While We’re Waiting… Tressel Chestbumps, Steelers SB Rings, and K2 Haunts Houston

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Score a TD in a war zone?  Boom, Chestbump from Tress: “This was too good pass up. I don’t know the full story behind this picture. I could easily infer one, but it almost doesn’t need a back-story. It just is. Nothing further must be said about it.” [Our Honor Defend via OSU Athletic Dept]

Ah.  So THIS is what a Super Bowl ring looks like.  In terms of seeing these in Cleveland, they may as well be right up there with palm trees and Phish reunion tour dates.  [MJD/Shutdown Corner]

Regarding yesterday’s MLB Draft: “The only ‘watchouts’ you could even have about the first day are that the Indians are contemplating changing White to a reliever AND may have to pay him way over slot as he is apparently ‘advised’ by Boras Corporation, two big question marks for me and maybe affecting their ability to draft and, eventually sign, guys in later rounds who fell due to bonus demands or other reasons; AND that the word is that they will turn Kipnis into a secondbaseman which is dangerous (remember Trevor Crowe?). While I like Kipnis at second offensively it also makes you question if drafting Kipnis here means they are still solid behind Cord Phelps AND, given how Crowe crashed and burned in trying to make that change, are they REALLY thinking about going down that path again? I don’t know if Phelps has the tools to be a major leaguer at another defensive position and he and Kipnis would be on close to the same development path, with Phelps being 1 or less years ahead at this point. So, solid B to B+ so far with a chance to go up in short order if we get these guys signed and playing ball.” [Dennis/Indians Prospect Insider]

Clever. “You probably didn’t know this, but Tim Clark and LeBron James have a ton in common … well, when they lose. After Clark choked his way to another lose at the Colonial, the South African now known around the golf world as “The Walking Lip Out” decided against attending his press conference. If he starts tossing chalk in the air on the first tee, I’m going to get suspicious.” [AOL FanHouse via Golfweek]

And it didn’t take long before Kellen Winslow screwed things up for other teams as well. “[Houston Texans] TE Owen Daniels doesn’t want to play under a one year contract. That part isn’t news. We’ve heard that before, and no good player wants that. […] One gigantic problem for the Texans? Kellen Winslow’s goofy contract extension with Tampa Bay.  His contract extension is fabulous for Daniels because Daniels wants to get paid and get a long term deal and he should get a deal. I love OD, he is the perfect representation of what the Texans are looking for in a player, but I think that Winslow money is nuts. It might be among the worst contracts ever. [Stephanie Stradley/Houston Chronicle]

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Craig

    It is so nice to know that no matter what Winslow puts up in TB that his deal is widely regarded as pure insanity. I don’t care if he ends up setting records at the tight end spot. Great results don’t validate bad business. And make no mistake, betting on Winslow to be healthy, productive and not a distraction is bad business at those prices.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Tress got ups.

  • TampaBrett

    Can’t wait to see the Winslow jerseys down here.

    If only they knew.

  • http://www.thundertreats.com DiLo

    Does that remind anyone else of Tecmo Bowl?