While We’re Waiting… Underestimating the Fans, and Thoughts About the Frontcourt

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wedge-shapiroWait, you mean we’re not still in the hunt? “Cleveland fans are not as stupid as the current Indians regime might wish to believe. They can feed us heaping bowls of bullsh*t, and lord knows they try, about staying the course and sticking with what you’ve got, but we all know the truth: The Indians aren’t going anywhere. They have a couple of stars, a handful of above-average players, a few talented prospects, and a bunch of crap. Yet, in spite of this painfully obvious reality, we can’t ever seem to get an honest assessment from Wedge, Shapiro, or Dolan, about what’s really happening to this team.” [CMCR]

If you want Mike Hargrove to replace Eric Wedge, first you will have to pry him away from teaching the Bee Jays. [HHReynolds]

On the search for a power forward: “The bottom line here is that playing power forward for the Cavs means taking on a massive amount of defensive responsibility on a nightly basis. I’d much rather have that spot filled by someone whose defense would best be described as “good” than someone whose defense would best be described as “bad, but with a valid excuse.” [John Krolik/Cavs the Blog]

More on that whole “defense” thing: “Remember this, in Villanueva’s 78 games, he failed to record either a block or a steal in 21 of them.  Yes he’s a high-energy player that helps you in transition and can also bury the outside shots in the half court. But with Shaq and Z stumbling and plodding their way around the perimeter against the pick and roll next year, this team can’t afford to have any other deficiencies on that end of the floor (never mind your undersized backcourt that often has problems against bigger guards).” [Cursed Cleveland]

Eddy and Ann Curry both got the shaft: “If you were to believe everything you read on the Internet — and, honestly, who doesn’t? — you’d be convinced that Donnie Walsh, Mike D’Antoni and the Knicks are assembling some sort of “Dream Team” in New York. LeBron James will, of course, be in an orange-and-blue jersey soon enough, and his teammates will include Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Ricky Rubio, Stephen Curry, Dell Curry, Michael Curry, Kobe Bryant, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley, Patrick Chewing and John Starks. And oh, Jason Kidd will running the point” [JE Skeets/BDL]

  • DK

    “If you want Mike Hargrove to replace Eric Wedge, first you will have to pry him away from teaching the Bee Jays. ”

    —didnt know Grover was a switch hitter…

  • Swig

    That’s a pretty solid Knicks team. Couldn’t blame LeBron for leaving to play on an NBA Dream Team in the best arena in the world.

    Is that lineup good enough to win a championship without playing defense? Will be an interesting experiment.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP

    Patrick Chewing. Makes me laugh.

  • DCBucks

    In order for the Tribe leadership to tell us what’s wrong with the team, they would have to have a clue themselves.

  • TampaBrett

    Those rumors of Charlie V and Gordon to the Pistons are getting pretty crazy.

  • Eli

    Would the people against Charlie V perfer ‘Sheed or McDyess? Both are generally rated as better defenders and rebounders, BUT, are both checking in with Medicare about those free electric wheelchairs. I’m not so sure creating the Cleveland Geriatrics is the best idea, especially in terms of how succeptable such a team would be to injury. I totally agree that defense is pretty key for our next pickup, but Mo was said to have absolutely awful defense when leaving that same Bucks team and Brown and Co. managed to teach him how to eat least shuffle his feet a little. It seems to me that people’s poor defense in Milwakee could partially be blamed on bad coaching and that anyone who really performs defensively on that team must be a savant.

  • DK

    I wouldnt mind seeing McDyess or CV…but no to Sheed…hes a cancer…

  • adam

    great picture! FIRE WEDGE

  • TampaBrett

    Are we serious at looking at Kidd too? come on

  • http://joesnake.neoblogs.org Joe

    Is it possible to resign AV and land CV? I’d like to have Charlie, but Anderson’s D and hustle would be tough to lose.

  • RobGoBlue

    Remember, Boozer hasn’t made his decision on whether or not to opt out of his contract, yet….

  • Chris M

    Mo’s defensive liabilities are masked by the team defense that the Cavs play. He gets beat routinely, but the rotations help him immensely.

    He has not all of a sudden learned to play D since he got into a Cavs uniform. If we have 2 guys out there that can’t play defense, the rotations will not work.

  • RobGoBlue

    And with Yao out for the year, the Rockets may make Artest available.
    Going to be a fun next couple of days.

  • Swig

    You think Boozer is going to sign for the MLE?


    All he cares about is money, like he’ll take a pay cut.

  • TampaBrett

    Agree #13. Will be fun. Better following NBA rumors than watching the Indians play!

  • DJ

    @6: Cavalier Attitude makes a case for Ron Artest as opposed to CV, but that would likely mean James moves to the 4 with Artest at 3, or Artest is your 2, and we still have a hole at 4 (sorry, AV is no starter…would personally rather have Birdman coming off the bench as my energy guy and letting AV walk or trade him). However, the addition of Artest would be WAY too many egos for that team.

    Regardless, it’s going to be insane over the next few days. Hopefully Ferry looks at all options and doesn’t just fall for the first guy he can get (CV falls into this category; I agree with John Krolik).

  • Boomhauer

    I’m on board with CMCR’s plan for the Tribe.

  • Eli

    Lebron would go insane with Artest on his team. Love his defensive intensity, but I hate what he does on offense. Remember what Lebron looked like everytime Drew Gooden jacked up low % shot after shot? Artest is another one from the “make it rain” school of shot selection and while he generally shoots an alright percentage, I’m wary of anyone who does this.

  • whipjacka

    Lets not pretend that AV is a dennis Rodman here. He is an okay defender. all his motion and crazy hair makes him look like he is doing more than he actually is. My point is: Z wasn’t the only guy to get skooled by Orlando big men in the ECF.

    He is good, but he isn’t the glue that holds our defense together.