On Phil Dawson’s Holdout

p_dawson_071118_02_iaIf you’re one of those fans that was attempting to boycott all things Browns until the Cavs season was over, well…

Lost in all of the hubbub regarding Josh Cribbs and a handful of rookies that were forced to endure a 10-hour bus trip is the fact that team captain and effectively clutch kicker Phil Dawson has yet to report to voluntary workouts.

Dawson is in the middle of a five-year, $7 million deal that he signed in 2005.  Being fairly front-loaded, he has roughly $1 million left for this year and next.  And given the team’s inability to put the ball in the end zone, frequently resulting in a field goal opportunity, Dawson apparently feels that he should receive a bit of a bump in pay.

Terry Pluto recently called Dawson a guy who is only truly appreciated once he is gone.  Meanwhile, coach Eric Mangini has wasted no time in discussing the successes of the recently-added place kicker Parker Douglass.  In one of last week’s press conferences, Mangini had the following to say:

“I think that Parker Douglass did a nice job taking advantage of the opportunities; he hit a 52-yarder the other day.  He hit the game-winner in the two minute drill yesterday.  It’s a nice chance for him to show the ability tha t he has.  He has done well with the chances that he has been given.”

Sure, but can he hit the stanchion?

Judging by the lack of response to Dawson being MIA, I assume that fans feel that Josh Cribbs means a lot more to this team.  But does he?  Dawson converted 30 of his 36 attempts last season; he was 5-for-6 between the 40-49-yard range. 

But is his stance on his contract one that will play into training camp?  This remains to be seen.  But I do find it coincidental that many of the fan favorites (Winslow, Cribbs and now Dawson) are the ones that had (or are currently having) disputes regarding their compensation.  As of now, the only one that received an increase did so with another team.

  • MacNip

    Right…hitting a FG in practice is the same as doing it in the middle of a packed stadium on game day

  • Tom

    Parker Douglas is just a bargaining chip for the Browns against Dawson.

    We all know how this is going to turn out, Dawson will be ready by the first regular season game, probably without a pay increase.

    It may take him a few weeks to click with the special teams unit though (sarcasm)

  • bridgecrosser

    Phil Dawson is incredibly average. That means he’s an adaquate NFL kicker. If he could actually get the occasional kickoff into a touchback, that’d enhance his value dramatically.

  • JK

    I love PD.. But dude, you’re a kicker…

  • Omega King

    I don’t under-value kickers – they are vital, and Dawson is an accurate kicker…however, Dawson needs to appreciate the fact that the Browns have MUCH larger things to deal with than his unhappiness about his contract (as Josh Cribbs will learn). But, he was 30 of 36 on a 4-12 team. Congrats, you contributed to our mediocrity.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP

    A thing to remember: The Patriots (by all account, Mangini’s most-likely model for franchise running) let Adam Vinitieri walk. He was only the guy that won TWO SUPERBOWLS for them with field goals.

    As for whether or not kickers can be important, I think TP has it right. Anyone remember when the Browns let Gardocki walk and signed Derek Frost? Ouch. A punter is a punter. Until he uncorked a 7-yarder from his own endzone on national television.

    Dawson isn’t overwhelming by any means, but he’s shown a fairly solid ability over the years to kick in a city that is–by all accounts–not easy to kick in for half of the season. That has merit.

    I still think PD should show up to camp and let his agent handle things behind closed doors. Just as long as he doesn’t come out and say he needs to feed his family….

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP


    Yeah, but if the Browns spend money elsewhere and actually get a team that can score touchdowns, Dawson’s value goes down! It’s all part of his master plan!!!

  • b

    Phil only hit 1 extra point attempt in the last 6 games of ’08! Bum

  • mgbode

    just a note…

    Phil and Shaun are both UT guys. What is it about Longhorns that just don’t mesh well with the new staff?

  • SambofromOH

    Haha, I thought you meants University of Tennessee at first. Which we do have two current roster members from as well (although it will be down to one soon I assume). Jamal Lewis and Donte Stallworth.

  • Chris M

    I’m surprised that the front office even responded to this. He’s a freaking KICKER. What’s he going to do, hold out?

  • http://serandez.blogspot.com Ezzie

    @8 – I actually laughed out loud at that one.

  • Corey

    Dawson is an average kicker? His field goal percentage is near the top in the NFL every year. And as far as kickoffs go, he hit plenty into the endzone last year. You ink maybe, just maybe, many of those that come short might be done so by plan (told to get more hangtime to give the coverage unit time to get down there). You don’t really know if he’s doing something wrong if you don’t know what is called.

  • brownskosar

    Phil Dawson and Parker Douglass…

    Funny thing about Douglass (whom I had never heard of before reading this article).
    “Parker, who finished his senior season at South Dakota State University in 2007, holds a whopping 16 school records at State. Some of his records include longest field goal (57), career field goals (62), and consecutive field goals (13).” And I’m going to assume the weather there isn’t all that great, much like Cleveland.
    In four seasons starting at South Dakota State he only missed one field goal in 4 seasons. Is that normal for college kickers? I really don’t know, cant say that I follow college kickers much.

    GO BROWNS!!!

  • Jackrabbit

    “…And I’m going to assume the weather there isn’t all that great, much like Cleveland.”

    Correct. Douglass kicked outside in a stadium with more wind, at least according to the National Weather Service. He also was close to 100% on kickoffs resulting in touchbacks.

    By the way, all the records Douglass broke at South Dakota State belonged to the school’s second most famous kicker, Adam Vinateri, of New England Patriots fame.