NBA Free Agency: Mike Brown and Danny Ferry Head to Los Angeles

danny-ferry-mike-brownFor those of you that follow my Twitter account, you likely saw a blurb that hit early yesterday evening regarding a Mike Brown/Danny Ferry sighting out in Los Angeles.  It definitely pays to have a lot of traveling family members that think of us when they see persons of interest out and about.

A few hours later, this “sighting” was confirmed by Brian Windhorst in what he deemed a “clandestine free agent meeting.”

While the team will not confirm who they are visiting, the first name that should be on the top of everyone’s speculation list is not a free agent at all.  It is Dan Fegan – the agent of forward Anderson Varejao.  Fegan is based in Los Angeles and, as Windhorst mentions, conducts a lot of his negotiations in-house. 

Given the tension during the negotiations two years ago, there is a good chance that Team Ferry may find it in their best interest to start discussions with Fegan sooner than later; of course, assuming that they do in fact want him to be a part of this team going forward.  What Ferry has in his favor is the fact that we are hearing absolutely nothing regarding interest in Varejao from other teams. 

On the power forward front, it started with Carlos Boozer, who ultimately took his player option.  Then it was Charlie Villanueva.  Then most recently, it was Rasheed Wallace.  One has to wonder how far down the collective “list” the name Varejao sits among the league. 

But while Ferry is likely conducting these negotiations, does he need Mike Brown there?  This is the only part that makes me think that the two of them may be multitasking while out west. 

Fegan also represents Toronto’s Shawn Marion, a player that had been rumored in a few trades in the past, but also one that comes with some mixed emotions around the league.  His best days are arguably behind him, and may have even been inflated thanks to Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash.  lbj-and-marionBut his defense has always been stellar, typically among the league leaders in steals and blocks – something that Mike Brown may be a big fan of.

He’s 6’7″, likely a bit smaller than the team would hope to get from a free agent, but has a very large wing span.  He’s one of the few players in the league that can average at least one steal, block and three-point field goal per game and has a career free throw percentage north of 80 percent.  He’s an efficient player that managed 13 points and almost nine rebounds per game while only requiring about 10 shots. 

But as TD mentioned last week, Marion is a bit of a diva.  The reason that a lot of Cavaliers fans are high on the recently-drafted Danny Green is due to his readiness and willingness to accept a part as a role player.  He was the fourth option on his college team, so he’s far from a guy that will demand the ball.  Marion, on the other hand, has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and tends to think he is a lot more important than he truly is.  Perhaps ensuring that one of the Cavs Girls wears his jersey during a dance routine would make negotiations a bit better?

Another name that was mentioned by Windhorst was Josh Childress – he of the transfer to Greece after the Atlanta Hawks would not pay him what he felt he was worth.  He’s a double-digit scorer, and has always been an efficient role player with solid defense.  However, as we have mentioned here at times, the Hawks still have matching rights to any offer made to Childress.  Given the money issues that have been mentioned in any Josh Smith trade rumors, there is a chance that they would not match. 

It then comes down to money and how much that the team feels either of these players are worth.  With this MLE burning a hole in the pockets of all involved (from Dan Gilbert to the common fan), this is a pretty big decision.  A one-year deal would be perfect, but is anyone willing to sign for such? 

Given how fast that things move, I expect to find out the meaning behind the LA trip sooner than later.  For now, we do what we have done for quite some time: Wait and hope for the best.

  • Boomhauer

    Could they be in LA recruiting Lamar Odom, who may feel unwanted by the Lakers after they got Artest?

  • TD

    God Bless my mother…

  • The creative Diesel

    @ 1




    ok, ok


  • Isis

    This from MO WILLIAMS twitter feed:

    im goin to bed homies, heres to coach and GM ferry getting a deal done!
    about 9 hours ago from web (to Shawn Marion).

    This in response from Shawn Marion’s Twitter feed:

    @THE_MO_WILLIAMS no doubt son
    about 17 hours ago from TweetGenius in reply to THE_MO_WILLIAMS

    Go Danny Ferry! I’d LOVE to see Shawn Marion at the mid level…..would be a coup. Diva yes, but a diva as talented as SM on a 1 year make good deal with his ability to rebound, run the floor…finish on the break from LBJ…..nice!!

  • TD

    As much as I dont like Marion, a one year deal at the MLE is would be MONEY. Cant deny his talent, just his attitude.

  • DK

    maybe he’s got issues, but I think at this point, bringing in Marion is the best we can hope for…

  • Denny

    Isis – there’s nothing on Mo’s twitter page saying that the message you copied was in fact to Marion. And Marion saying no doubt 8 hours prior to that message from Mo means nothing. What handle are you using for Marion, or are you just implying the fact that it was for SM?

    What Mo did say to someone direct was this –

    @JChillin yo thats my boy josh, if we offer you that contract sign it right away!lol
    about 12 hours ago from web

    So he’s actively trying to get Childress. Maybe trying to get Marion, but I found no Shawn Marion twitter page.

    I’d love to have Childress for 3-4 years. Marion? Not so sure, and I doubt a 1 year contract would fly.

  • Scott

    Denny brought his Twitter Police badge to work today!

  • Isis

    Denny…..where did I say Mo’s twitter was to SM? What I merely posted was Mo’s statement that he’d like to see SM here, is that ok with you?

    The fact that SM sent a text to Mo suggests they “might” be talking…….isn’t it possible something could be in the works? Cmon man…….

    As for Childress… my mind he’s a STIFF. Can’t shoot, terrible form, set shots get blocked……..yes, he can play defense. He’s not a great athlete, he is a pesty type of defender. Give me Marion ANY DAY. 3/4 years tied up with Childress……..I sure hope that doesn’t happen. And……he’s fugly.

    Mo and SM…..keep talking boys. We need athletes on the front line.

  • DK

    nice PI work Denny…

  • Isis

    OK…..I stand corrected, I did parenthetically suggest that Mo’s feed was to SM……..sorry. I still stand by my comments.

  • Denny

    Damn straight. Watch out!

  • DK

    what’s with the hostility all over the place today? it was a 3 day weekend for a lot of people, but it seems like theres a lot of people who are really ticked off today…

  • Alex

    Matrix 31 is Marion’s Twitter Denny

    … but that being said you’re right about him saying that to a previous post

  • Isis

    No Shawn Marion twitter page Denny? Hold off on you PI badge,

    matrix3112seconds – Ist day of camp

  • Brendon

    a fan tweet to Mo Williams: @THE_MO_WILLIAMS Be honest. Who would you prefer? Marion or Childress?

    Mo to fan:@Roscoe305 marion

  • Eli

    This argument is as silly as it is ridiculous. Its always a slippery slope to “Plain Dealer” comments level.

  • steve

    twitter is about as reliable as a Cleveland Browns head coach

  • http://aa sean

    Marion is way better then Childress, I hope they do a sign & trade for marion with the Raptors

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  • Denny

    Eli is the voice of reason? Strange day indeed…

    I’d much rather have Childress because I think he’s a good building block player that would do much more long term for the team than Marion. I know we’re all throwing caution to the wind because we’d rather have someone good than team chemistry after last year’s Walter retainer, but still I’d rather not have Marion.

    I would have much preferred Artest over either, but that didn’t end up happening.

  • RockKing

    Informal poll….how many people believe that’s really Mo? After reading all of his updates, I don’t think it’s really him at all.

    “whats up guys,how do i get other athletes to follow me,do i have to make some phone calls to them?”

    Sounds fishy to me.

  • Rick

    Sports fan’s Athlete Tweets doesn’t list either Mo Williams or Shawn Marion as participants.

  • Scott

    @Rock: I was thinking the same thing…

  • Eli

    They are all fake accounts created by Shaq.

  • Harv 21

    Scott, how did you forget the photo caption above? Here you go:
    “I rate the aroma of the new King Deodorant line a 5.”

  • Alex

    I found marion’s twitter from going to his own website

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