April 16, 2014

NBA Rookie Hazing: Cavalier Style

This video made the rounds a while back, but LeBron 2010 (a site dedicated to letting James know he is wanted here in Cleveland) reminded me of it and thought it was time to dust it off.

The video is a segment from Jim Rome is Burning, in which Delonte is a field reporter for the day. It’s a gameday and there is a major problem- JJ Hickson didn’t get the doughnuts. It’s Delont West, so it’s funny by default.

There’s more. They have made t-shirts. And they are nothing short of awesome.

It raises a question- who would the vets haze if Danny Green doesn’t make the squad? Certainly Eyenga isn’t going to make it on this year’s squad.

  • Boomhauer

    Hopefully, someday when Austin retires, Delonte will get his job as the color commentator for Cavs games.

  • jto

    Those t-shirts are great and I want one. I just wish they included the phrase “planes, trains, and automobiles” on them….

  • Harv 21

    Wow, the playoff loss ache is gone. Just watched that with no symptoms. Ready for the Cavs, again. Let’s pretend we can just Tivo the rest of the Indians season and settle in for the Cavs opener tonight.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    Completely agree jto… That was the best part.

  • Mark

    He doesn’t even get it right. He said trains, planes and automobiles. Funny every time I watch it. And I would pay top dollar for one of those t-shirts.

  • Ryan

    JJ said something about having two hours and a drive to Cincinnati. If has to drive himself all around Ohio, that might explain his back problem. And if he can make it from Cleveland to Cincinnati in two hours, he obviously doesn’t need a plane, train or automobile.

  • Mark_CHI

    Surely some sort of agreement can be made with the LeBron2010 guys to get those shirts on the WFNY Swag Store.

  • Tron

    How playa are those shirts? When is STO going to give Delonte his own show? Seriously, I would watch that over Josh’s Cribbs or fishing with Joe Thomas in a heartbeat.

  • Brendon

    The back of the shirt should say ‘Trains, plains, and automobiles. Betta have my DOUGHNUTS!’

  • Brendon

    Waiting for Next Year…I don’t care if you gotta fly!

  • http://lebron2010.com Ben

    Here is the back of that shirt… http://img212.yfrog.com/i/zsj.jpg/

  • steve

    looks like the shirts are from realcavsfans.com I dunno if they’re selling them I’m not that bored to go look

  • david

    seriously, if you guys made a delonte jersey i would buy it in a second

  • david

    t shirt*** i already have his jersey

  • JK

    Is that herpes Delante?