NFL Trade Rumors: Braylon Wants Fitzgerald Money?

braylonedwardsAll of the rumors that have circulated regarding Braylon Edwards and the New York Giants (first reported by The OBR, weeks ago) continue to find new winds as the NFL Draft nears.

The basis behind the trade is that if Braylon Edwards does not agree to a contract extension – as the team does want him to be a part of the future – that they will look to ship him off to a team that could use his services.  In return, the Browns are looking for at least a first- and third-round draft choice; using the Roy Williams/Dallas Cowboys deal from last season as a benchmark.  (Detroit received a first-, third-, and sixth-rounder for Williams)

With that said, it appears that both parts of this formula appear to be at a crossroads of sorts.

Edwards does want an extension.  However, he is reportedly looking for a similar contract to Larry Fitzgerald.  You all know Fitzgerald, he of the 100 reception and 1400 yard averages over the past two seasons.  Also the same receiver that singlehandedly kept his team in the Super Bowl until his defensive unit could not maintain the lead.  Fitzgerald’s contract is massive, earning him $14.5 million last season and $17.3 million this coming year. 

Needless to say, Braylon Edwards is nothing close to Larry Fitzgerald.  Thus, if these rumors are true, No. 17s future may be in limbo.

But where he goes is also experiencing a snag.  The story from The OBR references some serious counter-bidding by the New York Giants that ultimately proposed a first- and fifth- round selection coming to the Browns.  Given that a fifth-rounder is not a third-rounder, the Browns have passed.  For now. 

Other teams looking to bolster their receiving corps include the Eagles (owners of the 21st and 28th picks), Raiders, Jaguars, Bears (with 12th and 18th picks) and the Ravens.  I would essentially count out Baltimore as a trading partner for Edwards, but stranger things have happened.  Those with multiple first-round picks could afford to move one without sacrificing much in terms of this year’s draft.  Stay tuned.

  • Nicko

    Bye Bye Braylon!

  • dwhit

    Yeah, maybe if you start providing Fitzgerald-type production you can make Fitzgerald-type money.

  • bobby

    So Crabtree at @5…

  • S-Dub

    LMFAO Fitz money????? ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! Catch the football and don’t let Michigan jokes hurt your feelings first butterfingers.

  • Tron

    I think that should read the Broncos with the 12th and 18th picks, since the Bears traded everything away to snag Cutler. And unfortunately, I don’t think the Broncos need Braylon.

  • Alex

    I’m now content with selecting Crabtree at 5, trading Braylon for a mid-low 1st rounder and select someone like Clay Matthews Jr. there to help the linebackers … So long Braylon, your drops can count someplace else

  • Ricky

    i would take the deal of NY’s first and fifth for Braylon in a heartbeat, but I understand their attempts to get a better deal since we still have a couple of weeks before the draft. Obviously Braylon doesn’t deserve Fitzgerald money, only one or two WRs do. But if Braylon goes into this season without a new contract, I think he is going to have a massive year. He has shown that when he puts all of his focus into it, he can be an elite receiver. Every primetime game last year, with the exception of the Sunday night Steelers game, Braylon showed up. And nothing gets a players focus like playing for a big contract. So, Braylon could realistically be great again this year.

    But again, first and a fifth after the way Edwards played last year to me is a good deal. We could then draft Crabtree, maybe the only sure thing in the Top10 that isn’t an OT, and use the other first round pick on the best player available

    Also, the 12th and 18th picks belong to the Broncos, not the Bears, and they do not need a WR

  • Chuck

    Adios Braylon and dont let the door hit you on the way out!

  • Brendon

    Give him the contract on a incentive basis. He is a great WR when his head is on straight. If you don’t perform, then you don’t get cash

  • mgbode

    umm….sure if someone ponies up, then ship #17 out.

    however, if someone doesn’t, don’t forget that we can make Braylon a restricted-FA this coming offseason (assuming no new CBA which is not likely). we can easily keep him for a year that he will be playing for a contract and then deal him next offseason when his value is higher.

  • dr. cleveland

    @ #9 touche… but I def say move him for a 1st and 3rd.

  • paulbip

    Take the 1 and 5 and be happy. Draft Mack with the one and who cares about the 5 cause the Browns will pick a dud with it anyway.

  • Scott

    fixed my bears/broncos mishap. thanks guys.

  • Denny

    To this I say:


  • TampaBrett

    Ship him to Philly. I’d see him fitting in there. If he’s gone though, wow do we need WR help bad. At least another veteran if we draft Crabtree. If not, then well two more.

  • Thunder Dan

    To quote Morrissey:

    “You just haven’t earned it yet, baby.”

  • DocZeus

    The saga of the horrific Browns off-season has got me thinking that a Detroit-like 0-16 season is on the horizon. I thought the drama was supposed to end when The Fat Man and Fred Savage got kicked to the curb. I hate this new regime and we haven’t even played a game yet.

  • BB

    How about the Giant’s 1st, 5th, and 5 Hour Energy promises to never run Edward’s comercial ever again.

  • Dave D

    I’m really torn on this. Part of me wants the Browns to lock up Braylon long-term because I think he can be the big-time receiver we want him to be (and apparently the one he thinks he already is). If he can actually catch the ball and run with shoes on, he can produce and we’ll love him no matter what college he went to.

    That being said, this team has so many holes. Bagging another 1st-round pick and drafting Crabtree at #5 may just be what we need.

  • Alex

    @ 18… they can run it… once for every drop he is credited for in his new town

  • bobby

    I am mixed about this as well too. Quite frankly, the browns need a high pick WR (either round 1 or 2) anyways, so I don’t know all how well getting rid of Braylon for a question mark would be. On the other hand, it does give the browns many different options for how to spend their draft picks. I even heard that theres talks on cleveland talk shows about Osi Umenyora (I know I butchered this name) or Kiwanuka. If the browns could get one of those players along with a rd. 2 and maybe a later pick, then I would do it immediately. Just getting picks for him might not be worth it yet though, and I would rather have either Crabtree or another WR taken in rd. 2 this year to go along with Edwards, then see where things stand next off-season.

  • S-Dub

    Remember the Bengals passed up on 2 (TWO!!!) first round picks for Ocho Johnson a year ago at this time. Think they could even get a 1 for him now? I wouldn’t bet on it. So maybe we should take the best deal we can get for him while he’s not dropping passes.

  • bridgecrosser

    We need a thread on Crabtree? How come the Texas Tech QB’s get labeled as “system guys” but their WR’s that rack up yardage do not?

    What is the defcom level of the city when they take the Missouri WR with the #5 pick?

  • Hightower

    Braylon Edwards is nothing but an arrogant, me-first team cancer. His name has become synonymous with dropping easy catches in ball fields all across NE Ohio. Ha Ha, nice “catch”…….BRAYLON!

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