NFL Trade Rumors: Brandon Marshall to Browns

09000d5d80c462ff_gallery_600Just when you think we’re in the clear when it comes to trade rumors with our beloved NFL franchise, a tip hits our inbox about Cleveland being a possible destination for malcontent Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.

Theory is (at least per PFT) that the Browns would ship special-teamer extraordinaire Josh Cribbs and a draft pick to Dever for Marshall.  Piling on, rumors also have Baltimore as a possible landing spot for Marshall.  However, if the Browns were to trade for him, it would open the doors for the Browns to move Braylon Edwards – perhaps to Baltimore?

Where do I begin on this one?

First things first.  Brandon Marshall is an amazing football player.  He has averaged 100 receptions and 1300 yards over the past two seasons.  Meaning, he catches the football; something that we can’t say has been around these parts very often.  In fact, he had more touchdowns (two) than the entire Browns offense (zero) from week 12 on. 

If we could land someone of Marshall’s talent level to play on the other side of the field from Braylon Edwards, this would open up the run game even more than adding four or five more run-of-the mill offensive linemen.  The cost can be debated, as a lot of fans love Josh Cribbs.  However, if Eric Mangini plans on only using Cribbs on special teams, you have to at least consider this, right?  Also, what the “draft pick” would be would also play into this.  No chance I’m giving up a first-rounder, especially given the fact that we have added several wide receivers over the past few months.

But that’s about where the analysis of the deal ends.

Fact of the matter is that Brandon Marshall could not possibly be further from a “Mangini guy” than anyone else in the NFL save for Terrell Owens and perhaps Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco. 

Marshall wants to leave Denver over contract issues.  Eric Mangini and George Kokinis have obviously shown us all that their stance on contract issues is one that rarely favors the players.  Kellen Winslow, gone.  Sean Jones, gone – albeit through free agency.  Josh Cribbs, back in camp without a new deal.  Phil Dawson, reported to minicamp as the team showed zero concern for his issues.  Why would the Browns want to add another guy who wants more money, when they were left with a very unfavorable cap situations as it is?

The other issue is Marshall’s laundry list of off-field problems.  If you’re unfamiliar, check this out:

October, 2004: Misdemeanor charges of trespass, resisting arrest without violence, disorderly conduct, refusal to obey and assault on a police officer. (Later dismissed)

April, 2005: Retail theft of $20 bed sheets at Burlington Coat Factory. (Later dismissed)

June, 2006:Reports of domestic violence, no charges ever filed.

December, 2006:Was named as a possible cause that ultimately led to the death of cornerback Darrent Williams via drive-by shooting after spraying champagne on night club patrons.

January, 2007: Incident with his own father that reportedly included gun shots. No charges were filed.

March, 2007: Reports of domestic violence, no charges filed.

March, 2007: Arrested for false imprisonment and domestic violence, charges were later dismissed after attending anger management classes.

June, 2007: Reports of domestic violence, including an “accidental cut” on his girlfriends thigh and a rock thrown at the passenger side of her friends’ car. No charges were filed.

June, 2007: Police respond to “fight-in-progress” call and find girlfriend with noticeable bruises and scratches. No Charges filed.

October, 2007: Cited for driving under the influence, BAC of 0.116.

January, 2008: Girlfriend files for temporary restraining order, was later lifted.

March, 2008: Domestic violence call, ultimately resulting in Marshall fleeing the scene. Girlfriend would then file for another temporary restraining order.

August, 2008: Suspended for three games by the NFL. After appeal, the league reduced the suspension to one game without pay plus a fine.

September, 2008: Charged with two misdemeanor counts of simple battery as a result of the incident the previous March.

September, 2008: A year after being cited for DUI in Denver, Marshall pleaded guilty to the lesser offense of driving while ability-impaired. He was sentenced to one year of probation.

February, 2009: Became engaged to then girlfriend Michi Nogami-Campbell, a different female than the one named in the incidents above.

March, 2009: Marshall and Nogami-Campbell seen in a physical altercation. Situation is “under review” per the NFL.

The league later cleared the air on the March, 2009 situation and said that (at least as of now) that Marshall would not have to miss any games for the upcoming season.  However, he is still to go on trial for his 2008 arrest.  If convicted, do not count out a possible game or two on the sidelines. 

Is this something you see the current regime trading for?  Needs aside, Brandon Marshall does not seem to fit under the “football players” mold that the Kokini/Mangini tandem have been bringing in over the off-season.

Now, don’t even get me started on possibly trading Braylon Edwards to division rival Baltimore…

  • danny

    Please don’t trade Cribbs, he is the only Browns player I actually like and don’t feel I need to root for just because he plays on the team.

  • Denny

    Re: March, 2007. I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and briiight!

  • Harv 21

    Insert Cincy jokes.

  • Nicko

    Im not rooting for players like this anymore, even if they are Browns. I don’t care how good they are.

  • JK

    HELL no. I wouldnt trade Cribbs for Marshall straight up.

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    It’s not like he’s killed or raped anybody, am I right? I’m giddy thinking about an Edwards/Marshall receiving tandem. Wowzas! See ya Cribbs if we can get this done.

  • BP

    Don’t forget that this is the same guy that “accidentally” put his arm through a TV because he slipped on a fast food wrapper.

  • WorldBFat

    Stealing $20 of merchandise from Burlington Coat Factory is endearing in a way.

  • Joe

    No way this happens! Look at what you’ve just laid out – this isn’t a Mangini guy.

  • Boomhauer

    Whoever came up with this rumor probably picked the Browns because of their weak WR group and the fact that Cribbs is unhappy with his contract.

  • Tron

    Does anyone even know the last Browns receiver to catch 100 passes? This guy’s a moron but he can at least catch the football. I also find a $20 theft from burlington rather amusing, at any rate maybe him and Donte can take AA classes together and learn not to drive drunk.

  • Scott

    “Does anyone even know the last Browns receiver to catch 100 passes?”

    Honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever had a 100-catch season. Winslow tied Newsome with 89 in ’06. He had 82 during the pro bowl year (2007) while Edwards hauled in 80.

  • nobody

    I’d make that trade for the talent. We could easily find another decent kick returner…how many games did Cribbs win for us vs. Marshall in Denver?

  • nbluck

    Look at Marshalls criminal resume, seems like a character mangini guy (note: sarcasm)

  • Rini

    “April, 2005: Retail theft of $20 bed sheets at Burlington Coat Factory. (Later dismissed)”

    He must not have been making the big bucks in ’05…unreal

  • dwhit

    Wow, I knew he’d had some trouble but that’s quite the list. He really sounds like more trouble than he’s worth.

  • DocZeus

    Good lord! He did all that?!?!?! Who steals bed sheets?!

  • mgbode

    @6….umm, actually….you might want to go and find some of those domestic violence reports that were filed. there were accusations.

    moral dilemma here….he is a really good football player, but well…yeah.

  • mgbode
  • LP

    Cleveland media inserts themselves into everything. This is not real.

  • Jeff

    I don’t see how this possibly happens, but I am all for it if it does. After the heartbreak of the Cavs losing and the way Cleveland sports teams always seem to do, I am willing to overlook certain things if a guy is a stud. This dude can catch anything, he is fast, fearless, and a legitimate Top 5 receiver. Imagine if we didn’t trade Edwards and still got him. This would really open up the running game. Some teams set up the run with the pass, instead of the other way around.

    I love Cribbs. When the rest of team looked like they were just picking up paychecks, he was the one who looked like he gave a crap. I would totally give him up for Marshall though.

  • Denny

    @ #21 – desperation is a stinky cologne.

    I don’t think it’s time to throw our hands up and be willing to become the Jail Blazers.

    Anyways, I thought we had a legit top 5 guy in Braylon? LOLOLOLOL

  • Scott

    “desperation is a stinky cologne. ”

    envy wears a coat and hangs out in the hallway.

  • bobby

    I do not in any way think this is real. Denver will not trade a #1 franchise WR (even if he does have all these problems) for a special teamer and a draft pick. If this is truly on the table, they have to think about it if its a #1, and its immediately a yes if its a 2 or lower. I know cribbs is good and all, but he plays special teams. And whoever said no for marshall and cribbs straight up would be on crack.

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  • Charlie

    This dude’s rap sheet almost broke my scroll-down button.

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