John Kuester Takes Pistons Coaching Gig

As if not signing any big free agents thus far has not been a tough pill to swallow, Cavs fans will now have to deal with the departure of assistant coach John Kuester.

After attempts at Doug Collins and Avery Johnson, the vacant head coaching spot in Detroit is reportedly Kuester’s.  Kuester is widely considered to be the man responsible for the improvement in the Cavaliers’ offense under Mike Brown.  Per ESPN:

“Dumars’ comfort level with Kuester and his desire to inject Detroit’s offense with some new ideas after reaching verbal agreements to sign Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva appear to have trumped his earlier call for more experience.”

So if you’re keeping score at home, the Pistons not only signed our top free agent target, but also took the man responsible for one of the top offenses in the NBA last season.  If you’re concerned that the team could revert back to it’s pre-Kuester ways, you have a valid reason.  Mike Brown’s job may be under more scrutiny now more than ever – if that’s even possible.

Stay tuned.

  • adam

    oh this is horrible in so many ways… ahh im taking the rest of the day off from thinking about lebron and the cavs and focusing on OSU football. WHOS WITH ME?!

  • steve

    ahh F@$%.

    now we have the crappy offense for the whole game instead of just half

  • JK

    Any way we can just give them the regining NBA coach of the year?

  • AMC

    This is a big loss. Now we’ll see if Brown, who rode Kuestner’s offense to the Coach of the Year Award is willing to bring in someone to replace him. There’s no way that Brown can handle a complete redesign of the offense with Shaq in place.

  • doogy

    this offseason is just gettin worse for us

  • RobGoBlue

    Go Browns.

  • dgriff13

    aaaak. Maybe we’ll pick someone else up who’s even better? Maybe a fresh outlook with the addition of Shaq would be a good thing? I dunno, spouting positives here. Wish I could focus on the Indians or Browns until this whole mess is over…. but that’s even worse.

  • JM

    Anyone else depressed with this off season?

  • Cribbage

    This is seriously the worst offseason ever for the Cavs.

  • Andrew S

    Bring in Tex Winters!

  • mike

    # # 9 Cribbage Says:
    July 7th, 2009 at 3:37 pm

    This is seriously the worst offseason ever for the Cavs.

    uhhh – not quite. ill take this offseason (so far acquiring shaq, picking up a second round steal in danny green and not losing anyone of significance) over, oh lets say, wasting a draft pick on dajuan wagner and trading away andre miller for 50 cents on the dollar in his prime. yes – that was a much worse off season.

  • rd

    worst offseason ever?? what in the world r u talking about? we got Shaq for garbage. We never had a shot w CV w the money DET gave him, Artest has a home in LA and we could only give him equal money and Ariza wanted to be a main cog in an offense (In Houston now he is threat #1, while in Cleveland, hed be maybe the 4th option). You are worried about a guy that Ferry and Brown wouldnt promise a starting gig over West? Not that huge of an upgrade. Who cares if C Frye comes or not – he wouldnt be a difference maker. Then we lose our assistant coach, it happens all the time all around the league. And dont forget, our offensive “system” pretty much stunk last year. LeBron v. 5, pick and pop and an Andy back door screen. I think that pretty much sums up the 3 plays we ran all year.

    Where in this do you get the worst offseason? We have significantly upgraded a major weakness on our team from a year ago. Think Mo over Snow from the year before.

  • Charlie

    I just have some quick praise to give:

    @ dgriff13: You’re a dying breed (that being a positive Cleveland sports fan). Thank you.

    @ rd: Thank you for your voice of reason. Overreactions run rampant in WFNY comment threads.

  • Rick

    Overreactions run rampant in ALL BLOG comment threads.


  • KevinH

    @ Rick – Agreed.

  • Omega King

    Ochocinco thinks this day ranks up there with 9/11.

  • Tron

    Does it really make sense for Detroit to bring in an offensive minded coach anyways? Their offenese is pretty much going to always result in Ben Gordon taking 234532 shots a game, usually with a hand in his face.

  • BB

    Cribbage, you need to so read this article Ricky Davis and Darius Miles on the cover of the media guide… Here come the dry heaves.

  • ello

    Mike Browns job was always under pressure this year. If we keep LeBron/win championship all is good in Cavs land. If we dont, and LeBron leaves so does MB, everyone else, hopes of C town and eventually the whole franchise will not survive.

  • ello

    One thing to be optimistic about though. EVERY season be it Cavs, Browns, Tribe, fans are constantly being hopeful without a reason since 1964.

    People can’t get excited this off season, good sign? Maybe we’re just truly different this year.

  • Rick

    @ 19- you forgot the economy…

  • eshaw

    So we get to “run” a whole new offense for the 4th time in 5 years. Sounds like a plan. Not really sure Ferry’s next move. He has just added another grocery to the list and he is going to the store after they just had a huge clearance… not much left on the shelf

  • Battles

    You do not like this.

  • BennyB

    bad off season?? you guys got Shaq.
    thats huge


    Why would Charlie V want to go to the Choker cavs? He knew that the cavs would make the playoffs with alot of hype.. but then collapse.