April 19, 2014

A Cleveland Sports Twitter List

One of the best blog posts I’ve read in the past few months is simple in its aim – the guys at Mr. Irrelevant made a working list of DMV-area sports folks on Twitter.  Inspired by their efforts, I have done some of the legwork to make a Cleveland sports equivalent.  This list is by no means complete and I invite you to give me a heads up about people that I’ve missed.  Send me an email (denny@waitingfornextyear-dot-com) or leave accounts in the comments.  I’ll do my best to add people in as they come but odds are I’ll tack them down at the bottom, because changing 30+ ranking numbers is tedious and boring.

Here are you Cleveland sports Twitter accounts, ranked by popularity (# of followers):

1) Shaquille O’Neal @the_real_shaq

2) Cleveland Cavs @cavs

3) Mo Williams @mogotti2

4) Lebron2010.com @lebron2010

5) Donte Stallworth @D_Stallworth18

6) Brian Windhorst @pdcavsinsider

6a) Jay Crawford @jaycrawfordespn

7) Brian Spaeth @brianspaeth

8 ) Eric Knappenberger @cavswitness

9) Cleveland Leader @clevelandleader

10) Orange and Brown Report @theobr

10a) Abe Elam @abeelam

10b) Cavs Buzz Tap @cavsbuzztap

11) Matt LaPorta @gator4god

11a) Jordan Norwood @j_nwood

12) Eric Barton @ericbarton50

13) Cleveland dot com Browns @cdotcombrowns

14) Eric Wright @ithinkurwright

15) Sports Talk Cleveland @sportstalkcle

16) Josh Cribbs @joshcribbs16

17) Don Carey @doncarey

18) Matt Underwood @matt_underwood

19) Indians.com @tribeinsider

20) Joe Tait @realjoetait

21) Anthony Castrovince @castrovince

22) D’Qwell Jackson @DQ52

22a) Ken Gordon @kgordonosu

23) Scott at WFNY @wfnyscott

24) Craig at WFNY @wfnycraig

25) Eleven Warriors @elevenwarriors

25a) Browns News Wire from the OBR @brownswire

26) Rob Finnan @rfinnan2025

26a) Kirk Lammers (CurseofCleveland) @cursecleveland

27) Denny at WFNY @dennymayo

28) RockKing at WFNY @rockwfny

28a) Ben at RCF @rcfben

28b) Pat Kindig @patkindig

28c) The Diatribe @thediatribe

29) John Krolik @johnkrolic

29a) Jeff Svoboda @jeffsvoboda

29b) Light The Lamp @lightthelamp

30) Cleveland Frowns @clevelandfrowns

31) Cavalier Attitude @cavattitude

32) Let’s Go Tribe @letsgotribe

32a) The Silver Bullet @osusilverbullet

33) Luke at 11W @worstfan

33a) Fear The Sword @fearthesword

34) Stepien Rules @stepienrules

35) Don Delco @donnologoneeded

36) Cursed Cleveland @cursedcleveland

37) Jacob Rosen at WFNY @udjrosen

38) Rick at WFNY @rickwfny

38a) LeBrowns Town @lebrownstownro

39) TD at WFNY @wfnytd

40) Cleveland Reboot @clevelandreboot

  • Alex

    You forgot the most important one for all fans of this site


  • scotty p

    really?!?!? Donte Stallworth c’mon really?!?!?!

  • http://www.curseofcleveland.com Kirk

    I (cursecleveland) currently have 297 followers.

    Kirk Lammers

  • http://www.twitter.com/osuadamr adam

    great post!

    my observations as a twitter monster (@osuadamr):

    7) Brian Spaeth @brianspaeth: who is that?! denny is always tweeting him and i have no clue what he has to do with cleveland sports

    17) Don Carey @doncarey: snaked away by the jags. at least coye is playing well…

    29) John Krolic @johnkrolic: dead page

    other good ones missing: @abeelam @cavattitude @cavsbuzztap @lebrownstownro @rcfben

    and if your a buckeye fan: @PatKindig @osusilverbullet @JeffSvoboda @bucksinsider @ohiostatefan1 @kgordonosu @BuckeyeBanter

  • Bobby O’Brien


    For me, the biggest fan ever! Follow

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Adam – Spaeth is the guy who used to write YaySports! and is a big Cavs fan. Doesn’t do a lot of Cleveland tweeting/writering anymore but he does during the season. And the other stuff he writes is awesomely irreverent.

    Working on getting those added that you mentioned. I’m just going to do 11a) etc. for the new ones so I don’t have to add edit like a million numbers.

  • http://www.clevelandtribeblog.blogspot.com The DiaTriber

    Somewhere around 200

  • http://www.twitter.com/osuadamr adam

    cool mayne, again this is a great idea!

  • Anthony

    Does @jaycrawfordespn count? If so, he’s currently not on the list.

  • http://cle.scout.com Barry McBride

    We currently run a Cleveland Browns news service at @BrownsWire that is picking up steam.

  • Seth M

    Where’s Braylon Edwards? Didn’t he have a twitter account?

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    The Braylon Edwards account (@b_easy17) currently suspended for suspicious activity. Would have included it otherwise.

  • http://draftpick.deviantart.com Joe

    Awesome desktop wallpapers and other stuff @Draft_Pick

  • Gregg

    From Eric Wright-

    “Bout to go steal sum food from Robaire Smith. Lol wish me luck. If I aint back in 15mins, sumbody call my mommy and tell her I love her. Lol”

  • DJ

    @4: John Krolik’s Twitter is @johnkrolik

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    My bad, I fixed the link for Krolik. Helps to spell names correctly.

  • http://brian23.com Brian

    ***7) Brian Spaeth @brianspaeth: who is that?! denny is always tweeting him and i have no clue what he has to do with cleveland sports***

    lol this is my favorite thing I’ve read all week.

  • Tapin

    @Denny is the “ol” tag unavailable?

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  • http://clevelandsaplum.com alexa – cleveland’s a plum

    i like sports.

    jerks. (#sarcasm)

  • http://clevelandsportstorture.blogspot.com/ Cleveland Sports Torture

    @CleveSpTorture and it’ll pick up a lot more when football season starts…

  • http://thenewstartmeup.wordpress.com/ Ron Graham

    Finally, a Twitter list worth seeing. I’ve certainly seen many that weren’t. Nice going!