Breaking News: Mark DeRosa Traded to St. Louis

If you were one that stuck around for the Indians post-game following the four-run loss to the Reds, you’re likely now aware that the Indians have sent Mark DeRosa to the Cardinals for right-handed reliever Chris Perez and the infamous Player to be Named Later.

DeRosa has done everything that the Indians have asked of him since he was acquired this past winter. Position player de jour, DeRosa has hit .270 with 13 home runs, 50 RBI and 47 runs scored.  Keep in mind that if DeRosa continues to perform for St. Louis, he may very well be a Type-A Free Agent this off-season.

Perez was thought of to be St. Louis’ closer of the future, and at 23-years of age, he still has the potential. While the team definitely needs a left hand in the ‘pen, Perez is someone that can contribute right away as well as years down the road. He should be active with the club on Monday.

  • MadCowz99

    Well it was a magical year for the Tribe, but sadly their run is over now, or at least that’s what we’re to interpret from this move. I wonder who’s next on the block? Lee? Vic?

  • feel kollins

    another perez

  • kingdiesel

    I would have loved Jason Motte, but I think this is the type of power arm the Indians sorely need. Lets hope the PTBNL is another arm, cuz after watching Tomo Ohka tonight, we all know how desperate this operation is for some pitchin’.

  • BigBrown

    Does this mean that we will FINALLY see Barfield now??? I am so tired of Valbuena.

  • Jacob Rosen

    By the way, Asdrubal Cabrera will start for the Indians at short tomorrow. He made his fourth appearance for the Aeros tonight, and in his time here in Akron batted .250 (4-16) with two stolen bases Thursday and a total of five runs scored. After the game he told me that his shoulder felt good as he expects to be activated immediately, and it looks like things are all set to make his first appearance with the Tribe in just about three weeks.

  • kingdiesel

    BigBrown.. #4… That was a joke, right? Josh Barfield?

  • Brendan

    I’ve got a question – How many times has Eric Wedge presided over a mid season sale of his roster? At what point, do we keep getting rid of our players mid season for prospects without ever getting rid of our manager? I blame Wedge for our continually sluggish starts but understand he is stuck with a horrible bullpen and relatively talentless roster. It just boggles my mind that we refuse to make that one move while so many others are made. I doubt any manager has ever been around with one team to see so many firesales.

  • Jacob Rosen

    I believe our young bullpen looks pretty settled for the future. In fact, here is a solid listing of all of our relatively young pitchers in the organization. Kerry Wood and others will certainly be around for a while longer, but here is just a good group of 13 who should spend more time with the big league team. The basic numbers here look really impressive:

    Pitched for Indians already this season:
    Rafael Perez (now 27, 3.74 ERA in 162 career MLB games)
    Tony Sipp (26 in July, 3.38 ERA in 12 career MLB games)
    Joe Smith (now 25, 3.67 ERA in 152 career MLB games)
    Jensen Lewis (now 25, 3.81 ERA in 105 career MLB games)
    Chris Perez (24 in July, 3.72 ERA in 70 career MLB games)

    Mostly in Columbus/Akron:
    Frank Herrmann (now 25, is 1-2 with 3.05 ERA in 20 career AAA games)
    Jonathan Meloan (25 in July, is 7-11 with 4.72 ERA in 70 career AAA games)
    Erik Stiller (25 in July, is 11-8 with 4.10 ERA in 57 career AA games)
    Steven Wright (25 in Sep., is 9-3 with 3.87 ERA in 30 career AA games)
    Vinnie Pestano (now 24, is 2-2 with 3.07 ERA in 29 career AA games)
    Carlton Smith (now 23, is 4-0 with 2.91 ERA in 18 career AA games)
    Josh Judy (now 23, is 3-2 with 4.30 ERA in 16 career AA games)
    Zach Putnam (22 in July, is 3-3 with 4.74 ERA in 22 professional games)

  • Ricky

    This is a pretty good get I think, Perez is a little inconsistent but he is still young. Plus, it would probably be hard to get much more for a guy hitting .270 that is in the last year of his contract. I liked DeRosa a lot, but consider what we gave up for him and what we now have for the future, then I think Shapiro did a pretty good job.

  • ClemJax

    Perez is a little inconsistent but he is still young

    OK, not to be the pessimist, but how many times has a phrase similar to this been uttered about anyone on our team? I mean, off the top of my head I can think of a number of guys that didn’t pan out. It sounds like we got some talent for DeRosa, but have we seen anything in recent history that shows the coaching staff can properly manage and develop the talent?

    I’m not saying is a bad move…and you may be right that it’s about the best move we can get for a player like DeRosa…but with the way this team has been playing, I’ve got zero confidence Perez will reach his potential with this team.

  • Jeff

    Yeah Clem I am wondering the same thing. I know we have heard this same phrase used about tons of guys in the system, like Marte, Barfield, Sowers, J Lewis, etc.

    I hope this guys pans out. I am a little surprised this was all we got for DeRosa, but on the other hand the earlier post was right, he is batting .270 or something and we got a decent young arm for him.

  • david

    im a cardinals fan that is absolutely thrilled about this trade (i come here for browns and cavs) because i know having derosa upsets cubs fans and i want to win a division title. having said that, everyone in st. louis expects perez to be a solid closer someday. you did alright

  • JD

    We got a power arm for the pen out of a half-year rental for a solid (yet unspectacular) player. We need power arms in the worst way. This one seems like a nice deal to me.

    I do think the rest of the trade season’s going to be boring. Unless the Indians really are willing to listen to deals for Martinez & Lee, the only other thing we can expect to see is a “Pavano for PTBNL/Cash Considerations.”

    Although I wonder if, possibly, the Indians will play Garko a bit more the next few weeks in an effort to “showcase” him. The Indians have alot of 1B/DH types coming through the system and I don’t think the current regime is too enamored with Garko…

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  • DP

    Let the firesale begin. That having been said, if they trade Vic, I’m DONE.

  • Gordo

    don’t forget about the PTBNL in this perez deal…brantley (last year’s PTBNL) is getting rave reviews.

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