Marshall Supsended: We Wanted This Guy?

denverbroncosvclevelandbrowns-pjzmrwra22mNot all that long ago, it was rumored that Eric Mangini and the Browns were interested in trading for disgruntled wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

After admitting that he is nowhere close to knowing the Broncos playbook, Marshall recently took to a practice intentionally dropping passes and punting footballs instead of giving them to the ball boy.  He refused to run to drills, or take anything seriously, described as “lolly gagging” by those witnessing the incidents.

It comes as no surprise today that the team has suspended Marshall for conduct detrimental to the team.  The max suspension is four games, but the extent has not been reported at this time.

Given all of this, those of you that wanted to add Marshall’s talent to this Browns team, would you still bring him on after what he has done in his current situation?  There is no denying his abilities, but does this team really need the added distraction?  Hypothetical at this point, but have at it in the comments.

  • JD

    Nooooooooooo thanks.

  • DK

    Marshall is a dellusional whiner…where else do I know someone like that?

  • Tron

    If it would only cost us Braylon Scissorhands and maybe a 3rd rd pick, I say get the man an orange helmet. It would really help the Browns receiving corp to have a #1 receiver teams actually have to worry about CATCHING the ball downfield. He’d help take pressure off the O-Line and our corpse of a RB while he’s practicing his wine making grape crush technique in the backfield.

  • Florida

    Cutler sure did a lot of bit**ing and moaning in Denver, but the collective city of Chicago sure doesn’t seem to hold that against him now. I would suspect Marshall would get the same embrace in a new city. Fans can quickly put blinders on when a guy decides to play well.

  • DK

    @3 – bwaahahahaha- Jamal “the Grape Crusher” Lewis

  • Ike

    I don’t really think the Browns need Marshall. Our WR corps looks to be pretty solid as long as Braylon is catching the ball.

    The only positive of bringing Marshall in is that you’d give him a new deal and you’d know he’d be in Cleveland for the forseeable future unlike Braylon, who can leave after next year. That’s about it.

    While I don’t really agree with Marshall’s antics, he is definitely underpaid with regards to production and is a huge asset to whatever team he’s on.

  • bobby

    If we could trade Braylon for Marshall straight up maybe. I wouldnt give anything too important to get Marshall, definitely no draft picks.

  • Denny

    Massaquoi is looking to shape up alright. Think the WRs will be serviceable this year, so it’s probably not worth the distraction.

  • mgbode

    24 run-ins with the police…I posted the full report a few threads ago on him. no thank you.

  • Scott

    It’s in the link above… Pretty impressive.


    Yeah, what idiot would want THIS guy? *shifty eyes*

  • Brad

    I think the Browns would improve their team by adding Marshall. The problem is that Marshall has trust issues with the current management in place in Denver; if he can warm up to the new regime in Cleveland and they feel confident enough to give him a long-term contract (part of the reason for the demonstrated petulance), it could be a great move. But it depends on what the Broncos would ask for in return; if it’s Braylon Edwards or either Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn, then I think you’d have to go for it.

  • Denny


  • jack

    Think about this, if this guy can’t deal with McDaniels, how is he ever going to deal with Mangenius. So why trade something for him, just to deal with the same thing again next year? I say no. He didn’t get the name “Baby TO” on accident

  • TomR

    You guys are seriously debating bringing this clown in?! come on man, dude is dropping passes on purpose in practice. Braylon is not that bad….he is 1 decent season from getting franchised and re-signed so get used to the idea.

  • Robbie

    “Marshall recently took to a practice intentionally dropping passes and punting footballs instead of giving them to the ball boy”

    What?!? The idea of him coming here didn’t really interest me that much, now I’m happy as hell it never happened.

  • deebo

    Can he play safety for the Browns, back up PG for the Cavs, or be a power hitting corner outfileder or 1st baseman for the Indians? No? No thanks.

  • Elliot

    Whether you say yes or no, the guys is still a playmaking pro bowl receiver who is young and talented. Marshall is the biggest receiver in the NFL and unlike T.O I think if he is placed on a team with potential like the Browns he wouldn’t complain. Obviously we see that Mcdaniels is not liked very much he already made pro bowl QB Jay Cutler leave so you have to think that the new management may have something to do with it, he seemed to get a long with Shanahan fine. I think if the Browns could get him for Braylon and a 3rd round pick or something like that, I would take him.

  • DK

    just noticed this title reads supsended…along with the nunber from the other day…

    …needs more spellchecking!!! :)

  • AdapterDesign

    As a Cleveland native who now resides in Denver, I can tell you that this year Broncos country feels like Browns town. There’s a desperate optimism in the air. Lots of bitching, low expectations, but still lots of support.

    Pretty much been this way since Shanahan got the boot.

    Also, when they had Jay Cutler being a primadonna, the news ran a story about Shaun Rogers & Mangini to let fans know that they weren’t the only team with a cry baby.

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