While We’re Waiting… Wiz Fans Waiting, Hector Rondon’s Cannon, and B.J. Raji’s Drug Test

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Sorry, fellas.  The URL’s taken: “Maybe tonight’s win cost us a few ping-pong balls, but at this point, I don’t really care.  This roster just proved that they can beat the best team in the NBA without their upcoming lottery pick.  That has to get you excited for next year.” [JTS/Bullets Forever]

I knew there was a reason I liked this kid: “I watched Akron play on Thursday, and wow was right-hander Hector Rondon unbelievable.  He was smoking, and while the velocity was not recorded he was hitting 95 MPH on the gun again and blowing hitters away with his nasty fastball/slider combination.  He finished the day throwing 80 pitches and going six innings and allowed two earned runs on four hits, a walk, and had nine strikeouts.  He threw first pitch strikes to 20 of 23 batters.  He keeps putting outings like this together, and the rumors I hear of him being a potential callup to CLEVELAND by midseason may in fact come true.  With Adam Miller sidelined, the Indians need Rondon to be legit due to the lack of top quality right-handed pitching depth in the system.” [Tony Lastoria/IPI]

Does this effect his draft stock? “Defensive tackle B.J. Raji, whose draft stock has soared over the past six months, had a positive drug test at February’s combine, NFL team sources have told SI.com. It’s unknown to SI.com which drug triggered the positive result, but NFL scouts were made aware before the 2008 season that Raji had tested positive for marijuana during his time at Boston College.” [Tony Pauline/SI.com]

Words can’t describe how much this makes me laugh: Manatee Community College 6, Pittsburgh Pirates 4 [Raise the Jolly Roger]

A little more No. 19 please: “Bernie is intelligent, outgoing, and not only just likeable, but perhaps the most beloved person in the State of Ohio.  Which gets to our main point here, which is not to cast aspersions on Bernie. Rather, our only problem with Bernie is that we need more of him in our life. We need him to assume a public role here in Cleveland, one greater than that of owning an Arena Football team.” [Cleveland Frowns]

  • MacNip

    The Wizards always give the Cavs trouble for some reason. It’s the rest of the league that they can’t beat

  • Jay

    I may get bashed for this, but I’m kind of glad/relieved the Cavs lost last night. You can’t go into the post season on a 16, 17 game winning streak. We want to peak during the championship run (hopefully in the 4th win of the finals). I hope it gets the guys re-focused on the task at hand.

    Hector Rondon = Cliff Lee Ver. 2.0

    B.J. Raji is an idiot. So is anyone else poised to make millions and millions in their job, and start it all off my testing positive for drug use. Pay me what the AGENTS get paid, let alone the players, and you’ll never here of me getting in ANY trouble.

    Any Pittsburgh team losing (especially to a community college) is good news to me. Puck Fittsburgh!

    I’m on board for more Bernie. When will a regime running the Browns orginization embrace the superstars and history of the orginization?

  • Kevin

    For what it’s worth, I believe that was the Pirates’ minor league club losing to MCC. not much better I know.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    When is it safe to buy a Hector Rondon jersey?

  • http://bulletsforever.com JakeTheSnake

    But just out of curiosity, what would happen if the Cavs do end up winning the title this year (which I think they will). Would you change the name to “The Wait is Over” or would you keep it around as a reminder of all the years that led up to it?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    I’m to superstitious to even discuss it, Jake. We’ll have to wait until the summer…

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP

    Allow me to be the Bob Sugar to the Wizards’ Fans’ Jerry Maguire:

    “This is a nice moment for you. I’m gonna let you have it.”

  • AMC

    I’m still depressed about that game last night (which I attended). I had been predicting to my dad, my friends, anyone who would listen that I had a bad feeling about it and that it was the ultimate trap game, and sure enough the Cavs fell right into it. I just do not understand why the Cavs cannot get up for games against the Wizards. They have to know, especially in Washington, that they are going to get that team’s best shot every time. To lose TWO times to them in Verizon Center is ridiculous. I’m not hitting the panic button or anything, but it would be a shame if this crappy loss cost them home court to the Lakers.

  • steve

    who cares about the loss to the wizards.

    it took us playing like crap for them to beat us.

    not to mention that that game was the playoffs for them and meant absolutely nothing for the cavs who still lead the lakers and everyone else.

    congrats whizz, you guys can beat us every once in a while

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com Cleveland Frowns

    Jay, that was a thorough comment, bro. Totally agree with you re: the Cavs loss last night. I think something like 3 of this year’s Final Four lost in their conference tournaments.