NFL Trade Rumors: Braylon Edwards, Again?

braylon edwards dropA lot of you will likely see Braylon Edwards’ mug on the front page of Yahoo! Sports today, claiming that “sources” are pointing to him being traded to the New York Giants.  If you dig a bit within the story, Jason Cole discusses the Giants’ desire to replace the recently-released Plaxico Burress with someone of Edwards’ skill set.  Couple this with Edwards possibly not wanting to play for Eric Mangini – especially beyond next season – and we may have a story.  May.

Cole then goes on to site a Plain Dealer article that was published on March 23rd, approximately one day after the story was made free over at The Orange and Brown Report.  So, essentially what Yahoo! is deciding to make “news” today is actually a regurgitation of month-old rumors that have been shot down.

Is this to say that Edwards will not be traded?  Not at all.  If the likelihood of the wide receiver not signing an extension increases, as will the trade talks.  You can bet that George Kokinis is exploring all options that are available as he looks to acquire more draft picks for this year and possibly next.

From what we know, the asking price for Edwards continues to be a first- and third- round draft selection, based off of what the Dallas Cowboys paid to acquire Roy Williams from Detroit late last season.  The acquiring team must a) need a wide receiver, and b) be willing to extend Edwards, similar to what happend with Williams.  As we’ve mentioned previously, there are plenty of teams with multiple first-round draft picks that may want to acquire someone of Edwards’ skill set.  It’s just a matter of coming up with the right price.

Other news and notes regarding the draft:

– PFT reports that Jacksonville would like to also move out of the top ten in the upcoming draft.  Many were hoping that they would want to move up to the fifth slot to nab Mark Sanchez.  Odds are that if they too want to move down, that their asking price would be a little less than ours – especially if you factor in guaranteed money.  Not great news for Browns fans hoping to trade down.

– The Shutdown Corner takes a look at the Brady Quinn trade possibilities.  Like Tony Grossi not long ago, MJD thinks the Browns need to jump all over any first-round offer.  I would tend to agree, though I would prefer something in the ‘teens over something in the late 20’s.

– Chris Chase wonders why some teams still have Andre Smith in the top half of their draft board.  Why do I fear that Cleveland is one of those teams?  We’re talking about a kid who just decided to fire his agent with the draft two weeks away…

  • S-Dub

    Smith isn’t a Mangini guy from what I can see. He wants character guys (I.E. Not morons who ruin their shot during the combine to be a #1 overall pick)

  • adam

    i cant wait to see what new and creative ways the browns will find to lose games this year… just cant wait

  • NickTCC

    Well I’m sure glad at least some publications do their research. It seems the trending thing these days is just to repost and sex up rumors as opposed to doing the realistic thing and shutting them down.

    People tend to forget no one heard a word about the Winslow trade before it happen. Why would Edwards be any different if they were indeed trying to trade him?

  • Scott

    Right on, Nick. As the wise Barry McBride says, unsupported Browns rumors are a growth industry.

  • Denny

    I tried to “sex up rumors” once and it landed me an overnight stint in the slammer.

    I’m already on the record stating my lack of attachment to either guy. If we can get a first for Quinn (who hasn’t proven anything) go for it. If we get a first and third for Edwards, pull he trigger. It’s not like the team isn’t already in full-blown rebuild mode. Maybe all the veterans are there to teach a team full of rookies.


  • JM

    Why the hell would you trade Edwards? Who willbe our receivers??

  • Scotty P

    “The Cowboys have reportedly removed Florida WR Percy Harvin from their draft board, presumably due to character concerns.”

    Since when is this a concern of jerry jones?

  • Harv 21

    Like I’ve said before, what team would give up a first rounder for a high maintenance, me-first receiver with an unresolved case of the dropsies who is looking for a new contract? And to think they would add a third rounder as well? Doubt the Giants want another receiver who might make any waves at all after Plaxico’s distractions. Believe that deal when you see it. And if you see it, grab it.

  • Scott

    “Why the hell would you trade Edwards?”

    Because this is the last year of his contract and the team wants to get something for him if he’s not going to re-sign.

  • Josh

    Other things i’ve seen have us drafting Sanchez @5….

    if we do that i will be dumbfounded. nothing should shock me anymore, but the guy started 1 SEASON at USC…how does that make him more impressive than Quinn?

    i’m hoping it’s all smokescreens….and we’re able to trade down to pick up some more picks and get some defensive depth…(holding out for world peace too, but whatever…)

  • sambofromOH

    This reminds me of my friend from VA pointing out how the Browns are on Sportcenter almost daily. I just wish that it was for encouraging news. Instead it is news of the team being blown up, players being traded for picks and updates on Stallworth. Ugh.

  • LeBrowns 23

    Heres why you trade Edwards NOW, IF he has a year like last year he’s worthless to us!! People keep asking who will you throw to. I say whould do you trust more to cath the ball… Cedric Steptoe or last years version of Edwards? IF he has a great year..he’s going to ask for 10 million plus! Is a inconsistent reciever who has ALWAYS had a problem with drops worth that?

    So trade him….People are saying No less then a 1st and 3rd…how about this…a 1st, 5th , and either dixon or smith? Heck give me a 1st, 6th and dixon or smith….Then you draft Crabtree at 5 and you have 2 young Wr’s..looks to me like a better position then we have been in a while at WR.

    Now with the 2nd 1strounder you draft best Dfensive player left (CB, Safty, LB should alll have soild picks left!)

    Trade Quinn for a 1st….I’ve read rumors metioned that even the 49’ers are toying with the idea of the 10thpick for Quinn….IF you can get that it’s +12 in the pick department from where you drafted him!! That pick could be a VERY solid Dfensive player or it’s quite possible Sanchez is still there…do you take a shot…..

    Just think with both trades you could have 3 #1’s and 2 #2’s! Thats 5 picks on day 1!!!!

    I’m even willing to sign a Fa Qb like Charlie Batch, or J.P. Losman for a year if I can tarde D.A. and also and get a late 1st roudner (I highly doubt it)
    Could you imagine 4 1st round picks! you get a the top wr, a Qb like Sanchez to take over in another year, and 2 top Defensive players…and that’s not counting the 2 second round players!

    I know I’m doing alot of wishful thinking..but I am one that wants to clean house…a 4-12 team means almost NO ONE is far as I am concearned ONLY Joe Thomas stays.

    ok enough of my rant and dream sequence.

  • Scotty P

    I was thinking about this the other day…Didnt mangini pick mike nugent in the 2nd rd? If I remember correctly, they had no first rd pick that year.

    Just something to think about.

  • creative

    you are seriously in lala land if you think a: we can get san frans pick and b: you can trade DA for a first round pick

  • Craig

    Browns are going to make the playoffs this year. It is going to be so awesome.

  • Ricky

    If you are in favor of trading Quinn for a first round pick, fine, but doesn’t that mean that you think DA can be a starting QB for the Browns? Because if you trade Quinn and don’t draft Sanchez, you are betting all your money on DA, and he has not exactly shown us that he can be that guy. Never mind the fact that his confidence has been destroyed by Browns fans.

    Look, if you want to trade Quinn for a first, fine, but we would have to draft a QB in the first round. And if we do, did we get any better? We traded a young QB for a young QB, both with question marks. If we don’t draft a QB, we are stuck with Derek Anderson, who has question marks of his own

    We don’t need first round draft picks so badly that we should trade away our young QBs

  • Nicko

    Could you imagine 4 1st round picks!

    Yeah spending over $100 mil on players that have never played in the NFL. Doesn’t seem like a great idea to me.

  • Ricky

    Think about the cost of potentially having 2 or even 3 first round picks if Braylon and BQ are traded – lack of cap space has been a big deal this offseason, but what is more expensive than a first round pick? Especially considering the success rate on first round picks, or lack there of, its a huge financial burden, and if they don’t pan out, you are screwed paying someone like Kam Wimbl. I’m more than down with getting Braylon out of here, but we need to see if under a new coach and new system one of our QBs can get the job done and answer some questions, we shouldn’t trade them without finding out the answers first

  • Ricky

    wow i forgot to finish spelling Wimbley, meant to say paying someone like Wimbley a crap ton of money

  • Illmatic8

    Can somebody please tell me how we can afford to sign three first round picks?

  • Josh

    @ Ricky – don’t worry, Wimbley hasn’t finished much lately either…

  • paulbip

    Why do you people keep talking about the D when the O was far worse. All we need to draft on D is a Safety/CB at #50. #1 will be Crabtree and our 2nd (I hope) will be Mack.

  • bobby

    I really don’t think it would be smart to trade braylon before the draft. If Curry is there at 5, and we have no braylon, then we would either skip Curry, or have to wait until the end of the first to try to get a WR to fill Edwards spot. Also, theres no guarantee that who the browns would want at the end of the 1st will be there.

    As for Quinn though, I would look at trades for him, but I would look to try to get 2nd and a 3rd, or something like that. Theres not much that would benefit us trying to get a 1st for him, and quality starters can be found in rd. 2 and 3. As for the top 3 positions of need: WR, LB, and S should be the first three picks.

  • Alex

    wow… we have a monday night game this year… did not expect that one at all

  • ImpactPlayr

    You guys do realize we can EASILY afford to sign 3 first round picks….Winslow (1st round) gone, Edwards (1st round) gone, Quinn (1st round) gone…you are simply replacing their salaries….

    I’m still trying to figure out why there is so much love for Quinn? IF I remember almost NO ONE wanted to draft him in the first place. I’m not going to say Quinn is worthless as I see definite leadership qualities in him..but I still think he’s a little on the weak side as an actual QB.

    Who’s also to say that even if we get 3 1st rounders that we’d use them all this year….You can always trade out of the first this year for another next year…always have more picks then you need to play with. Remember we have very few pick 3rd and down too.

  • DaleL

    “Because this is the last year of his contract and the team wants to get something for him if he’s not going to re-sign.”

    I believe that in the absence of a new CBA next year (which seems like almost a given), BE will become a restricted free agent, so the Browns would technically be able to tender him next year and at least guarantee themselves a 1st rounder, or the right to match any offer sheet that he receives. Not saying that’s a great idea, but it’s not like they’d get nothing at the end of this season.

  • Ricky

    First round picks make more now than they did a few years ago, so they aren’t just being replaced…

  • bobby

    I think that the browns should play this year with Braylon and a rookie they draft in their first 2 picks, unless they get a deal that way over values Edwards. After this year though, a franchise tag will keep him here, or we will get compensation.

  • average_guy

    Trade Edwards to Dallas. They need a Designated Pass Dopper now that TO has moved on.

  • Ricky

    Dallas doesn’t have a first round pick, they traded it to Detroit for Roy Williams, so I doubt the Browns would want to trade him to a team that can’t offer a first in return

  • Lebrowns 23

    1st, 3rd, and a WR is way over value for “I have Hands of Stone” Edwards.

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