Darius Miles Too Bad For a Feel-Good?

milesmugFormer Cavalier Darius Miles just can’t let himself be a feel-good story.  He undermines himself at every turn.  Miles had a big year in the news when you consider he only played in 34 games for the Grizzlies this season.  He was attempting a comeback from micro-fracture surgery and his career was considered to be over by some doctors.  He was subsequently released by the Blazers.  Then, as other teams were interested in signing Miles to play, the Blazers panicked because they were going to be responsible for a large portion of Miles’ 4-year $28 million deal if he played again.  And play he did for the Memphis Grizzlies.  He even was thought to be a sympathetic figure to our own TD in an article about how Darius Miles was an important part of the Cavs’ journey to LeBron-ville.

Now, Miles has finished the job of submarining and potential good will that he could have developed this season.  He was picked up for marijuana possession.  If that wasn’t enough, now the rumors are circulating that Miles won’t be back with the Grizzlies next year and not because of his basketball playing ability at all.

The Griz grew weary of Miles’ waning work ethic and his relationship with rookie guard O.J. Mayo.

There was widespread concern in the organization about Miles’ off-the-court influence on Mayo near the end of the season.

Now, in all fairness to Darius, I think it says something about your draft pick that you have to worry about him being “influenced” by bad stuff.  Just because Darius is gone doesn’t meant that O.J. Mayo will be a good citizen.

Either way, good stuff Darius.  It wouldn’t be the first time that Miles has corrupted the youth of America with his off-court antics.

  • Alex

    How pissed must the Trailblazers be at this moment. They lost 10 million in the cap relief/medical retirement because he ended up playing for Memphis, and now he’s not going to be back next year for influencing OJ Mayo (who looking at this USC Tim Floyd stuff probably didn’t need much to influence) and now the weed bust.

  • Oppie

    I enjoyed reading the Miles story from January. It definitely hit a lot of points that I never thought about regarding Miles and the Cavs during the Pre-Lebron seasons. Great read.

  • Jay

    He did have a wicked sweet role in Van Wilder though.