Breaking Free Agent News: Anthony Parker a Cav

According to Brian Windhorst’s twitter account the Cavaliers have come to terms with free agent SG Anthony Parker. As we reported last night, Parker played the last three seasons in Toronto. He averaged just under 11 points per game last season and is generally considered a good outside shooter.

Parker (34) played in Europe before signing with the Raptors. He has been a target of Danny Ferry since his days overseas, but Ferry has never been able to pry him away from the Raptors. With the signing of Hedo Turkoglu, Parker became an unrestricted free agent and Ferry pounced.

Details of the contract are not yet finalized, nor is it known how many years or what kind of dollar figures are being considered. (7/9 Update: ESPN reports that the two sides have agreed on two years for less than $6 million) Last year Parker made $4.55 million. He started for the Raptors and played 33 minutes a game, but will not be asked to play as much for the Cavs. He will help the Cavaliers’ thin backcourt. He will more than likely get Sasha Pavlovic’s minutes from last year and some of Wally Szczerbiak’s depending on what the Cavs from here until camp.

Parker makes 11 players under contract for the upcoming season. The Cavaliers expect to resign Anderson Varejao, and rookie Danny Green will certainly be given the opportunity to make the squad. That leaves room for one more player, and the Cavs will have at least the bi-annual exception (if not the MLE) to offer. Of course there is still the possibility of a sign and trade with Wally Szczerbiak…

Guards- Mo Williams, Delonte West, Daniel Gibson, Tarrence Kinsey, *Anthony Parker

Forwards- LeBron James, JJ Hickson, Darnell Jackson, Jawad Williams, *Anderson Varejao, *Danny Green

Centers- Shaquille O’Neal, Zydrunas Ilgauskas

*= unsigned

  • RobGoBlue

    “….He will help the Cavaliers’ thin backcourt. He will more than likely get Sasha Pavlovic’s minutes from last year….”
    That’s what? 2, amybe 3 minutes a game? Wooopie!

  • Rick

    Way to chop half the sentence off to make your point rob…

  • Alex


    … wait you’re saying there’s another Parker?

    He really needs to change his name to Mr. Longoria then to stop this possible confusion

  • RobGoBlue

    Throw in Wally’s minutes and we’ll call it an even 6 or 7. 😀

  • Lebron3eb

    good signing…good start…still want more though.

  • Craig

    Anecdotal Youtube Videos have convinced me this is a good signing…

  • Lebron3eb

    It is not possible, but he did it again. too bad it was against the wizards, where “Anything is Possible”, even if you aren’t Kevin Garnett.

  • Craig

    And more well edited anecdotal evidence to make you feel good about this…

  • Nicko

    Yikes my guy just said Andy got 6 years for 50. I hope he was kidding.

  • KN

    Please tell me the terms of signing Andy was some kind of cruel joke…not saying I don’t like the guy, but there is no way he’s worth 50 mil over 6 years…that’s 8.3 mil a year.

  • eshaw

    It’s not possible but [Ferry] did it! Signed another vet on the wrong side of 30. Not a bad pick up but that 34 keeps sticking out to me. Hopefully his limited NBA miles will help with that situation but he still loged a lot of min the last three years. IMO Barnes is the better, and cheaper, solution. Numbers are pretty comparable with Parker a slightly better shooter, but Barnes more athletic and a better rebounder also a little bigger… But we shall see

    Other options Von Wafer or Gerald Green. Both are 23 and Wafer shot the ball better than Parker actually last year and is explosive around the rim and can contibute now. We all know Gerald Green is explosive and has a good skill set but is still raw so I would sign him for a low price for the future is Ferry still wants to add some length and athleticism at the 2/3 spot

  • Nicko

    I am six minutes faster than ESPN.

  • Ricky

    Gerald Green has had plenty of chances, he is bad. He doesn’t have a good skill set, he is athletic and thats it.

    Parkers shooting numbers have gone down the past couple of years, I’m worried it will happen again. I’m not a big fan of this signing

  • dr. cleveland

    so does signing andy for that much mean our mle is gone now?

    what does this do to our odds of adding one more player?

  • kingdiesel

    wow.. We don’t like that Varajao signing at all.
    the dolans

  • King James

    Boy, he is pretty good.
    watch those highlights-

  • King James

    I found some of his highlights in the euroleague-

    I don`t know him very well, but he looks good there

  • shaqFan

    Dr. cleveland. Andy does not effect the mle or the bi-annual but parker will. I hope he goes for the bi-annual but he might want more something in the range of mle :( Another good pickup I think is Channing Frye. Good midrange shooter and passer which will help shaq for the entry pass and LBJ when he drives for the jump shot. Plus shaq is gonna get double teamed down low. Bad side is his D is bad. But then you only play frye with shaq which shaq can clog the middle for D and frye and come with the help side D which he is good at.

  • Rick

    Chad Ford is reporting that Parker will not take the entire MLE, leaving the Cavs with a shot at Channing Frye yet.

  • eshaw

    King James: Yea he was very good 6 years ago. He is 34 now so don’t expect any of those highlights. But he is still a solid vet with good range and decent off dribble game

  • Tsunami

    OK, let’s play the guessing game. 2008-2009 Stats per 36minutes

    Player A:

    FG: 46%, 3pFG: 40%, FT: 83%, Reb: 3.4, Ast: 3.8, Stl: 1.6, Pts; 12.6

    PER: 14.1

    Player B:

    FG: 43%, 3pFG: 39%, FT: 83%, Reb: 4.7, Ast: 3.6, Stl: 1.4, Pts: 11.7

    PER: 12.1

    A is Delonte, B is Parker.

    So he is an older, more polished scoring version of Delonte. He’ll give you less quickness, and a much bigger body for the bigger SGs.

  • ShaqFan

    Parker is also a better defender which Cavs was lacking in the position. They also need some height. West gets pick on a lot because of the size mismatch.

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