No More B.J. for Ohio State’s Mullens

mullensb-2s600x600When C.C. Sabathia was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers roughly one year ago, he promptly dropped the periods in his name to signal a new beginning. 

And now that former Ohio State center B.J. Mullens has followed in the footsteps of the great Kosta Koufos and taken his one-and-done show to the NBA, he would also like to go by a new name.

Per NewsOK:

“I wanted to be known as Byron in college because I was making the next step of my life, but everybody, friends and coaches, just knew me as B.J. so it didn’t catch on,” said Mullens, the 24th pick in this past June’s draft out of Ohio State. “I don’t know, maybe they just forgot, or maybe they had just gotten used to the name they’ve always called me. Now I can try again. Another new step, new transition, and I’d like to be known as Byron.”

Translation: It didn’t work the first time, but now that I’m no longer near my home, I might get this whole “real name” thing to stick. 

For those of you looking for a statistical update, Mullens is averaging nine points and three rebounds over his two summer league games.  The Thunder traded the 25th pick as well as a future second-rounder for the rights to Mullens.  I assume they’re hoping for more than three rebounds per game from their center.  I would also assume that they know that he only pulled down five boards per game at the collegiate level, but hey…

I think Eleven Warriors may have put it best:

It’s too bad some of his rookie money now has to be used to change the tatoos [sic] on his forearms.

Best of luck, Byron!  Next thing we know, TD and DP will be getting all high and mighty…

  • RockKing

    From the innuendo of the headline to the line “the footsteps of the great Kosta Koufos” to the actual premise of the story itself, this post is a lesson in high comedy. Well done, Scott.

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    Will he change his initials on his arms to BM? Even better.

  • DocZeus

    As a proud B.J. myself, I consider giving up the name the highest of high treason!

  • Windy City Wahoo

    I had a roommate in college who wanted to go from “B.J.” to “Will”. To this day, I still call him B.J. I don’t think he appreciates it very much.

  • B-bo

    not that it even matters–NBDL jerseys don’t have first names on them anyway

  • Rick

    B-bo neglected to add BOOM/Roasted

  • DP Diesel

    Will B-bo be going by Byron-bo now?

    TD and I won’t be changing anytime soon. Myself, because what better monniker to have on any site relating to the Indians than “DP” (for the double plays they will always ground into in the clutch), and “TD” for the lack of same generated by our football team’s offense.

    Adding “Diesel” is all you’ll get from me.

    Good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!

  • B-bo

    Well I briefly considered “B-Diesel”, but “Byron-bo” just doesn’t work for me. And I am very disappointed in myself for neglecting to close properly–I’m going to make like Milli Vanilli and blame it on the rain here in Tampa today.

  • Brian

    I, for one, completely understand the name change. I was a B.J. until junior high. Being called B.J. all of a sudden wasn’t in my best interest. Welcome to the club, Byron! However, my brother and my best friends still call me B.J. just to get to me. I don’t blame them either; I’d do the same to them.

  • Omega King Byron

    Changing your name to fit the post is fun!! And worthwhile!!

  • Scotty P

    its stories like this that constantly remind me that the NBA is a joke and something needs to be done like with the NFL where players need to actually go to school before realizing there dreams of playing pro ball are not as easy as they thought it would be.