Desperate To Sell Tickets, Indians Join Forces…With The Browns

Got $15,000 laying around? Not sure what to do with the last of that bailout money your company got? Well have we got a bargain for you…


The Indians and Browns today announced what they are calling a “Unique Sales Alliance”. The struggling franchises are offering you the chance to buy a suite package for 2 upcoming  Tribe and 1 Browns game this season. The release

The Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns today announced they are joining forces to form a sales alliance to provide sports fans of the Midwest region a unique opportunity to enjoy the excitement of Major League Baseball and the National Football League.

“We are always exploring creative and innovative marketing initiatives. Our partnership with the Cleveland Browns is a logical extension of that strategic effort,” said Indians Executive Vice President of Business Dennis Lehman. “We look forward to providing sports fans all across the region something unique and special, and we thank the Browns for their participation.”

So what do you get? A suite for both teams including 14 tickets and 3 parking passes, plus ‘standard food package’ (minus alcohol). Who do you get to see? Well, it appears that your Tribe options are much bigger than your Browns options, but it looks like the June 12th game against the Cardinals is being pushed, and your choice of Tigers or Reds. The real difference is in Browns’ opponents. For $10,000 you get the two Tribe games and a suite to see the Browns take on the Packers. That’s the ‘Home Run’ package. The ‘Touchdown’ package will run you an additional $5000, but then you get to see the Browns and Steelers from the comfort (or better yet safety) of your own suite.

I love that the Steelers game is the ‘Touchdown’ package. Pretty gutsy to name it that when the Browns haven’t scored an offensive touchdown in 6 games, a streak that will still be active at the beginning of the upcoming season. In fact, the Browns haven’t scored a touchdown against the Steelers since November 11th 2007.

I remember the days when Cleveland fans would (could) argue that the Steelers weren’t the better team or franchise. Now? Well, we still hate them, but there is no rational way to argue that the Browns are even close. I suppose it could be worse. We could be stuck with the Pirates.

By the way, SI named the Browns the 30th best franchise in the NFL this decade! Congrats!

  • Tom

    30th! Eat it Detroit!

  • Boomhauer

    Considering all of the advantages that the Houston expansion franchise got over the Browns (mostly time to setup the franchise), it’s sad that they’ve been worse than us.

  • Marc

    If you spend $15,000 to watch the indians and browns play at the level of a small high school, you are an idiot.

  • mgbode

    Honestly, Houston deserves better than 31st….they went from expansion to consistently mediocre. We definitely know that is an achievement.

    Buffalo deserves worse though. Not only have they been just as bad on the field, but between TO and Lynch, they wouldn’t exactly be the easiest team to root for.

  • Tapin

    @Marc: Hey, there’s the next fundraising opportunity! Have St. Ignatius play the Browns; have Walsh play the Indians. Plenty of rich alums will pay hand over fist to watch that!

  • MrCleaveland

    Awwww, luxury seats aren’t selling. I’m just heartbroken. Maybe the Browns can just lay off a couple more secretaries.

  • BB

    How’s about instead of “exploring creative and innovative marketing initiatives” you exploring creative and innovative ways to win some games.

  • Tron

    I agree with you BB, nothing solves marketing problems like WINNING. See Cavaliers, Cleveland as example. Who wants to pay 15k to watch the Browns go 60 mins against the Steelers managing only 2 fieldgoals. I’ll watch that crap from the comfort of my couch, where I can nap the 37 minutes between scores.

  • Harv 21

    @ #7 and #8: Thanks, that alternative marketing idea was on the tip of my tongue but just couldn’t access it. If I can remember way back about a week or so, I think it worked ok for the Cavs. Or maybe it was Moondog that put all those fannies in the seats and drove the tv ratings sky high.

  • Regis

    @7/8 Nice point. Well, at least the Browns were ranked first in fan loyalty a couple years ago without a doubt.

  • Jay

    @ Tapin – Early line is Ignatius -5….I’m betting the favorite.