sticks out was a very long three-point attempt by Mo Williams – one that wasn’t exactly a smart shot.  However, Joe Smith scoops up the offensive board, wraps a pass around a defender in to the arms of Delonte West, and he gets the hard-earned two points.

LeBron led the way as usual, finishing with 29 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists.  Granted, we would have preferred had James got to rest for the entire fourth quarter, but we’re willing to give and take.  Also consider that at least a handful of pinpoint passes by James resulted in Pistons fouls under the hoop.  While this hurt his personal assist total, it was a large factor in the 43-16 free throw attempt differential.

Mo and Delonte shot the ball well, with most of Delonte’s 20 points coming from drives to the hoop.  Mo Williams looked exponentially more comfortable in this one after shaking off the proverbial butterflies out of the gate. 

Aside from that 4th quarter, the only real negative was Ben Wallace’s knee, which tightened up and limited him to 8 minutes and no floor time in the second half.

Some food for thought: The Pistons shot over 50 percent from the floor through much of Game 1 and finished with 84 points, losing by 18.  The Cavs shot an awful 42 percent from the floor in Game 2 and won by 12 thanks to lock-down defense through the majority of the contest.

The Boston/Chicago series is going six games minimum. The Orlando/Philly series could be longer than expected. The Hawks looked really good the other night, but expect Wade to make a series out of that one as well. The point is this, there will be time for rest. It is important for the Cavs to weather the storm Friday night, and put themselves in a position to win in the fourth quarter. I think that if the Cavs can win that one, the will of the Pistons will be gone.

  • Boomhauer

    Win Friday and Game 4 is a lock. Losing at home will inspire all of the Pistons to call their travel agents to book a vacation starting on Monday.

  • Scott

    Barkley must have said at least four times that they have one foot on the beach.

    Did anyone in the Cleveland area nearly blow a gasket when FSN decided to play the Jackets game instead of the Cavs? Even the “Info” on the digitial cable had Cavs pre-game and then the game in the system. I go to watch AC and Fred… And I find the Jackets not capitalizing on yet another Power Play…

  • S-Dub

    @Scott: The Cavs update texts that I get even said the game would be on FSN, and it wasn’t. Wonder what happened there.

    And what was the Shooting Percentage from the floor through 3 quarters, because I feel like the 4th quarter bench brigade really skewed that stat.

    Boobie was so jacked up he was looking like it was November again, relax Boobie, we need you to make shots.

  • Josh

    i say shut big ben down for the rest of this series! we don’t need him to win 2 more games against Detroit.

    But we will need him against Atlanta and beyond.

  • Lyon

    I too was upset when I went to watch FSN. I’d rather here AC than national announcers who lose focus on the game and talk about everything but the game.

    Let’s hope they fix this for Friday.

  • Dan

    FSN had the Cavs game for me in Lakewood. I have Cox Cable, it may have been your provider.

  • DP

    As the last bastion of Jackets fan-dom on this site, I apologize on behalf of my team, though here in Columbus they give us two FSOhio feeds all year (because we get stuck with the Reds in the spring/summer/fall… that’s right Clevelanders, it can always be worse).

  • mmonast

    this is a random questions but does anyone with DirecTV have trouble with FSNHD coming in for them? i have had issues for about half the cavs season and everytime i call they can do nothing but reset my box (that works but its a pain in the ass…takes 10minutes or so)


    oh and Stones are done…no heart on that team…expect a full scale blow up starting monday for them

  • Jay

    I have the dish, so FSN showed the World Poker tour. (Local) Channel 43 (WUAB) showed the CAVS game, and sayed countless times they’ll be broadcasting throughout the playoffs. Hearing AC and Fred call playoff games is even better than the regular season. (^5 to AC for his ‘2 steal’ stat last night!)

  • The Other Tim

    I say, shut Ben down until Bynum-Gasol.

    Hard to be uspet with the Cavs for losing interest in that game, I sure did.

  • Harv 21

    My FSN had the Cavs, but I watched the national feed because it was Doug Collins, not the ABC unfunny yuk-it-up show, and AC’s obvious awareness of his drinking game has turned him into affable AC doing an impression of exuberant AC (I didn’t even care for the original). This has to be the worst Cavs local tv team ever.
    Anyone else worry Boobie might have a case of “got my new contract and I’m on cruise control-itis”? I was worried late in the season when he just watched loose balls bounce near his feet the game before he was benched. Last night’s fourth quarter “whatever” effort was pathetic for a guy who you would think would be campaigning for more meaningful minutes. Forget the shooting, I just don’t see the same effort this year.

  • Swig

    FWIW, I had the Cavs on FSN in Columbus.

    I think Detroit’s failed comeback was all she wrote. After that, no way we go into Friday taking it easy (had we blown them out by 30 I think we mentally struggle more Fri). The Piston starters have already checked out (or you could argue never even showed up).

    It’s already booked, but I like the sweep now even more than before the series started.

  • jsg

    Question………I have never really been a Sasha fan, but did he do something to tick off the coaching staff? I realize that he would be coming off the bench with Delonte back, but I was a bit surprised that Mike didn’t put him in during the 4th quarter last night. His minutes have shrank to nothing.

  • fmayse

    The FSN feed was on WUAB on Time Warner Cable.

    I won’t watch TNT because they have Charles “I hate Cleveland because there aren’t enough casinos and prostitutes” Barkley.

  • Jay

    Nothing to do with the topic here, but I love (seriously, I do) the quotation mark sentences like harv21’s “got my new contract and I’m on cruise control-itis” or fmayse’s Charles “I hate Cleveland because there aren’t enough casinos and prostitutes” Barkley. It’s frickin hilarious!