Report: Donte Stallworth to Face DUI Manslaughter

In 2002, Donte Stallworth was selected 13th overall in the NFL Draft out of Tennessee.  After bouncing around the NFL, Stallworth landed in Cleveland six years later, signing a seven-year contract worth $35 million.  Approximately one year after the ink dried on his new deal, the wide receiver is arranging to turn himself in after the news of that charges of DUI manslaughter will be filed following the accident that occurred early on March 14th.

The report states that his blood alcohol level (.12) was above the legal limit of .08.  Under Florida law, DUI manslaughter is a second-degree felony, carrying a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.  The victim, Marco Reyes (59), is survived by his wife of almost 20 years, Catalina, and the couple’s 15-year-old daughter, Daniela. 

Donte’ Stallworth expected to be charged… [Miami Herald]

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    Now Mo Clarett can relate to what this d-bag is going through. Even if he is found innocent of manslaughter, drinking and driving is still retarded.

  • adam

    this is just an awful situation for anyone to be in, let alone someone in the public eye.

    his career is pretty much done in my opinion…

  • BELIEVEland

    Informal poll…

    Should the Browns (and anyone else for that matter) remove all the Stallworth jerseys/photos/t-shirts from their websites and store shelves in the wake of these DUI Manslaughter charges?

    I think out of respect to the Reyes family, and just common decency, they should put it all in a box until Stallworth is ultimately found guilty or acquitted of the charges, then make a decision to put it back out or throw it all away. IMO.

  • deep13

    There’s something I find very interesting about this story, and I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet..

    Stallworth claims to have flashed his lights at the guy to “warn” him. So if he had time to recognize that someone was in front of him & react to it, why would he choose to flash his lights instead of swerving out of the way (potentially off the road, damaging his car)?

    To me, it sounds like Stallworth put the value of his car over the value of this guy’s life.

  • Regis

    You make a good point deep13. Damn, I thought I was the only one who actually thought about that.

  • Jon

    @deep13 I noticed that as well, I was just talking to my dad about it. Who flashes their light at someone in front of them and doesn’t slow down? It doesn’t help his view in the public eye that he hit him in his 300k Bentley. It just shouts to me that he didn’t care at the time.

    It’s really a terrible situation though- I’m sure we won’t ever see Stallworth in the NFL again.

  • CAVSn6

    This case wont go to trial for a year, RG will supspend him 4 games for the DUI he will play the rest of the games.

    If convicted he has to serve at least 4yrs, i think the prosecutors will be swayed during that year and probably will not do any jail time.

    He’ll make the pro bowl (ala Mr. Lenoard Little) the 2010 season and hopefully not long after that the Browns will win the SUPER BOWL!

  • sambofromOH

    When this story first broke about a month ago I was a fiend looking for more information. One guy did address the issue of Stallworth’s response. Supposedly the area the guy got hit is some sort of beltway with a concrete divider. There is reportedly heavy traffic and the sunrise can be pretty blinding at the time of the accident. Stallworth was assumedly in the fast lane without room to swerve to either side.

    This is not an excuse for Stallworth though. His BAC was over the limit and I think that if someone has time to flash thier lights to warn a pedestrian, they have time to slam on the brakes.

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  • Nevada DUI Attorney

    Florida has a really good system of not just judging people based on irrelevent facts. Not that I want people to have a license to kill, but it is quite often that alcohol doesn’t even contribute to driving motor skills. This poor fellow darted across the street, Donte flashed his lights at him, Donte honked his horn at him. I can only imagine what really happened.