Postcards From Danny Ferry and Mike Brown

Hello Cleveland! This is Cavaliers’ GM Danny Ferry. I’m here in sunny Los Angeles with head coach Mike Brown. We understand that there has been some speculation about what we are doing out here. Well, after our last attempts to sign LA guys kind of fell flat, we decided to see what all the fuss is about this place. Don’t pay any attention to media reports and fake twitter feeds. This trip is pure vacation. No need to get your hopes up!

Coach Mike Brown here. Like Danny said, we’re just out here seeing the sites. Haven’t talked about the team since we’ve been here. In fact here’s some photos of us around the town just to prove that we haven’t even had the time to visit a free agent!


DF- Right Mike. Here we are about to go fishing in Santa Monica.


MB-  And here we are relaxing outside of Universal Studios. Oh that clever Jaws ride gets me everytime!


DF- And then we stopped outside the famous Kodak  Theater for a short rest.


MB- Yep, and then we went to the Venice Beach Boardwalk. So you see Clevelanders, there is no reason to think that we’re out here chasing Shawn Marion any free agents!

  • doogy

    great stuff!

  • DK


  • Denny

    Needs more Vinny Chase!!!

  • Lebron3eb

    haha love the creepy marion pic in the last one

  • JM

    The sad thing is this is the truth. I guarantee they do not sign anyone.

  • Rick

    Boooooo JM! Way to ruin everyone’s fun…

  • Isis

    JM-I guarantee you’re wrong.

  • DK


  • Josh

    good stuff Rick…

  • Swig

    Nice, but what happened to the comic book features?

  • Rick

    Those were Scott’s. I stopped prodding him to do those a while back. He must not like doing them.

  • Scott

    more of a time issue than anything….

  • Gabriel


  • dgriff13

    *giggles* Just the dose of “reality” I need. Expect nothing. Then if some deal actually happens, I’ll be surprised and happy! But wait, NOTHING will happen, right right…

    Those are some big chairs to lug around LA. hardy har.

  • Harv 21

    Saw on twitter feed that they are closing in on James Worthy. Or maybe it was George Mikan.

  • MrCleaveland

    Okay, boys, let’s get ‘er done!

  • Clown Baby

    I’m operating under the belief that they are both huge Michael Jackson fans.

  • Bridgecrosser

    Stop at The Derby for a great steak. It’s a little outside L.A. city limits, but worth it.

  • Scott

    So, it looks like Marion is in talks with another team… I know that Orlando had their eye on him. We’ll see where he lands…

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