While We’re Waiting… Possible Felony in Moeller Case, the Rooneys Rule, and Iverson to the Cavs

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Derek AndersonThe lesser of two evils? “Channel 3 and the Browns stepped up to buy the remaining tickets for Saturday’s preseason home opener against Detroit, thereby avoiding the first local television blackout since 1995.  Uh, thanks … we think.

The Green Bay game brought home the essence of the extreme mixed emotions people have about this football team. After that performance, the idea of watching the Browns is apparently surpassed in dread only by the idea of not being able to watch the Browns.” [Bud Shaw/Plain Dealer]

We go through “Episodes II,” like “Attack of the Clones”/Work ’til we break our back and you hear the crack of the bone: “Sadly, Buckeye nation took the low road in this whole affair and rose up for a digital lynching of sorts, tracking [Ralph G.] Decker down on social networks, calling his bosses, lobbing death threats and even going so far as to vandalize his the guy’s wedding guestbook. Losing [Tyler] Moeller the way the Buckeyes did is horrible, and we hope for a speedy recovery, but the fact that Decker might be facing five years should be satisfaction enough for those angered over this ordeal.” [Jason/Eleven Warriors]

At least we have Dan Gilbert: “It’s ego. It’s jealousy. It’s a little of both, or maybe folks just aren’t paying attention. Whatever the case, all owners in professional sports should swallow their pride, study the Pittsburgh Steelers over the past four decades and implement the ways of the Rooneys. I’ll excuse the Steinbrenners. They have enough shiny stuff in their trophy case from past and recent years to prove they get it. The same goes for Bob Kraft of the New England Patriots and Jerry Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers. As for most of the others, not so much — or not at all.” [Terence Moore/NFL FanHouse]

Another injury for Tucker? “It’s not looking good for Ryan Tucker’s odds of being in the starting lineup Week 1, which would go against what most of us expected in our training camp previews. Tucker left Monday’s session with an apparent injury, and he was no where to be found Wednesday. When asked if this had anything to do with him considering retirement again, the team responded “no”.” [Chris/Dawgs By Nature]

Would Allen be the Answer? “If [Allen] Iverson wants to erase a past that saw him personify everything that had become wrong with the NBA — me-first attitudes, ball-hogging, putting stats and playing time over team success, and selfishness — then joining the Cavs to come off the bench in a limited role would be the best thing for him at this point of his career.” [Cavalier Attitude]

  • JK

    There is an article in the dispatch this morning that says Decker is claming he acted in self defense.

  • Clown Baby

    It kind of sucks that Channel 3 had to buy the tickets/split it with the Browns. I think the Browns should have bought all of them. Don’t they owe us at least that? In general and especially with regards to what we have been rewarded with since their return, Browns fans are the best and most loyal in the league and punishing us for not buying tickets to this Toilet Bowl was a joke. It ended up right, but it never should have been in doubt.

  • Mike

    Please no Me Myself and Iverson… NO NO NO…

    Regardless of how we think as Cleveland fans that LBJ’s leadership will straighten people out, that guy is the worst Cancer in the NBA.

  • Creative

    You stay classy, OSU.

  • Charlie

    I cannot even believe that anyone would even entertain the thought of AI on the Cavaliers. If it came down to it, I’d rather play with four.

  • Clown Baby

    @ Creative-

    I’m sure it was the entire student body, alumni and fans around the world, working together to act like morons. I guess it could also be possible that it’s one or two maniacs making these threats. No, I think the first one is definitely most likely.

  • JK

    That’s so hilarious Creative. I can see why they call you Creative. That line most certainly wasn’t made popular by a Will Farrell movie/quoted by everyone on the internet.

  • MrCleaveland

    I like the way Cavalier worded this: “. . . joining the Cavs to come off the bench in a limited role would be the best thing for him at this point of his career.”

    Yeah, the best thing FOR HIM, not for the team, not for the coach, not for anybody else — FOR HIM. Isn’t the “best thing FOR HIM” always been the problem?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Extremely disappointed in brilliant people taking their ‘fandom’ to extreme levels of stupidity. It’s one thing to get blackout drunk and walk around campus for a football game because that’s what “fans do”.

    It’s another to destroy someone’s personal property before knowing the entire story. He’s going to suffer consequences of some sort, whether they include fines, time in the penal system (rooming with a large man named “Bubba”), payment of medical bills, etc. Let the legal system play out. Trashing a guy’s wedding guest book is pure stupidity. His wife didn’t do anything, so why take it out on her –


  • Big TC

    I’ve been saying for years that that the Rooneys should be the example that all sports franchise owners should to look up to.

    They care passionately about the game, not just the money they can make off it.

    They care about their community, and don’t just treat it like a teat to milk for their own benefit.

    They care about their fans, providing a great atmosphere and a product that the fans can be proud of, even in down years.

    And they care about winning.

    For them, the Steelers franchise is not just a business venture, it’s a vocation. As it says in the Bible, “Just as the good tree bears good fruit, the bad tree bears bad fruit. By their fruits you shall know them.” The results don’t lie. Those six Lombardi trophies wouldn’t have happened without the Rooneys at the helm.

    The Rooneys are probably the only good thing about Pittsburgh. But they’re a very, very good thing.

  • CPM

    So we should feel bad for a guy who sucker-punched and seriously injured another guy, because he’s going to prison and people are making his life hell? I’m sure some people went a bit too far, but come on now.

  • Clown Baby

    I think death threats are a little much, don’t you? I’m not much into the social networks and posting other personal information for all to see on the internet. I think people who do that open themselves up for this stuff, especially when they are going out and getting tanked and starting bar brawls.

  • TampaBrett

    Joe Smiff to the rescue!

  • Jay

    I’ll add my 2 cents before heading off to this dreaded meeting….

    I may be the only guy in Cleveland excited for the game Saturday. I’m glad Channel 3 and the Browns bought the tickets. It shows me they might actually care about us. My question is was it a 50/50 buy, or did one side buy more than the other?

    It’s a shame how a few bad apples spoil the bunch, on both sides of the Moeller issue. I certainly do not condone death threats, as i do not condone beating someone severly. Regardless of how this plays out, Decker’s life as he knew it is essentially over.

    I HATE Pittspuke, but the Rooney family is the model I wish the Browns had. Thank God for Mr. Gilbert indeed.

    Ryan Tucker’s injured? He might retire? Tucker is becoming the “D-List” Brett Favre.

    Iverson will never play for the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers practice.

  • besh85


    Posting irrelevant thoughts from other blogs is a waste of time and bad journalism. Clearly AI is not going to the cavs and the idea of him coming of the bench is anywhere is not in his plans. This is a misleading headline and all around *crap*.

    (ED note- you can bash our opinions, that is your right. But you do have to stick to the commenting policy.)

  • Creative

    “That’s so hilarious Creative. I can see why they call you Creative. That line most certainly wasn’t made popular by a Will Farrell movie/quoted by everyone on the internet.”

    And your brilliant retort isn’t tired and regurgitated by every single person on the internet.

    oh wait.

    People were hating on SEC fans yesterday for sucker punching a guy, even going so far as to generalize the fans as all drunken idiots (despite the details of the tussel being hazy at this point); I just did the same thing to OSU fans. Reality is there will be a small portion of any fan base thats going to be idiots. SUPRISE !!@!@!@11 Your fans do the same crap.

  • http://gooddoctorzeus.blogspot.com DocZeus

    Iverson was about the fourth most important reason the Pistons were awful last season.

    1. Chauncey Billups is much, much better than we all thought and removing the best player on your team and leaving the team with no true alpha dog and no true facilitator was a foolish, foolish move. Iverson is not a point guard and never has been one. Rodney Stuckey is an average point guard. He just doesn’t have “IT.”

    2. Michael Curry is a horrible coach. Like a truly horrible coach. And he grossly mismanaged the A.I. situation and in the process alienating his two best players (A.I./Rip) to the point the team completely collapsed.

    3. Rasheed Wallace got old and lazy. Rasheed Wallace was the worst player in their starting five last year and his lack of caring did them more than Iverson’s ever could. He didn’t want to bang in the post anymore and started shooting more and more lazy 3s. And he was the worst player on the court during the Cavs series.

    4. And then Iverson refusing to come off the bench was what finished them off.

    And as for the proof that because the Nuggets dramatically improved because Iverson left. Thats more of referendum of bringing in a player that loved to distribute the ball to their scorers and Melo’s committal to defense than anything Iverson was doing with the team. When Iverson was there, the team didn’t play defense and they turned themselves into an elite defensive team when he left. Its simple as that.

  • Gregg

    WKYC bought the tickets because it was in their own interest to broadcast the game. Even with the Browns being down right now, the game will probably get more viewership than anything else they have to show on a Saturday night.

  • ben

    Go Browns! If we ever have a chance to look good, it’s against the Lions.

    OSU Fanboys need to chill.

    AI = No Way. What a terribad idea.

  • ben

    Also – that may be one of Bud Shaw’s better pieces I’ve read.

  • JK

    So let me get this straight Creative, you’re esentially saying. “Yeah my comment is dumb, but so is yours! Ha!”

    Well played sir…

  • Creative

    Sure, whatever makes you feel better.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    “Posting irrelevant thoughts from other blogs is a waste of time and bad journalism. ”

    Linking to other blogs is only beneficial if everyone agrees with their analysis?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    @ Big TC – agreed 100%.

    @ DocZeus – agreed on all points, Billups especially.

    @ besh – what is this journalism you speak of.

  • danny

    creative. i just want to get this straight. south=perfect gentlemans. north=hooligans. correct?

  • MrCleaveland

    There was a great line on Les Levine’s show last night:

    When the plane carrying Brett Favre landed in Minnesota, the pilot announced, “The ego has landed.”

  • david

    i would love to have AI coming off our bench. instant offense. if nate robinson can score off the bench in the league than so can AI. and he is motivated, he knows what everyone thinks of him right now.

    and the ohio state stuff is horrible. right now the story is that tyler was sucker punched. that is what we are hearing from his family but before the other guy gets to respond his wedding guest book has to be ruined? im just guessing that tyler wasnt really an angel in this story

  • Scotty

    OK…I’m a 5th year senior at OSU and have been on campus all summer. It isn’t a mass anger about what happened to Moeller, people aren’t trying to figure out how to retaliate, and it certainly isn’t the “entire student body” (@6) going after this guy. Right now all everybody is talking about the usual stuff: the USC game, the season starting, do you have tickets yadda yadda yadda…Not attacking some guy at his wedding.

  • Clown Baby

    @ Scotty-

    Apparently my sarcasm did not come through on that one….but for the record I do not think the entire OSU student body, alumni and fans around are harassing this guy.

  • Creative

    Danny–just to set the record straight I’m from Ohio, I went to school in the South. I don’t claim that everyones super nice down there, where the hell are you getting that from? I just said that I didn’t think the guy got hit in the face for no apparent reason, just because he went to OSU. You need to relax and stop putting words in my mouth.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    There are too many apologists here.

  • Jay

    Sorry Denny :(

  • Matt

    It is tiresome to read back-and-forth bashing. That’s one reason I stopped going to sporting news.

  • Chad

    Nice Reflection Eternal reference Scott.

  • P@

    But the bashing on this site is Clevelander on Clevelander action! That’s as HOTT as it gets. You can’t get that on The Sporting News!

  • Scotty

    @ Clown Baby ah haha, i missed it without the SARCASM FONT. Disregard my rant then.

  • Matt