Bernie Kosar Files For Bankruptcy Protection

It’s been kicked around a bit in the comments on a few posts, so I thought it would be worth our time to bring it up.  Though it’s nothing breaking or hugely important, there are tons of people who remember Bernie and still have a Jobu shrine to his memory look back fondly on his career with the Orange and Brown.  According to reports, Kosar owes a lot of money.  He has a lot, but owes more.  His ex-wife sold their former house in Miami for a lot of money.  She’s still owed a large sum from the divorce settlement.

Like I said, this isn’t anything hugely important, and probably borders on invasion of privacy.  But, the reports are out there, it’s been briefly discussed in the comments, and I thought it best to give an appropriate place for the comments on the story.

[Robert Schoenberger/Cleveland Plain Dealer]

  • The Other Tim

    I heard he loaned a bunch of money to Earnest Byner, and Byner dropped it.