While We’re Waiting… Edwards-to-Giants Dead?, Big Ben Chimes In, Whither Chauncey, and Jackets Fans Preach Patience

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Perhaps we haven’t given the Nard-Dawg enough credit: “According to a source familiar with the situation, the Giants no longer see any hope of acquiring … Cleveland receiver [Braylon Edwards] and are moving forward with their plans to take a receiver early in the NFL draft. The sticking point still appears to be GM Jerry Reese’s refusal to part with the Giants’ first-round pick and the Browns’ refusal to take anything less. It’s pretty much been that way since Reese and Browns GM George Kokinis first talked about Edwards in February, but until very recently there was at least some optimism inside the Giants’ organization that one of the two sides would blink. Reese has no plans to blink, the source said, and the Giants are now convinced that Kokinis won’t either.” [Ralph Vacchiano/NY Daily News]

Along those same lines: “Why would the Browns schedule last-minute workouts with borderline first-round receivers Hakeem Nicks of North Carolina, Kenny Britt of Rutgers and Mohamed Massaquoi of Georgia? It might be no coincidence that those trips took place after the Browns visited in Berea with Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech, the draft’s No. 1-rated receiver. According to a source, the Browns were so put off by [Michael] Crabtree’s world-revolves-around-me attitude that coach Eric Mangini elected to extend the search for a receiver. If the Browns do complete the much-discussed trade of Braylon Edwards to the New York Giants, they probably would acquire the Giants’ first pick at No. 29. Hicks, Britt and Massaquoi are projected for the late first round, early second round.” [Tony Grossi/Plain Dealer]

Someone should tell the Pistons’ starters they believe they can win: “Up, 2-0, in their first-round playoff series, the Cavs may be in danger of relaxing a bit as they prepare for a weekend on the road. [Ben] Wallace doesn’t want to let that happen. ‘I know that team, they never lacked confidence,’ said Wallace, who spent five seasons in Detroit, won a championship in 2004 and reached The Finals again in 2005. The Pistons have won 15 playoff series over the past six years in reaching at least the Eastern Conference finals each season. ‘They always believe they can win,’ Wallace said, ‘regardless of what the situation is.’” [Brian Windhorst/Plain Dealer]

Think the Pistons don’t miss Chauncey Billups? “Chauncey Billups is a terrific defender, but common sense would tell you that [Chris] Paul could run circles around him.  Nene is one of the game’s stronger interior defenders, but the Hornets’ best post scorer loves to float out to the perimeter.  And, most importantly, when you’re not staying in front of Chris Paul 100% of the time, the supporting cast suddenly becomes supercharged with the ability to catch the ball in their ideal spots on the floor.  He’s just magical like that. Somehow, Chauncey and Dahntay Jones have kept the league’s best point guard in check by bodying him up, staying in front of him, and funneling him into the help defenders.  Help defenders that include Carmelo Anthony (who used to be terrible at defense), Kenyon Martin (the guy who loves blocking but used to always leave his feet and/or throw blocks out of bounds instead of saving them), and the Birdman (…BIIRRRRRRRRRRRDMAN!).  These are the defensive masterminds that have somehow captured Chris Paul in a bottle, and thrown David West into the stocks.” [Rob Mahoney/Hardwood Paroxysm]

And finally, on a personal note, I will do my best: “I wanted to make sure everyone saw this message from a poster named ‘GoodVybes’ over on HF: ‘CBJ fans, remember this time right now and hold it your head. Think about last year, were you this mad about how your team played last night? NO! Your team was playing golf or off on fishing trips. Your team had its best season ever, weathered adversity better than anybody in the hockey world thought it would. Your team broke through to the playoffs for the first time ever. Yes, its getting beat up right now, and its flaws are being exposed. Has your GM sat idly the last two years? Is this the same team he took over? No and No. [GM Scott] Howson and [coach Ken] Hitchcock have turned this team around, they are forming an identity and building for long term success. Look at who is ready to come into the line-up, is there a step backwards there? This team will make the playoffs next year and it will be better. Now, take that image of this moment and hold it, remember it a year from now, and be ready to enjoy the success that will come.’” [Light the Lamp]

  • Lyon

    I think the Browns are making a good move by not accepting anything less than a 1st rounder. Hold steady and hopefully Philly or another team with WR needs will come around. If not, hope that BE plays good this year.

  • Jeremy

    I agree with Lyon. At the end of next season we can drop the good ole franchise tag on him right?

  • mendy

    agreed lyon…

    i think to give braylon up (in a contract year no less) for an untested draft pick (ESPECIALLY if not in the first round) would make absolutely no sense

  • Cee L

    I agree with Lyon as well. Glad to see Cleveland hasn’t caved YET.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    Jeremy, we might not have to. If, as expected, 2010 is an uncapped year, Braylon will be only a restricted free agent. This means the Browns could match any offer.

  • Chris M

    This sounds stupid, but I’ll type it anyway. Mohamed Massaquoi is an absolute BEAST in NCAA ’09. That is all.

  • Jeremy C

    Agreed, to all points. Braylon is a proven entity, you have to get at least a first rounder for him, if not a little more. I’m glad they’re holding out. They should.

  • bobby

    I read the only way the browns would trade edwards to the giants would be for Kiwanuka and the 1st rounder. That type of one-sided deal is the only way Braylon should be traded this year, simply because he is so valuable to us even if he drops a ton. He is the only guy on our roster currently to even be a threat at 1,000 yards, and no Rookie would be able to accomplish that. Also, I don’t know if I agree with Grossi about the Crabtree situation, because he’s the only one who thinks the browns won’t touch him.

  • Lyon

    From what I’ve seen of Crabtree’s interviews, he seems to be a self-centered guy. Not sure if that’s extreme confidence, or just being egotistical.

    Would this type of attitude fit in with what we’re building here? He maybe really good, but if he doesn’t fit with what Mangini is doing, no point in putting him on the team.

  • bobby

    I read the only way the browns would trade edwards to the giants would be for Kiwanuka and the 1st rounder. That type of one-sided deal is the only way Braylon should be traded this year, simply because he is so valuable to us even if he drops a ton. He is the only guy on our roster currently to even be a threat at 1,000 yards, and no Rookie would be able to accomplish that. Also, I don’t know if I agree with Grossi about the Crabtree situation, because he’s the only one who thinks the browns won’t touch him.

  • http://www.lswtf.com JackGonzo

    Don’t be shocked if the trade happens DURING the draft now. If Nicks is gone, and there’s a rush of them taken in the teens don’t be shocked if we end up trading with the Giants, Vikings, or Eagles. Good news there, Clay Matthews is still on the board (hopefully) and we can finally get a pass rusher.

    Also don’t be shocked if there’s a draft day deal with the Broncos, Jets or Redskins for Brady/DA if the QBs go quickly in the draft and they can’t move up.

  • Omega King

    If someone signs Edwards away as a restricted free agent, wouldn’t that mean we get picks as compensation? Or am I just crazy?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    @ Chris M – Massaquoi was a beast in real life too. He was quite impressive across the board during his career at UGA.

  • Harv 21

    Surprised that over the past months there’s been more commentary about how great it would be for the Browns to have Buckeyes than how great it would be to get the son of Clay Matthews, who would be playing the same position and even looks a lot like Dad. To me, that would be way cooler than Buckeyes playing in Cleveland. Maybe because I may be the only reader of this blog old enough to have watched the dad’s whole career here. Senior was a heckuva impact player, and a good guy. I have no comment on whether junior is the best choice in, let’s say, the late first round, just think it would be very cool. Just think it would start to recreate a “tradition” that has badly fractured due to the move and years of non-competitiveness.

  • bobby

    Harv, other then Jenkins, I would say Matthews would be my pick over any other buckeye. I really hope he drops like Kiper says in his Mock draft. If he’s there in round 2, that would be amazing.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Yea let’s draft people because it’s “cool” that their dad played for the team when I was an infant.

    That sounds like a winning plan.

    Any of Jim Brown’s kids up and coming? I bet they can run great!

  • bobby

    Denny, whos talking cool? Im saying that IF Matthews is there with the 2th pick in the 2nd round its a steal for the browns and their fools not to get him.

  • Jeremy

    Hey Denny I think it would be cool!! Because the guy can play. So not only are we getting a guy that could possibly link ast and present (hopefully), but we are getting a guy who can fill a huge hole.

  • Janet

    I am in FL and so mixed up on what is going on in Cle. One writer says they love Crabtree, one says they weren’t that impressed. Those are just from the PDealer. Now on STO tonight Sunday Strategy they started talking about the Quinn trade which makes me want to come up there and beat their heads in. Espn oh boy! Latest is Quinn going to Jets or Redskins so we can get the wonderful best ever qb Sanchez who can throw any play on the field and is the greatest thing on the face of the earth according to Trent Dilfer who sounds like he is quite sweet on him. He said it is not that the Browns dislike Brady, like he (Trent), drives a Cadillac CTS which he loves, but would love to have a Porshe however you spell it. I think he is an ass anyway but is there someone in Cleveland that just doesn’t write or talk just for the sake of it? I would love to be able to count on someone that knows what they are talking about. Also according to Tony Grossi, Braylon’s trade to NY is already done.??????????? Please this stuff is killing me, I don’t know if I can stand it until Saturday.

  • bobby

    I am hoping that Sanchez is gone by the time we draft. Then I would still do the Brady trade to WAS or NYJ. If that happens this would be my ideal dream on saturday:

    5. BJ Raji
    mid teens (WAS or NYJ pick): Malcolm Jenkins
    36: Clay Matthews III
    50: Brian Robiske

    If the browns could make that happen, I would give this draft an A, and it fills about every need. (you can get good RBs on day 2, and a backup QB like Rhett Bomar)

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Some people’s expectations are absurd. Very unlikely that Matthews will still be available at pick 4 in the second.

  • bobby

    I kind of doubt it too, but Kiper has it happenin, so I wont rule it out yet!

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    Does Gerald McNeil have any kids?