NBA Rumors: Trevor Ariza Considering Cavaliers Afterall?

arizaartestThe Internet has made the world a very small place. In the last few hours, rumors have swirled that Trevor Ariza might now be having second thoughts about his deal with the Houston Rockets.  The source of the rumors isn’t exactly known, but ESPN radio in Los Angeles had Ariza’s agent on and asked him if there was any truth to the rumor. He answered “no comment.” Is it a coincidence that Mike Brown and Danny Ferry are in Los Angeles today?

This brings up a question- when is a deal a deal? The Houston Rockets had a verbal agreement from Ariza (or at least that is what was reported) to play in Houston for the next 5 years. His compensation was reported to be $34 million dollars. The first day that teams are allowed to sign players to new deals is July 8th. Technically, Ariza is still a free agent. Until the ink is applied to a contract he may speak to whomever he chooses about his basketball future.

Again, these are rumors- but if Brown and Ferry flew to Los Angeles to meet with a player that already had an agreement with another team would you have a problem with that? Isn’t this the same thing that Cleveland fans hate Carlos Boozer for? Didn’t Boozer have a verbal agreement and decide to take a bigger payday with the Utah Jazz?

Perhaps the better question would be this- if the Cavs had a verbal agreement from Ron Artest to play next year in Cleveland for the MLE and Phil Jackson flew across the country to talk him into signing with L.A. would you have a problem with it?

  • Nicko

    Orlando got better. Haha.


    Nothing personal…just business.

  • Johnson, Esquire

    As an attorney, some of you should learn how to spell prior to leaving your long winded comments.

    On another note, Channing Frye had a confirmed visit in Cleveland today and made several comments suggesting the Cavs were at the top of his list (he has 3-4 suitors, at this point). If Ariza did indeed back out and signed with the Cavs, these two players would give the Cavs incredible versatility on both ends of the floor. A solid Plan B would be Kleiza from Denver. He is another versatile player that can hit shots from the outside.

  • Kidd

    I just read a very funny response to Chris Broussard strange article on it on ESPN. The response accuses Chris to simply be laughing at his audience. It’s the second item here:

  • steve

    just read on espn saying that Lebron told Ariza he was staying in Cleveland when Ariza asked him last week.

    he even said, “of course” according to one of their mystery sources

  • brad in atl

    Can someone please tell me why Ariza is considered a top line free agent and Channing Frye is not? Without Kobe Ariza will be unheard of next year. Frye with Lebron will be up for comeback player of the year award.

  • AMC

    That same ESPN article that steve is referring to also states that Brown and Ferry were out in LA to meet with Ariza, but have been told that Ariza is going to honor his commitment to Houston.

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