Dodgers Interested In Cliff Lee

Cliff LeeAccording to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Los Angeles Dodgers are discussing the possibility of trading for Indians pitcher Cliff Lee-

The Dodgers like Cliff Lee. They have discussed him internally. But their chances of meeting the Indians’ price for the ace left-hander are slim, according to major-league sources. The only way the Indians will trade Lee, sources say, is if they are offered a potential top-of-the-rotation starter at the level of the Braves’ Tommy Hanson or Red Sox’s Clay Buchholz.

This is the first report I’ve heard this season about the Tribe even taking calls on Cliff Lee. Remember, the Indians have a club option on Lee for next season at $8 million. They certainly do not have to start looking for trade partners at this point, and if they did pull the trigger on a deal, it would have to be an UNBELIEVABLE type of offer. Do the Dodgers even have those kinds of prospects?

With the Indians falling further out of contention, we are going to start hearing more Cliff Lee rumors going forward.

  • Denny

    I’d like to know Rosenthal’s sources, or if he’s making stuff up in his mom’s basement.

  • Swig

    It’s fun cheering for a AAAA team

  • Boomhauer

    I’ll take Clayton Kershaw, but sounds like he’s untouchable.

  • Nicko

    That would make Pavano the ace of the staff…I like it.

    (This team is a joke)

  • Carol

    NOOOOO… I vote no way. He’s got to stay with us.

  • Pat in CA

    I hear the Dodgers have a pretty good third baseman the Indians could use.

  • D-Train

    i’m not watching them again this year if they deal cliff lee.

    you don’t deal an ace 2 years in a row. screw baseball.

  • Omega King

    If they get the right deal, trade him. I think the closer the deadline approaches, the more a contender might get antsy and make the deal. Face it, after next year, he’s gone anyway (same as C.C.). So, if you can get pieces that fit – pull the trigger. This season isn’t going anywhere anyway.

  • Baseball Fan

    I would not trade Kershaw, he basically does as good as lee, although i would make a deal like, James Mcdonald and Ramon Troncoso for Cliff Lee.