While We’re Waiting… Ferry’s Master Plan, Browns Backfield, and the Aeros Bullpen

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Step away from the ledge, fans: “It hurts to think about it as a Cavs fan, because Cavs fans are running out of patience right now (at least if your objective for this team is to add young athletic pieces around LeBron James). But although a guy like Tyson Chandler is only 26-years old, the Cavs took Shaq because of his expiring contract for 2010. In the end, that — not even Chandler’s health issues — was the ultimate trump card. So you tell me what that means.  We will get further proof of Danny Ferry’s 2010 intentions based not only on how he eventually ends up using the midlevel exception (or even using it at all), but how he deals with his own free agent, Anderson Varejao.” [Amar Panchmatia/Cavalier Attitude]

On Charlie V signing with Detroit: “Part of me is bummed, but part of me is definitely relieved. $40 million over five years is just way too much money for a guy with as many questions surrounding him as Charlie V. I was fine with giving him the mid-level, but I wasn’t ready to go all-in with an under-30 “core” going forward of LeBron, Delonte, and two guys that Bucks thought were expendable in consecutive off-seasons.” [John Krolik/Cavs the Blog]

A little more info on the Browns’ running game: “[Jerome] Harrison has been a pleasant surprise for the new coaching staff in Cleveland. With a new staff in place, Harrison has been provided a clean slate to display his ability — and the RB has done so in outstanding fashion. On film, the coaching staff viewed a player that understands how to read and follow blockers, is quicker than expected and runs through tackles. These qualities have elevated Harrison into a position where the staff is simply not looking at him as a spare part or special teams player exclusively.” [Lane Adkins/The OBR – SR]

Smart basketball people may quibble. Ron Artest’s shot selection may cause trouble. And Trevor Ariza will absolutely be missed, and may well blossom in Houston. John Hollinger has a very balanced view, saying it’s essentially a net positive for the Lakers. But my gut reaction to the news that Artest is the newest Laker is: I can hardly imagine a better player for the Lakers to add, nor a better team for Artest to join. There’s a 20% chance the whole thing combusts in dreadful fashion. 80% likely, in my view, is that the NBA has the makings of its next dynasty.” [Henry Abbott/TrueHoop]

What a concept: “While the Indians continue to look for relief options on the major league waiver wire and at the Triple-A level, maybe they should take a quick peek down at the Double-A level and what some of their relievers are doing of late. […] It’s no secret that the key to Akron’s success this season has been their pitching. Not only has the starting pitching been good, the bullpen has been stellar. It is amazing how you can pile up the wins when you go out there every night and get good outings from your pitchers innings one through nine on a consistent basis.” [Indians Prospect Insider]

  • Travis

    paul milsap anyone?

  • TampaBrett

    I hope Harrison gets more touches this year.

  • Tron

    I’m not as optimistic about getting Bosh as I once was. With Toronto spending on Hedo aren’t they showing Bosh they’re committed to win also? (or at least try) Not that Hedo is the second coming or anything, but they’re trying to set up a complimentary player for Bosh to work with. When 2010 free agency comes the core Cleveland will have to offer top free agents like LeBron and Bosh is Mo, Delonte, and _________?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP Diesel

    I’m so glad to read that Harrison might get a legitimate shot this year. He has his holes (blitz pickup), but nothing made me madder than seeing him come in to spell Lewis, rip off three or four 9-yard runs, and then NEVER SNIFF THE FIELD AGAIN.

  • DK

    I’m pretty bummed about the Cavs, and kind of upset at LBJ in a way…he wants to win very badly, but I dont blame free agents at all for not wanting to come here if hes not going to be here…if LBJ wanted to help things along, and truly commit to bring a dynasty here, then he would sign the extension now…

  • Travis

    @5 as wade as done in saying he would like to start talking contract extension?

    seriously…Milsap!! Let Andy go and pick up Milsap…solid defender and inside scorer.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    I’d love to see J Chillin in a Cavs jersey. He be livin’ in LA.

  • Boomhauer

    Bosh is not coming here. He’ll have a choice between playing with LeBron in Cleveland or Wade in Miami. Which do you think he’s going to take?

  • san diego

    dk – are you serious? that is stupid. the team needs to show him something first, and they haven’t. its a big decision to make, and extending early is too big of a risk. FA’s should be willing to sign for the chance to play with lebron for at least 1 year, he has a lot more to lose than they do. in the end they FA’s just sign for the money anyways, look around at hedo, what boozer did to us, ben gordon, etc..

  • AMC

    How are we going to get Milsap without doing a sign and trade? We only have the MLE to spend and because Milsap is a restricted FA, Utah can (and will) match that.

  • DK

    san diego – my personal opinion is stupid? That’s nice. Sounds like someone is a bit closed minded…

    my point being that if you were to decide on your family’s future, your living quarters, etc…and the decision to possibly leave what you already know and enjoy, to go somewhere else and not be certain of if it is a good decision in the long run because the reason youre actually going there wont be there a year after you sign…seems pretty smart to me actually…

    a small comparison would be if your friend told you to drive 5 hours to come to some great party and once you get there, you stay for 37 seconds and they leave you there by yourself, and you then find out everyone else is in middle school…good choice huh…

    all I am saying, is that if LBJ is serious about staying here, then put it in writing…maybe then others will join him…but as it stands right now…and the way other teams are loading up with talented guys…it looks like the Cavs may not be the team to beat, and if they dont make it this year, I get the feeling that LBJ is out regardless…I cant say that I necessarily blame him either…

    and there are exceptions to the greed rule…artest signed for less to play with Kobe…sure, younger guys will play hard for that big payday…but thats the way pro sports has become…

  • Mike

    The free agents that haven’t signed with the cavs have gotten more money elsewhere. Before shaq signed he was concerned whether or not LBJ would be staying or not.

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