NBA Free Agency: Cavs Invite Rob Kurz to Camp

Not long after being spurned by Joe Smith, the Cavaliers have reportedly given a non-guaranteed contract to forward Rob Kurz.

If you recall, Kurz is the three-point specialist out of Golden State that has intriguing per-36 minute stats, but has not been given much of an opportunity in terms of playing time. Danny Ferry has been looking for that “stretch” power forward that can hit the mid-range (and in this case long-range) jumper.

He’s by no means an exciting addition, but one that is low risk with a potential for decent reward.

  • Lebron3eb

    As a student at ND, and as I’ve said before, Kurz was one of the cornerstones of the team his senior year, yet totally flew under the radar. He worked so hard and really was a good team player…if anything, there really is no risk at all in this.

  • Isis

    Don’t know anything about Kurz, but I like it. Ferry has methodically gone down his prioritized list of identified targets one by one. It is clear he has had not just a plan, but backup plans. I’m sure this is where Ferry targeted Kurz all along. To get this big mobile forward on a make-good contract is just tremendous. Certainly won’t hurt to have another big guy in development mode, and we all know how valuable shooters are.

    Gotta love an organization with a plan and an execution of such..

  • daveh

    You don’t know anything about Kurz, but you like it. And, in a related story, I think that dog I’m thinking about picking up at the dog pound can do lots of tricks, even though I’ve never seen him or know a darn thing about him.

    As if 150 other guys telling Ferry to pound sand hasn’t been embarrassing enough, Ferry has now been reduced to picking up extras from “Hogan’s Heroes.” Yes, this will certainly convince LeBron to stick around, cruising the sets of old TV shows to fill up a roster.

    Next on Ferry’s hot list of targets: A “stretch waterboy” from “Family Ties.”

  • Isis

    The above comment was not about Kurtz, but about methodology-rolled right over your plugged up noggin “daveh”.

    Lebron ain’t goin nowhere………so get it all out now so you can eat it back later bigtime. Nothing happens without Lebron’s approval…..of which you are blinded by your own absurdity. In fact, it’s all over your head.

  • JoseMesaIsDead

    What about Kurz’s per 36min stats is intriguing?

  • DKH

    Top notch Isis; if someone disagrees with you, just insult them and hope no one notices that you didn’t defend your point. Not that I agree with daveh’s point; right now Ferry is looking for something like the 4th-6th player off the bench. This doesn’t have to be a marquee pickup.

    At any rate, Kurz could be a decent player in that slot. He hits 3-pointers at a nearly 40% rate, and hit 40 out of 50 free throws last season in 40 games. I think we should be careful about per-36 minute stats because of the Golden State Warriors’ pace (pace factor 98.2, vs. the Cavs at 88.7 last season). So to scale the per-36 minute stats (12.8 pts, 6.6 rbs, 1.7 ast, 1.5 blk, 1.1 stl, 1.3 to, 6.4 pf (!)), it might be a good idea to multiply by something like 0.9 for an initial estimate of his productivity on the Cavs. Note that he only has one year of experience and should be developing and improving.

  • DK

    I enjoy Isis’ narrow minded, tunnel vision…hes the epitome of a front-runner…will jump on any bandwagon of whatever team is winning at the time…if a team is losing or rebuilding, then he blasts them to high heaven…it shows me what the knuckleheads in Cleveland have to say…

    that being said, I think the rotation we have currently in place is very solid…I think anything added on at this point is icing on the cake…cant wait for the cavs to start!!

    Go Cavs!!

  • Scott

    Uh, what?? daveh comes on and spews nonsense about the Cavs, Ferry, etc, and you call isis out on it? Stfu already…theres ‘disagreeing’ w someone and theres acting like an arrogant [WFNY Edit: individual – no name calling guys] and being condescending, and *attempting* to sound witty.. before Isis said remotely close to ‘front running’, the poster above him acted the fool. And speaking of which, if you’re going to post, as the same person, try being alittle more clever than posting w your first name last initial, then your 3 initials, then just your first initial and last initial… thats about as clever as your earlier post. And dont even try and insinuate its not you…er, wait….I’m sure its just coincidence, right?

  • daveh

    Uh … Scott. The other guy is a different person, I have no idea who he is. He is not me, but why bring facts into this discussion. Off-limits, I’m sure.

    By the way, precisely what was “nonsensical” about my post, Scott? Just about every guy in the NBA flipped Ferry the bird this summer. I’ll bet even the drive-thru teller at Taco Bell told Ferry to come into the store and pick up his own damn burritos. The sole reason that he even got Joe Smith last season is because he made a promise to Varejao’s (also Smith’s) agent, which ultimately led to that absolutely ridiculous Varejao contract that is going to haunt the Cavaliers long after Ferry is gone. Which I expect will be next year.

    To top that off, he lands some over-the-hill guy whose claim to fame is that he played well in Israel, and some other stud who has played on three teams in four years. Precisely why would LeBron James return for another season of this?

    Regarless, personally, I thought it was kind of funny, Scott. Granted, I know you were born 20 years after “Hogan’s Heroes” went off the air and are fairly clueless when you’re not in full Danny Ferry cute cheerleading and pom-pom attire, but come on, it’s in reruns all the time. A guy named Kurz made an appearance.

  • daveh

    Oops. Check that. Moon is now playing with his third team in three years, not third team in four years. Damon Jones must be this guy’s role model.

  • Morph

    daveh: You make it sound as if everyone flipped Ferry the bird because the Cavs suck or its a crappy organization. That’s kind of going out on a limb and ignores the “facts” as you like to point out. Ariza = more playing time in Houston where he can potentially be the “focal” point of a team; Artest going to LA was a no-brainer given his off court interests. Joe Smith was going to see little if any playing time come the end of the season. Why would he come to CLE as the 11th-12th man when he could be a rotation guy in Atlanta. Charlie V got paid way more than the Cavs could offer. The only player who actually “spurned” the Cavs was Wallace and most Cavs fans did not want him anyway.

    As for Varajao, you are in the minority when it comes to saying that the contract was a bad one. In fact, at least one reputable statistician has AV as one of the five most underrated players in the game (with Moon coincidentally also in that group):

  • DK

    hahahah…scott…too funny…i have been, and always will be DK…theres no secret at all that I dont particularly *care* (that * was for you scott) for people that do nothing but be the typical Cleveland front-running sports fan (whichever team is winning at the time is who they’ve “always liked”)…my guess is that its about a 50/50 percentage as far as “fans” around these parts are anyways…that being said…if you wanted to check up on me, go ahead, i always post from the same IP address, and am happy to give it to you outright if you want to check it…no sweat to me at all…

    the mass majority of people have good insights on the site, and I am always happy to argue back and forth when people actually have good critiques about the different teams and players, but I get annoyed when certain few spew the same negative stuff over and over and over with no insight as to how to fix it other than firing everyone and starting over…thats not a solution, thats another problem…thats like throwing crap at a fan to see where it sticks…sure its fun, but its a mess to cleanup once youve done it…

    if this is a forum in which people are free to speak their minds and state how they feel about things, then other people should be free to do the same and disagree with someone’s constant negative outlook on everything that doesnt have to do with LBJ…throwing money at a problem does not always fix everything…playing the hand you are dealt is what teams in our region/city/market have to do…

    i sincerely hope that this is just someone else named scott and not scott from the website…

    furthermore, scott, theres nothing that says you need to read or agree with anything I write…if you see my name, and again, its always been DK, then just skip over what I have to say…no harm no foul…I’m pretty sure its what most people do anyways!


  • DK

    by the way daveh – i loved the hogans heroes reference!

  • Kevin

    Good rule of thumb Morph,

    If someone (Daveh) rips into what the [Cleveland sports team] did, but offers no actual solution on what they could have done better, just ignore him.

  • Scott

    Just to be clear, that “Scott” is not the editor of the site or author of the post.

  • Scott

    Sorry for any confusion DK. – Scott @ WFNY

  • daveh

    Kevin, are you for real? Let’s pretend your Scott’s fraternal twin. And some people heckled Scott for stepping into a steaming pile of poop on the sidewalk. High comedy. I mean, it’s been sitting there steaming in the sun for months. You’d have to be blind not to see it coming. And then you, being the good protective brother and all, come along and say, “THEY OFFER NO SOLUTION ON WHAT HE COULD HAVE DONE BETTER. EVERYBODY IGNORE THEM!!!”

    Uhh … I’ve got a solution: How ’bout not stepping in the poop?

  • DK

    no worries at all Scott@WKNY…i figured it wasnt the same Scott, but just wanted to make sure…

    at any rate…GO BUCKS!