What’s worse – being untrustworthy or unapproachable?

mangini-brownsSo, I still don’t really know what to think of the Browns’ hiring of Eric Mangini.  On one hand, he definitely seems to be going about things in the right way.  He’s patched up silly tiffs with players, he’s drafted fairly well, and he’s brought in players who know his system.  On the other hand, the whole hiring process seemed a bit odd, and Mr Lerner has not been too open to the media about the whole process.  At the time, I thought maybe Josh McDaniels would have been the better hire – but as things have progressed, I’m thinking that the Browns probably got the right coach.

Craig has said things along the same line, but based on this report from NFL.com I’m finally on board.  It’s not all new news, but it’s enlightening nonetheless.  According to the article, the media and many of McDaniels’ players don’t see him as trustworthy.  Now, it’s fairly obvious that many of the players on the team were distressed by the whole Jay Cutler situation.  Having your new coach come in and get in a conflict with your starting QB is never good (although I suppose it’s nice to actually HAVE a starting quarterback).  But as things have moved along, it doesn’t seem that much has been done to repair things in Denver.  Couple that with the state of the Brandon Marshall situation and you’ve got dicey team relations.

Contrast that with the way that Mangini has handled things behind the scenes and seemingly united the team.  At this point, the main problem a lot of people have with Mangini is the fact that he’s not very approachable by the media (oh, and he painted over a muralsound the alarms!).  He gets painted in a bad light.  Why?  Because the media give us the news, and a lot of them are bitter about not having full access.  Personally, I’d much rather have a coach that has his team behind him and the media at bay than a coach who doesn’t have either behind him.

What do you kids think?

  • TampaBrett

    I hope I’m not just seeing things or being one of those hopeful Browns fans at the beginning of every season (like everyone else), but I can see Mangini building a team identity with the Browns. Wether it be a tough team, defense heavy, run heavy, whatever POSITIVE note it is, I can see it happening.

    Who knows. As long as their can be at least some positive consistency this year with the Browns I’ll be happy. I’m not expecting too much.

  • Isis

    Is this your best endorsement of Mangini?

    Forget about being unapproachable, uncommunicative, dour, arrogant, listless, lifeless…….none of that counts except in interviews with Randy Lerner. How about his on-field lack of passion, fire, and general aloofness? How about his track record of being a horrific game day coach-not willing or able to make gametime strategic maneuvers. Forget about his non-persona with fans and media, doesnt mean anything right? Oh right, all of that is in the past with the Jets.

    Sure, let’s compare him to another horrible hire at this time in Josh McDaniels, a guy with diapers so tight he has no clue how to deal with mature situations such as NFL head coach. On that basis, Mangini is a stud. On any other basis……………………..

  • B-bo

    Agree with you 100%, Denny. I’ve never understood why fans of teams feel they are owed access to everything about the team whenever they want it. Draft strategies, who starts/who sits, contract negotiations–why would I (or any fan) need to be included in all that? Some things are the business of the organization–as a fan, I have every right to complain about moves that are made, but after they happen. I don’t expect to be utilized as a consultant about things beforehand–that’s not my job. If you want to feel more like you’re a part of the team, then feel free to drop off an application or send in a resume and become an employee (good luck though–I hear they have been laying people off).

    And I know people will say “well for what we pay for tickets and merchandise and for the loyalty we show in bad times, etc…we deserve to be a part of the team–they OWE us that”. Well I’m calling shenanigans on that line of thinking. We spend the money and sacrifice the time and we endure the bad times because we CHOOSE to do so. The Cleveland Browns do not go door-to-door and rob us at gunpoint or throw us in a van and force us into the muni lot or a seat in the Dawg Pound on Sundays–we do it because we want to, because it’s what we grew up doing. Yes it can be frustrating in an all-access, behind the scenes, updating live on Twitter world to not know everything about the things we love exactly when we want to know it. But to expect a BUSINESS–and let’s remember, cold-hearted as it might sound, that’s exactly what all sports teams are–to share every detail of its operations with the public is a laughable notion at best. What I want is a team that makes me proud to be a fan; a team that is competitive and hard-working. I want an organization that is striving to be the best in the sport. Heck, I want a win or two over Yinsburgh every now and again. And to get those things, I don’t need or expect the organization to pamper me or cater to my wishes or suck up to me. I don’t need free stuff (though I’ll take it) or fan appreciation days. If the organization wants to make me happy–if they want to show me they appreciate me– then put a winning product out there on the field or the court or the pitch or the ice and bring home some titles. Throw a nice victory parade afterwards, and I’ll feel plenty appreciated.

    We as fans (if I may generalize for a moment) have become what those of us who teach know as “helicopter parents”: we feel we need to know everything about everything going on in the classroom at all times. “Why that lesson plan? Why this textbook? Explain why my little Jimmy got a B on this instead of an A. What are your qualifications to be teaching? Why aren’t you using this method? Why do you have you desks arranged this way?…..” and on, and on. Ad nauseum, ad infinitum. Except for fans, it’s “Who are we drafting with the fifth overall pick? Why didn’t we trade back one more time before taking a center? Who are we trageting in free agency? Why don’t they just pay Cribbs? Why hire Mangini so quickly? Why won’t Lerner attend a press conference? My boy Brady should be starting QB. Why is Braylon still on the team….” etc, etc. Now, are there completely fair questions in there? Sure. But are they questions that we as fans are entitled to have answered immediately? Absolutely not. At least the helicopter parents are (ostensibly) concerned about the development of their child; as fans, it’s just us being nosy or wanting to feel like an insider. Well I believe you can pay $9.99 a month and get Insider access on ESPN.com, but beyond that, good luck. You want to run a team, play fantasy sports. Or just have your wealthy father pass away and leave you one that you have no idea how to run.

    Rant ended.

  • http://www.lswtf.com JackGonzo

    How about a guy who in his first season with the Jets took them to the playoffs. His second season, Chad Pennington played like Chad Pennington again. His third season, 8-3 until Brett Favre become Brett Favre of 2005 again and threw away the season.

    I don’t care if we don’t have a coach who talks a lot to the media. He can go into a media blackout for all I care as long as he does his main job well, as long as he’s a superb head coach more so then a company PR man I don’t care. His job is coaching first and foremost. Belichek doesn’t talk much to the media and no one really cares, why, because he wins. As long as Mangini wins a year from now we won’t care that he doesn’t tell us anything, as long as he wins.

  • B-bo

    On any other basis, Isis, we haven’t seen anything from Mangini in Cleveland when it comes to the product on the field–I for one am willing to see how that pans out before burning the guy in effigy.

  • http://www.lswtf.com JackGonzo

    To reiterate what B-Bo said, hire a press secretary and let them do their jobs.

  • http://www.lswtf.com JackGonzo

    Isis the problem is all you’ve read is NY media on how Mangini can’t do this or do that, because they HATED him due to no access. Mangini was the scape goat last season for NY, not the ownership who wouldn’t let him take Favre out of the game. He can’t gameplan…but it was working fine until Favre started throwing picks everywhere.

    Remember, last season the Jets were the first team to beat the Titans, beat the Patriots in OT, and beat one of the Super Bowl teams by three touchdowns…but Mangini is a crappy coach…right…

  • B-bo

    JackGonzo: may I submit future rants to you for condensing? I think everyone (myself included) would be grateful.

  • http://www.lswtf.com JackGonzo

    I enjoy them, but by all means lol

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    @ Isis – this isn’t an endorsement, or a rejection. This is my observation (much similar to Craig’s) that at this point as Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns, Mangini hasn’t done anything horrific. He’s come across well with his players – and honestly, I don’t really think there’s much more you can hope for a coach to do at this point.

    He’s doing much better in Cleveland than McDaniels is doing in Denver. And a lot of people wanted McDaniels/Pioli. It didn’t happen. But we’ve moved on, the draft seems to be pretty good, and aside from Cribbs and Philly D there’s no clamor amongst the players.

    We get it, you don’t like the coach. You’re negative more often than not. I liked you better when your reply name was RandyOSU. Surprise! I figured you out.

  • glenn212

    Mangini & Kokinis has ALREADY brought a sense of professionalism to the Browns they haven’t had in YEARS. Being an East Coaster The NYJ’s were always prepared, two min offense was good, didn’t take a lot of dumb penalties clock management was always perfect. I believe in 3 years they got blown out once by Jacksonville.were talking 48 games..pretty freakin good!! The fact is Favre threw 9 int’s in 5 games..a few for pick 6’s and a few that led to field goals. You will lose a lot of NFL games if your QB does that..period

    Was Mangini supposed to bench Bertt Favre or scream at him on the sidelines? I don’t think so..

    The NY media is a bunch of hacks competing to sell their daily rags..Mangini turned into the whipping boy,quite unfairly I might add an you see Bloggers, other lazy reporters picking up the same nonsensical bashing of Mangini before he has even coached one game..absurd really.

    Eric Mangini will turn this team into a competitive NFL Club and he will beat Pittsburgh at least once this year.thats right I said it..you heard it here first from glenn212

  • fmayse

    I agree with Denny, and I may have my Official Cleveland Browns Rose-tinted Glasses on, but I am cautiously optimistic. And I agree that as long as the browns do “well” (for the Browns that is) he can clam up all he wants.

    However, in regards to “he doesn’t owe us anything” aslong as we are paying to go to the games or watch them on tv, I think that he and the rest of the Browns organization owes the fanbase whatever it wants within reason. Mangini can give pressers and updates without giving away secrets – just look at the NBA coaches interviews during bball games. They say nothing for 1-2 minutes and guess people really like it.

  • TampaBrett

    @11 if he can beat Pittsburgh then he’ll be fine and so will the rest of Cleveland.

  • MrCleaveland

    I was about to say that we won’t know whether or not “he’s drafted fairly well” for a couple years, but actually, all that trading down was pretty productive.

    I don’t understand what the media want from him. I guess they’re all still mad because they weren’t invited into the war room on draft day or they can’t sit in on film grading sessions. I don’t see the Plain Dealer publishing Tony Grossi’s performance review or Mary Kay’s personnel file. So give it a rest.

  • B-bo

    @fmayse: I have never understood why fans feel the need to see their coaches in the standard say-nothing pressers. Let’s go ahead and do one right now and just copy and paste it before every game–I bet it goes something like this:

    “Well, we know (fill in opponent) is going to present some challenges for us this week. Our job is to be sure we work hard and know the playbook and hopefully come out and execute on (fill in game day).”

    After a win: “Well I thought our guys did a nice job of executing the way we practiced all week. There are some things we need to get better with, but overall I was pleased. The important thing is we get our focus on (fill in next opponent) this week and get ready to hopefully build on today’s win.”

    After a loss: “Well, sure, it’s disappointing. I just think we didn’t execute as a team and do our jobs, from the coaches to the players. And give credit to (fill in opponent), that’s a tough football team. Our job now is to learn from this and get ourselves ready and focused on (fill in next opponent) next week.”

    Do I really need to see a coach sit there and roll out these gems to feel like he’s doing his job? Personally, the less that is said, the better. Every quote gets twisted and over-analyzed in the news and in blogland–the less ammo you give, the better off as a player/coach. Sure, everyone loves it when a Dennis Green tells us what part of the Bears we should “crown” or when a Jim Mora gets exasperated about “playoffs?!”, but does it make me think more highly of them as coaches? Hardly. So if Mangini or any other coach wants to keep things secretive, so be it. I’m not asking him to be my drinking buddy, I’m asking him to do his job and bring my team some success.

  • probus

    hey– all i wanna make sure Magini does is require his db’s to put stickum on their gloves for that first game against Favre– i know it’s illegal now but i’m just sayin’!– Regards, probus