NFL Trade Rumors: Hey, Look. New York Wants Braylon Edwards

braylon-trade-watch1Late last week, Giants quarterback Eli Manning took a pro-Braylon Edwards stance as his team looks to fill the role vacated by the recently-released Plaxico Burress.  And with the NFL draft four days away, one of his teammates is jumping aboard the “who’s going to catch the ball” bandwagon.  Enter defensive lineman Justin Tuck:

“He can lock down one side of the field when he’s playing his best football,” said [Justin] Tuck. “He has the same kind of factor that Plaxico (Burress) has, a big strong receiver who can down the field in a hurry and stretch a defense, which has the ability to open up our running game.”

Tuck claims that he actually spoke with Edwards three weeks ago but did not discuss a potential trade.  Right.  The Giants lineman also claimed that he and Edwards go “way back” to their days where Notre Dame played Michigan, which makes sense.  At least until I read this:

“I know Braylon is not the type of guy, a look-at-me type player. From what I know about him he comes to work every day, he keeps his mouth closed. You don’t hear a lot of things about him off the football field.”

Hmm.  Well, perhaps Tuck was too busy with the entire Plaxico Burress saga last season to recall the entire “They hate me because I’m from Michigan” rant from last season. In other news, potential draftee Michael Crabtree recently told Dan Patrick that if he were to run today, his 40-time would be under 4.4 seconds.  Recall that Crabtree could not run in the combine due to a foot injury and that many scouts have him pegged as a 4.6-type guy without that top end speed.  If you’re in the mood to piece this all together, Edwards ran a 4.5.  Even if Crabtree is closer to the 4.6 seconds, would you be willing to sacrifice a tenth of a second for a younger receiver that has quite the highlight real of impressive catches?  Couple this with the likely addition of another first-round pick and it’s tough to pass up.

For what it’s worth, Crabtree currently has the highest odds (per Bodog) of being selected with the fifth pick with 3/2.  Brian Orakpo is right behind him with 5/2, BJ Raji with 3/1.  Eugene Monroe (5/1) and Jeremy Maclin (10/1) bring up the rear.

With that said, stay tuned for more Braylon Edwards fun.

Tuck on Edwards… [Tom Rock/Newsday]
Crabtree Says he Could Run Under a 4.4 right now []

  • Denny

    Welp, seeya later.

  • Chris M

    “From what I know about him he comes to work every day, he keeps his mouth closed.”

    I hope to God all of New York believes this.

  • Boomhauer

    Did Tuck also say:

    He has the best hands of any receiver I have ever seen and never drops a ball.

  • Harv 21

    Whether he’s traded to the Giants or somewhere else, stand on your head if you think Braylon will be playing for the new control-freak regime. Let’s see: 1) Toes the party line, whatever it is (slash); 2) Just shuts up and plays football, never a team distraction (slash); 3) No anticipated contract problems (slash); 4) good for the ball control offense that Mangini likes, runs crisp routes with reliable hands (slash); 5) Good role model/mentor for anticipated influx of younger players(slash). He is so gone, before the clashes begin and his trade value drops further.

  • Josh

    I’d like to see Coughlin’s response to Braylon walking around the locker room looking for dress socks after a loss….

  • Tom

    I actually hate Braylon because hes from Michigan…it has nothing to do with him being a total disappointment.

  • Jay

    Isn’t Tuck a Defensive lineman? Don’t trade Braylon. I don’t want to buy a new jersey come August.

  • Ojore

    If they actually trade him FOR Tuck, that would be irony, yes?

  • nobody

    Is there a field on bodog? My money would go for the Browns drafting Malauga (with talking to Pete Carroll and all).

  • Scotty P

    If he thinks ohio hates him, wait till he gets smacked by an iceball from the stands for dropping a pass. For him the grass will not be greener on the other side.

  • Ricky

    Lets say we trade Braylon, and then both Curry and Crabtree are available at 5. Who do you guys think we should take? We can get a good receiver with our other 3 first day picks, but it may not be a #1 guy and certainly won’t be as good as Crabtree. But Curry fills a huge need at either the inside or outside linebacker spot in Mangini’s 3-4. Really hard to mess it up, just curious as to what other people think.

  • D-Train

    anybody hoping we deal him to philly so that city tears him to pieces?

  • bobby

    Ricky, Ive been trying to say that too. I just don’t see Braylon being traded because it leaves nobody to catch the ball. We need a WR anyways on day 1, so I just dont see them getting rid of a guy that they can franchise and get at least a 1st and 3rd next year if Braylon does want to leave. Quinn or DA are the guys that I can see getting traded for another day 1 pick.

  • Regis

    I would grab Curry over Crabtree anytime, but this would be my dream draft:
    1. Curry/ Crabtree
    2. Sintim/ McCoy/ D. Brown/ Heyward-Bey
    3. Chung/ Greene/ Robiskie

  • eshaw

    some how I have a feeling that when he goes to NY he will amazingly be back to his 2007 form and drop even fewer passes than he did that year. Let’s face it he doesn’t wanna be here… not saying he dropped balls on purpose but the effort obviously isn’t there, and to me that means good riddance. I say if that deal goes through go with Crabtree at 5 and then a LB later in the first, RB then Corner in the 2nd rd. Of course this is if Curry is off the board.

  • S-Dub

    Look at Crabtree and look at Andre Johnson. Basically the same player coming out of college, Johnson was able to run and ran an impressive 4.32 in the 40. Johnson is top 2 in the league as far as WR’s. Only Fitz is better than him, who Crabtree has been compared to more. You tell me you don’t want a WR at #5 and your crazy.

  • Cee L

    I’m loving the way New Yorkers keep comparing Edwards to Burress. They don’t know how spot-on they are….
    ‘Cheddar Bob2’

  • Ricky

    Edwards will have a sick 2009 no matter what – if he is still in Cleveland, he will play for a big contract, so the focus issues that often plague him won’t be a problem

  • bobby

    once again, I have to agree with Ricky. Braylon has to know that if he doesn’t perform this year then he won’t get a huge Fitzgerald like contract in 2010. Getting Crabtree at 5 though would allow us to have 2 WR like they did in Arizona, and he could go defensive in round 2, which I wouldn’t mind.

  • B-bo

    Well consider me crazy, because I don’t want a WR at #5. The position does not provide enough impact to justify the money a player drafted in that spot receives. A WRs success is directly related to the play of his QB, which depends in large part on the performance of the o-line. Seeing as at least half our starting o-line is questionable at best, and given the lack of direction at QB, WR should not be in the discussion at 5–there is talent to be had at the position in the second round.

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