Post-game tonight: Party like a former member of the Soviet Bloc

Cheers to Scott for forwarding this gem of a doozy to me.  Do you like to party with an NBA atha-leet?  Do you live in the ATL?  Do you like to ignore the fact that you’re partying with a guy named Zaza?  Well if so, you’re in luck.  Hit up some bar called ‘thrive’ in Atlanta.


You can join the man who has no shame about his chest hair.  


Join the man who is the answer to “what part of this picture is awkward?”.


Join the man who likes to watch his teammate argue with the Celtics.


Join the man who borrowed Pharell’s glasses and forgot to give them back.


Join the man who Liam Neeson ‘took care of’ in Taken.  Join….. ZAZA!


Side note – you’ll probably be joining him after a loss, what with the Hawks’ thin lineup and whatnot.