From One 23 to Another…Stay In Cleveland


Alright, I admit it. The headline may be a little misleading. Still, Michael Jordan was asked recently about LeBron James and his impending free agency. I was a bit surprised to hear that Jordan said anything about it at all, considering his involvement with the Bobcats. But Jordan, speaking to a New York Daily News reporter, had this to say-

“He’s made his mark in Cleveland. I know New York fans would love to have him, but you need a lot more components than just one player. He’s done a heck of a job in Cleveland and they deserve to have him there. He’s from that area. In terms of the game itself, small markets can benefit from it a lot more than the big markets can. That’s not a discredit to New York at all.”

This is of course nothing we haven’t been saying for months- even years, but it is nice to have Jordan on our side for once.

  • Tom

    This is nice, but I’m gonna need more before I forgive him for crushing my childhood hopes and dreams.

  • LeBrowns23

    Right with you there Tom.

  • CJG

    This is kind of a big deal. Who did LeBron say was one of his greatest roll models in Basketball?

  • CJG

    I just realized I probably stated something pretty freaking obvious.

    …in other news, water is wet.

  • Jay

    Now all we need is Derek Jeter and Tony Romo to tell Lebron the same thing, and he’s a s good as ours forever.

  • cindy

    Still , it’s nice to have someone ( ANYONE) big stand up for smaller markets. I’m surprised the New York media ran with the quote. I would have expected them to bury it–or at least turn it around to their advantage.

  • buu

    im with CJC and cindy. now that jordan is a suit running a small market team, he realizes how a star playing for a smaller market team is not only better for that city, but the NBA as a whole. its not just boston, new york, and LA, its a whole league, and counter to what people think about david stern and his desire to have lbj play for the knicks, i think even stern realizes that to have smaller markets be successful is only beneficial to the league on a whole.

  • phil

    Jordan is a classy guy. He has spoken before of how, as a player, he had to break the hearts of Cleveland fans on more than one occasion. Nice to see him here speaking up for the interest of those same fans and tying it into the interest of the NBA as a whole.