Browns vs Titans- What We Want To See

Chris Johnson

You know the drill. Third preseason game. This one is supposed to resemble an actual football game for at least a half, possibly longer. Obviously we don’t want to see any injuries, (a win would be nice as well!) but aside from that there are a few things that we (WFNY staff) would like to see happen Saturday night.   Here they are-

Rick– I want to see how the offensive line will do against one of the better defensive lines in the NFL. If the Browns can open holes in the running game and keep whichever QB that is in there upright it bodes well for the season. I have serious reservations about that right side. On defense I’d love to see Shaun Rogers on the field and the defense at full strength. Without Rogers I don’t think they have a chance to stop the running game, especially against a stud like Chris Johnson.

Scott– If Derek Anderson can perform against a team that is not the Detroit Lions. We saw the discrepancy against Green Bay, and then the rebound last week. Can he put together a few drives against one of the better defenses in the league? How will he react under pressure. This will be the (hopeful) deciding game for the quarterback controversy. D.A. needs to prove that he can work in high-pressure situations. This should be one of those.

DP– Run defense. The Titans killed the Browns by running the football last year, and as the third pre-season game is largely considered the “dress rehearsal,” the Browns figure to see a large dose of the Titans’ #1 offense. How well can the Browns stop the run this week? They were better against Detroit, but come on… it’s Detroit. One would assume Rogers will not be playing, so it may not be easy to get a true read on this aspect. But, considering some of the teams looming early on in the season schedule (Vikings with Peterson, Ravens with their three-headed monster, etc.), this is a very important aspect of this defense’s progression.

Craig– Run offense. I want to see the run offense find some rhythm. With all the talk about the quarterback position, I think we aren’t really seeing enough of the running game. I want to see the offensive line develop a rhythm run blocking and I want to see one of the back hit the hole consistently for a decent per-carry average. I don’t care which back it is, but I need to see it. The real solution to the quarterback situation could very well be setting up the pass with some physical run blocking.

TD– The 2nd WR slot. Josh Cribbs wants to be the man, but even as good as he can be at the position, the team still is best suited for Cribbs to be the 3rd WR and special teams maven (in my opinion). That is where his peak value is. Rookies Mohhamad Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie, along with veteran Mike Furrey seem to be getting the best cracks next to Braylon Edwards. Massaquoi has looked great in practice of late, a tad ahead of the local hero Robiskie. Can either of these two take a big step forward in clicking with whomever guides the first team offense during this “dress rehearsal” on Saturday night?

Brendan– Play-Action. The play-action offense is dramatically affected by the quarterback choice. The strengths and weaknesses of both Quinn and Anderson have held true to historical form in these first two preseason games. Anderson struggles to throw the short and intermediate routes while Quinn is a below average QB throwing the ball over 15 yards. We all know Jamal Lewis is an aging RB with some serious questions about both durability and effectiveness with a tank running close to E. The combination of Quinn, a QB who is not currently respected to make the throws over 10-15 yards, and Lewis, an average RB at best at this point in his career, sets up a backfield 1-2 punch in which the play action offense (vital in the NFL) is rendered ineffective. If Quinn cannot stretch the field and Lewis is less than average, what NFL defense is going to respect the play action. Anderson’s ability to throw the deep ball and stretch the field gives Jamal a chance (barring that we have a WR which catches DA’s deep balls that are on his hands). This combination gives the play action offense a chance as well. Quinn does things better than DA – he commands the offense, strong work ethic, takes responsibility for bad plays, makes the short throws. I fear that we would need a better home run hitting RB if Quinn is named the starter. Tomorrow, I would like to see how Jamal does and how the play action works with each quarterback at the helm.

So that’s what we want to see, how about you?

(Photo- John Russell)

  • MrCleaveland

    The only thing I want to see is Derek Anderson in a baseball cap working on his clipboard handling.

  • Chuck

    I want to see a competitive NFL-caliber team in Orange and Brown.

  • scotty p

    good call brendan

  • Isis

    Quinn is a “below average QB throwing the ball over 15 yards”. “Quinn is currently not respected to throw the ball over 10-15 yards”.

    Based on what? Who’s assessment is this? Based on how much opportunity?

    Hogwash. Let me rip BQ.

  • Isis

    I mean let em’ rip BQ.

  • Tron

    LOL@Isis pretending he’s never made an “assessment” not based on any facts. Cashing out!

    I agree with DP, in our division, we need some serious run defense. I’m hoping the detroit game was less it just being detroit and more the browns lighting a fire under their butts and filling up holes and making tackles.

  • Dave

    i want to see more of james davis…absolute stud and hopefully our future star running back

  • Am

    I want to see James Davis run with the 1’s

  • DK

    @6 – lol! so true so true!

  • jewpants

    i want to see the game.. got another online video feed for this one?

  • Charlie

    Hear, hear to Isis on this one. BQ has played in 4 games. Or as Terry Pluto put it, he’s played in “10 quarters, a small sample …” and “… he had a broken finger on his throwing hand for at least three of those quarters …”

    This talking point of his arm strength is getting quite tired.

    These were just from a quick Google search of “Brady Quinn, arm strength.”

    From, 11/08: “In all, his arm strength for the deep ball has shown to be better than average and is easily sufficient. Quinn possesses the physical capabilities to challenge a defense deep regularly, but that doesn’t seem to be his mental approach.”

    From, 8/09: “During camp, the Browns’ coaching staff has put Quinn in the position to make many long throws, in essence testing his arm. What has Brady Quinn done in return? Pass test after test without blinking an eye.”

    The point being: There’s too much contradictory thought out there to declare it one way or another. Just let him play before you drink the Kool-Aid.

  • Kiddicus

    How about some production from the TEs? With K2 gone, there has been quite a void there.

    In other news, WFNY is now available in all its glory on the iPhone. Thanks to whoever worked that out.

  • MacNip

    I want to see BEANIE WELLS in a Browns uniform!!!!!!! and Ray Malaloooga

    Oh wait…that’s not me. I want to see our defense hold the Titans to 14 points or less in the first half

  • Jeff

    LOL #13…I was waiting for Isis to say Beanie Wells in yet another post. I too think the crap about Quinn’s arm not being sufficient is not very accurate. The bottom line is though, how will we know without seeing him play? I just want Quinn to play. I saw Anderson last year, and he sucked. Give Quinn a season, if he stinks, then fine, go into the draft next year and get someone there, but I have had enough of DA over Quinn. Just let the kid play and see what happens.

  • oribiasi

    The only way Beanie Wells will be in a Browns uniform will be with an injured ankle.

  • bobby

    I want to see Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson EARN the starting QB position. I want to see one of them come out and move the ball down field and get a TD. A passing TD. I don’t care who it is, because if Quinn doesn’t perform, then DA should get the start. Im tired of everyone saying “lets start quinn to see what we have in him.” He should show the browns that he is the best QB on the team. I dont care about arm strength, accuracy, w/e. Whichever QB gives the browns the best chance to win and whichever QB can show they can put up points should start. I don’t care what DA did last year, because he was great in 07. I dont care that Quinn ‘hasnt got a shot,’ because he has one now. One of these guys needs to step up and play well. If they both do, then thats terrific too.

    Also, I am interested in seeing the browns running game. Can the running game be effective to make it easier on the QBs? Can Davis be a solid back to play on 2nd and or 3rd downs? They play a great D this week, so I want to see life out of the running backs.

  • MrCleaveland

    What I DON’T want to see is the turd pants.

  • paulbip

    I want to see the brown pants

  • Matt

    I want to see Furrey playing the slot receiver. I think if Furrey’s at slot and BQ’s at QB then we have the potential of a Brady(Tom)/ Welker connection. If DA gets the starting job then Furrey might as well not play. Furrey’s small stature and DA’s inability to hit a target is a horrible combination. I would also like to see Davis and Jamal split time with the 1st’s. The one back running game isn’t working in this league anymore. If Davis can get like 150-200 carries this season. Come Nov and Dec Lewis will still have fresh legs and be able to run down guys. I would also like NOT to see Lewis tap-dancing in the backfield… I am curious what out linebacker core is going to look like. Wimbley-Jackson-Barton-Hall… I think would be the best combination of athletes IMO… I’m waiting for Eric Wright to ascend to stardom

  • S-Dub

    How has BQ not shown any zip and accuracy on passes over 10-15 yards? I saw him plug Robo right between the numbers for a 25 yard gain. And it wasn’t like Robo caught it and ran for 20 yards, the pass was caught and he was tackled, 25 yards. NFL QB’s don’t avg 25 yards/completion anyway, it’s more like 10-12 range. Quinn is the guy. Just face it and trade DA.

  • Boohyah2K9

    There is no reason to protect Quinn – Savage is gone and so is his history of poor draft days.
    I’m anxious to see what Mangini’s freea agents and draft picks do to help this team.

    We have needed a lot more than a quarterback (let’s say pass rush and defense from linebackers into the secondary?) I will be happy for 8-8, and if we get more that’s fantastic.