While We’re Waiting: Browns sign safety, Guys named ‘Just Once’, Browns Vegas odds

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The Browns signed another WR named Brett Lockett.  Well, apparently he mainly plays safety.  He’s an enigma to me.  One thing we know for sure is the fact that he has not (yet) played for the Jets. Har har. [Scout.com]

Hey look, there are other folks out there in the world who are not only familiar with our plight, but are also sympathetic.  Yay pity?  ‘One of my closest friends is a man who was originally from Cleveland whose nick-name is “JUST-ONCE.” The reason that is his nick-name is because that is his Mantra. “JUST-ONCE” and I are about the same age slightly North of 50 and he is one of the biggest Cleveland sports fans ever to walk the Planet.  Nothing outside of his family would give him greater pleasure than for a Cleveland sports team to win it all. To grab that elusive Championship that has been just out of grasp since 1964. “JUST-ONCE” is not a greedy man; one Championship would fulfill his dreams! That is why he has his nick-name.’ [Slam Dunk Central]

Honestly, I’m shocked Vegas set it at 6.5.  I’d take the under in a heartbeat.  “Over/Under win totals are out and Vegas has set the line on the Browns at 6.5. My money’s on the under. Only six teams have been set at a lower bar than the Browns’ 6.5.” [Vince Grzegorek/’64 and counting]

Didn’t really get touched on here all week, but OSU Basketball lost 2 scholies this week.  “The feared became reality yesterday when the NCAA released the annual APR report (PDF), handing the Buckeye basketball program a righteously-named “Contemporaneous Penalty”. The term roughly translates to “the NBA likes your big dudes too much” and the score of 911 they earned for the preceding four academic years will result in a loss of two scholarships for the upcoming season.”  [Eleven Warriors]

  • Lyon

    I don’t see how sending people to the NBA should determine how many scholarships OSU has. I could see this happening b/c they were academically ineligible, but come on. You’re going to have the 1 year rule, you better not punish teams or having players who are only there b/c it’s there.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    Yea – that’s pretty crazy. Matta’s revolving door could wind up killing the team if so…

  • LeBrowns23

    does anyone have info on exactly how that works??? I would think alot of big schools/teams would be loosing scholarships based on that rule.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Jim Delaney could probably tell you, but he’s too busy pimping out the Big Ten Network.

  • bridgecrosser

    I am going to crush the over on that 6.5. LOCK IT UP!

  • Swig

    Not sure how relevant this is. If a player drops out after the basketball season is over then it counts negatively against the team’s academic rate. They have to finish the quarter (maybe the year) with some minimal course load. Over the past 3ish years, I’m aware of a couple players who stuck around, and a couple who just dropped out.

    IF this is related, it would at least partially fall on Matta. Don’t recruit kids who are only playing for 1 season because they have to. Make sure they will maintain some commitment to the team and the school to prevent things like this from happening.

  • Swig

    Doh, I should have read the article first.