While We’re Waiting… LeBron James’ Surgery, Jim Thome’s 550th, and the NBA Draft

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Take of this what you will: “LeBron James’ off-season started with a surgery. James underwent a procedure Tuesday at the Cleveland Clinic to remove a benign growth along his right jaw line. […] Over the last couple of months fans may have noticed a growth along James’ right jaw line. It became more pronounced as the season and playoffs progressed. James was being treated by team doctors it was decided to wait until the end of the season to have the growth removed.  James will spend the night in the hospital, and the team said he is expected to be released “soon.” [Brian Windhorst/Plain Dealer]

White Sox fan celebrates Jim Thome’s 550th home run. [Tremendous Upside Potential]

Via Draft Express: “Players who are being mentioned more and more in a negative light by NBA teams we speak to: Earl Clark, Terrence Williams, Ty Lawson, Eric Maynor, Damion James, Tyler Smith, Wayne Ellington.”

Within the same article via Cleveland.com: “The Cavaliers might look for a rangy perimeter player in the draft, and someone like Tennessee’s Tyler Smith might be available.”


On “The Snub”: “Just a few years ago we were bashing Larry Hughes for not caring about the team and putting himself first. I, for one, am glad LeBron was so pissed about the loss that he had to leave without congratulating Orlando or speaking to the media. I wish the whole team was that pissed. They should be. I want players who care about winning that much. And I don’t want players who are so sensitive that they would feel slighted if the opposing team didn’t shake hands with them after a crushing loss.” [CMCR]

Always a bright side: “This is about how the Cavs’ loss means that the blogs mentioned above do not have to change their names nor explain why they don’t have to change their name for another year (I don’t think the Browns or Indians are in any danger of forcing that timetable to change). Not that anyone would mind having to come up with a new name, but for now, the city’s identity — the one ascribed to it by the rest of the world, and the one we self-identify with, is the same as it was last year. And the year before. And the year before that. Etc. The town will have to wait until…. well, you know how the rest of that line goes.” [Vince Grzegorek/’64 and Counting]

  • TampaBrett

    I’m tired of this Lebron’s a brat and baby stuff. The article I read on yahoo today made me sick. It served it’s pupose, but still.

  • JK

    Cleveland Clinic, eh..? Staph infection for the King?

    Congrats to Thome. He was awesome to watch for the Tribe. Loved that guy.

  • Jay

    As long as Lebron’s surgery dosen’t involve knees, feet, shoulder, wrists, etc, I’m fine with that. It’s amazing how he gets more headlines in the national media than the Lakers vs. Magic.

    Congrats to Thome. One of the good guys in baseball, IMHO.

    I think the trade & FA markets are more important than the draft right now for the Cavs.

  • Swig

    While We’re Waiting… LeBron James’ Surgery

    Thanks, I think I need to change my pants.

  • Swig

    Ooops, also. I don’t think you should ever change the site name. If the Indians, Browns, and Cavs all win a title in the next 5 years (preferably in the same year) then maybe talk about changing it.

  • http://farmersonly.com Jordan

    What would you change your name to if we won something?

  • steve

    benign growth my ass.

    they just need to replace his homing chip so his alien manufacturers can update him at all times.