April 24, 2014

Andy Marte Mashes, Continues to Tease

andy-marte-clippersMondays are awards days in the International League, and one of our very own took home the award for offensive player of the week in third baseman Andy Marte.

Over the past week, Marte hit .458 (good for third in all of the International League) with two home runs, eight doubles, a .567 on-base percentage and a slugging percentage of .958.

Even better (or worse, depending on how you look at it), Marte is the first player since May of 2006 to win the award in back-to-back years.  The most recent player was Philadelphia’s Cole Hamels who – at the time – was a “can’t miss” prospect.  That’s right: the 2008 World Series MVP and our own Andy Marte.

As things stand today, the 25-year old Andy Marte is second in the International League in batting average (.322) and slugging percentage (.544).  He has clubbed 46 RBI as well as 11 home runs. 

Is there any player that has showed as much potential in the minor leagues to only fall flat on his face at the next level?  Sure, Brandon Phillips started slow, but he produced with the Reds.  Josh Barfield had potential, but he’s even struggling at the Triple-A level.  Marte had years of at least 20 home runs at every stage in the minor leagues.  But once called upon at the major league level, he struggles to even touch the Mendoza line. 

If there is any glaring difference to this season versus those in the past, it is the batting average.  Even during all of the high home run seasons, Marte has always been a guy that hit between .260 and .275.  Now, the third baseman is well above .300 with an OPS over 140 points higher than last season.  He’s even hitting over .300 against both left-handers and right-handers.  Is this an anomaly?  Who knows.  But given what he has provided (or hasn’t provided) with the Indians in the past, it seems that he may be out of chances. 

I mean, he was designated for assignment and NO other teams picked him up off of waivers.  It would only figure that while we’re waiting for guys like Matt LaPorta and Michael Brantley to get the call, now Marte puts up one of his best seasons at the plate.  He’s even one of three Clippers representing Columbus in the IL All-Star game.

The trade of Mark DeRosa to St. Louis may have opened up some time for Marte at third base, but one has to hope that if the team has already decided on a future without Marte that they would take what they can get for him while he’s winning awards instead of waiting until it is too late.

  • Eli

    Marte playing the part of the cute girl who only decides to talk to you after you’ve been dating someone else for a year.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    So he’s Tris to Nora’s Nick?

  • Tron

    I can definately see him getting the call to come back up again this year, where he’ll proceed to bat .126 with a 50% K ratio. Damn you Andy Marte…

  • AMC

    Jeremy Sowers is a great minor league pitcher and a middling major league pitcher too. Sowers might have a future in the bullpen, I think Marte is just feasting off of crap AAA pitching. I don’t know if the Clippers’ starting staff is at all indicative of the rest of the International League, but if it is, then Marte’s numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt.

    If we can get anything halfway decent for this guy on the trade market, do it. If he ends up producing somewhere else, then so be it.

    As for Brandon Phillips – can we stop lamenting this already? I hated the way Wedge handled the situation, but who’s to say that Phillips ever would have developed like he did with the Indians had he stayed with the team in the AL? You can’t tell me that going over to arguably the worst division in baseball the last few years, the NL Central, hasn’t helped Phillips’ stats. And even so, he’s still only a career .265 hitter good for 20 HR’s and a 2.5-1 K/BB ratio.

  • DK

    American Movie Classics has a point…Marte should be traded for a draft pick…

  • Eli

    Check out the SI mid-season in review. The Indians have the glory of both Worst Manager and Worst Exec of the year. Its just too bad that none of our players is individually playing bad enough to merit worst in their category to give us a hat-trick.

  • http://www.todddery.com TD

    Marte is the epitomy of 4A.

  • Harv 21

    He’s going to be the stud on someone’s softball team some day.

  • Omega King

    Marte is also not even 25. We do a great job of writing off guys that may develop a little later in their careers…maybe this guy needed the ego-shot that would come with NO ONE claiming him on waivers.

    Or he’s a total bust. Bottom line for me – I wouldn’t be upset if they gave him another look. I know it may hurt our playoff odds….

  • Omega King

    Drats! I meant ONLY 25.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Craig

    After the last few months, I am willing to bet it is just Wedge and his staff that are failing Marte… :-)

  • Isis

    Ok AMC, we’ll stop lamenting Brandon Phillips.

    How about Ryan Ludwick, Luke Scott, Jeremy Guthrie, Ryan Church, Franklyn Guiteriez, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Matzuris, Willy Tavarez, on and on and on.

  • Isis

    Don’t worry Eli…..word is that “Wedge and Company are embarking on contending for 2010″.

  • Scotty P

    lets bring him up and send Peralta somewhere, i cant stand him any longer. Its not his lack of power this year, its the whole thing were he thinks he can still hit a slider.

  • Brian

    Can we trade Shoppach for a bucket of baseballs?

  • The Bambino

    I see about 2 guys on Isis’ list that are worth a darn. F Gut? Really? Kouzmanoff hasn’t exactly been tearing it up in that pathetic NL West the last few years. Average at best. How many other teams would have gave up on Ludwick? Guy couldn’t stay healthy. Ryan Church isn’t even remotely good. Willy Tavarez is ok if you like leadoff guys with an OP of near .300 every year. I don’t really.

    Usually you’re on target Isis, but not with that list:)

  • http://www.jrosen.wordpress.com Jacob Rosen

    @ Isis – What is your prediction for the Indians in 2010? Another season of gloom and doom just because you think this team is not that good at all?

    This is practically the same roster as the 2007 Indians team that was a game away from the World Series. They have the talent, and a good start and a clean slate next year means anything can still happen. It is July 7th and the Indians are 15+ games under .500, but anything can happen in the next 12-15 months that could surprise everyone out there. Just take a look at what we were thinking 15 months ago about the Browns.

  • tom

    “andy marte mashes”? whats he mashing..potatoes..?! certainly not actual baseballs

  • DCBucks

    This team chews up good young talent and spits them out like sunflower seeds. Abysmal. Look at the contrast between our manager and coaches and Minnesota’s.

    I’m absolutely dumbfounded how anyone can still believe this team will turn it around.