Royals vs. Indians Open Thread

The Tribe and Royals face off in afternoon action. 12:05 start time as Reyes looks to improve to 2-0 while Gil Meche looks to do the same.

The Indians wasted plenty of scoring opportunities last night. Let’s hope they are able to take advantage today. Cliff Lee pitched a solid 8 innings while only giving up two runs. The Tribe offense was busy leaving 19 men on base and only getting five hits.

  • buu insider claims the tribe is shopping cliff lee. wtf?

  • Boomhauer

    I don’t understand why Hafner has to sit so many games. It’s not like he’s out in the field the whole game. He goes to bat 4 times a game. Maybe when the weather gets warmer, they won’t baby him so much.

  • mendy
  • Eli

    Amazing job by Reyes getting out of bases loaded no-outs. Well done!

  • adam

    second that eli, well done anthony!

  • Denny
  • Kevin

    You know what… if last season was just a fluke… then this would be the time to sell, while his stock is high. But then again, he could be just another player that we grow intro a stud and then pass on to the yankees or redsox or phillies or dodgers

  • Kevin

    But then again it could be another Bartolo Colon situation. Remember we traded Colon when his stock was high and got Brandon Phillips (who is tearing it up elsewhere now), Grady Sizemore and of course Cliff Lee…. arguably the best trade made by any team since the turn of the century. Bartolo didn’t do hardly anything after that.

  • P@

    @Boomhauer – I think Wedge is just out-thinking himself. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but Hafner probably has a not-so-great history against Meche, so Wedge has opted to sit him. I am with you though, and I think Wedge needs to start whoever has been playing well… that definitely includes Hafner.

    Meche is really shutting us down right now. He’s getting help from the wind and getting great plays from Billy Butler (of all people). If we score any more runs, I am guessing it happens now in the bottom of the 7th.

  • DP

    “Bartolo didn’t do hardly anything after that.”

    Except win a Cy Young…

  • Harv 21

    @8: …except win the Cy Young. But I agree, a great trade. That was a unique situation because Montreal was essentially disbanding a good farm system.
    I think Shapiro is forced to deal with contract “windows of opportunity” when core players are under contract at the same time. We took a shot in 2007, but that window closed when CC left. He knows a leftie like Lee will be gone and is looking at the next window when guys like Fausto and Grady are still under current contracts and Brantley, LaPorta, Hodges and Carlos Santana are here but too young to get the big bucks. That may be a reason to trade Lee now. He thinks we cannot seriously compete with this club, and need a trade to re-tool the pitching staff and get a potential closer if Wood is gone by then.

  • P@

    Dang… that was flat-out ugly.

  • MadCowz99

    Maybe its time to fire up the Fire Wedge campaign again. It did wonders for them a couple years ago when he was sporting that ridiculous mustache.

  • DP

    Good to see Lewis picking up where he left off. Sheesh.

  • DP

    Wait, they not only ACTUALLY GOT JOHN BUCK OUT, but got him to GIDP?? Is this Bizarro John Buck?

  • Boomhauer

    If Wedge doesn’t bunt with a runner on 2nd and nobody out, I’m going to scream!

  • adam

    you have got to be kidding me

  • adam

    nice job pinch hitting pronk now lets drive one in!!!

  • DP

    Astro-Cab! As Homer Simpson once said: “The two greatest words in the English language: De! Fault!”

  • Boomhauer

    I can’t wait to see the positional lineup Wedge comes up with after using Pronk as a pinch hitter and having no outfielders left on the bench.

  • Rick

    WOW What an 8th!

  • adam


  • mendy

    there we go! finally, some “timely” hitting

  • buu

    sure they could trade him while his stock is high and cash in like they did with colon and (hopefully) CC but to do it for a third time would just be pure aggravation. sure it would make sense if it would appear that cliff would be heading to greener pastures at the end of the season, but i couldnt help but to feel like im rooting for the new montreal expos.
    and keep on wondering what wouldve happened if they came out of the gate healthy and at full speed last year.
    such is the life of a middle market team andn their fans i suppose…

  • szaboja

    Speaking of chessmanship – the Tribe carries more pitchers (13) on their roster than most teams. That really limits Wedge’s moves. Graffanino thrown out @ home wishes we had Barfield as a faster (and smarter?) pinch runner. Wedge better see which pitcher (Tony Sipp?) has the speed @ smarts to pinch run.

  • Jon S.

    I was at the game today. Completely beautiful day, if a bit cold.

    The fans around me were ready to kill Graffinino. Did Skinner send him on that play or did he go on his own? I guess Grady made it all moot, but jeez, they tried to blow that one…

  • Pat in CA

    Don’t the Indians have an option on Lee next year? Not a CC situation just yet.