NFL Draft: Beanie Wells Disputes Injury Rumors

Beanie WellsIn what could possibly be the quickest way to ever mention a potential injury, Peter King buried a sentence on former Ohio State running back Chris “Beanie” Wells in his latest MMQB that claimed teams are “scared off” by a potential foot injury.  Given Wells’ injury history and the fact that many consider this to be his biggest risk, a forefoot injury would not be something to boost the draft stock of the Akron, Ohio native.

Thankfully for Wells’ wallet, it appears that these rumors are completely unfounded and that old No. 28 is ready to go. 

“Beanie was examined by [orthopedic surgeon] Dr. James Andrews in January and was given a clean bill of health,” said agent Adam Heller. “There are no issues with the toe and he’s 100 percent. He rushed for 1,200 yards and has since posted the best broad jump at the combine and a 4.38 in the 40 at his pro day.”

Thinking is that some teams are starting to float rumors in the hopes that players may fall to them on draft day.  With individual workouts obviously over, any team that would have concern with said rumors would not have a way to do any due diligence and may opt to avoid the risk all together.

With the way that teams have landed high-production runnings backs in the middle rounds (a la Maurice Jones-Drew), teams may choose to address other areas of need prior to adding depth to their backfield. 

Wells may be one of the biggest question marks of Saturday’s draft.  ESPN’s Mel Kiper pegs Wells to go 14th overall to New Orleans.  Todd McShay has Wells going 16th overall to San Deigo.’s Adam Caplan recently published a mock draft that has Wells falling all the way to 31st (Arizona), with 14th and 15th (Houston) also being possibilities. 

Beanie Wells’ agent rejects reports of injury [Mary Kay Cabot/Plain Dealer]

  • Cee L

    I’m trying to find out where all this pre-draft chatter is coming from.
    I mean, the press is running with all kinds of positive drug test stories ( that MAY OR MAY NOT BE TRUE) and now this injury issue for Wells that seems bogus. Geez..I’m not dim enough to believe everything I read but has responsible journalism completely flown out the window? Seems sensationalist at every turn.

  • Denny

    It’s the NFL Draft. If we’re not talking about it 28/7, then something is wrong. Therefore, we will make stuff up to cause a commotion and have it supersede anything of any actual importance (see: NBA playoffs).

    As far as this story goes, Beanie was hurt a lot in college. He was extremely effective even when hurt. That being said, he was hurt a lot.

    Made me sad :(

  • Lyon

    Peterson was hurt a lot in college too. Not saying Wells is = to Peterson, but same style of play. Both play to hit you, not try to run by. Every RB plays with injuries in the NFL, who better to do that than someone who did it in college too.

    Here’s hoping he has a good NFL career

  • Scotty

    Does it seem like to anyone else that there is an above usual amount of deception and fake leak stories this year? I don’t remember this much smoke being blown by teams before. Maybe it’s because Mangini is taking over for us, and he’s doing it more than anyone, but I just don’t feel like there has been this much misdirection in the few years past.

    And as for Beanie being hurt all the time, he only missed a few games in his two years, mainly because Tressel was being overcautious. If Tressel let Beanie play vs USC (because the medical staff DID clear him before the game and Beainie DID want to play) I’m not sure we’re even having this discussion about his durability.

  • Chris M

    King is an idiot. He should stick to complaining about coffee and restaurant menus. He’ll probably hide some sort of “oops I was wrong” in next weeks edition, I just don’t have the patience to read through his mundane anecdotes long enough to get to it.