April 20, 2014

Bears 1037, Browns 1031: or Something Like That

Yeah, the final score really doesn’t matter does it? When I saw the ‘starters’ step on the field I figured the points in this one were about as valuable as on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Chris Jennings

So did we learn anything from this game? Sure. We learned that David Patten isn’t in the Browns plans for this season. Nice of them to let him play the whole game to try and get a look from another team. Honestly though, I would be surprised if he got a sniff. He isn’t exactly fast anymore.

We got to see Chris Jennings run like he was playing in the Super Bowl. Nice effort from the kid. And no Bernie, he doesn’t remind me at all of Kevin Mack. I have no doubt that Browns fans will start calling for Jennings to make the team and Jamal Lewis to be cut. Really? Stop and think about that for a minute. I wish the kid well.

We learned that if Kosar had his way Brent Ratliff would have to change his name. Bernie, there is no ‘C’ in Ratliff. It isn’t Ratcliff. I hope that the Browns aren’t going to use this game to make a decision between Ratliff and Bartel. Both had moments. Good and bad.

Rookie CB Coye Francies had a few really nice plays, and a couple of bad ones in one on one coverage. Still, he will help this team in nickel and dime packages.

Brian Robiskie had a few nice plays, and some nice blocks downfield. Massaquoi had a nice catch and run for a score. Couldn’t have asked much more from the pair. Tight ends Aaron Walker and Martin Rucker might have been competing for the final TE spot tonight. Advantage Rucker. Walker had a dumb penalty and completely missed a blocking assignment on the Browns’ first scoring drive.

There were few actual starers on the field, but the battle between Alex Mack and Hank Fraley continued. Both played quite a bit and even played on the same line for a time with Fraley at the right guard spot. I give the edge to Mack. He seemed to get better drive off the ball.

You have to wonder about Gerard Lawson. The return specialist had a nice game returning kicks, even though Brad Seely (special teams coach) seemed upset with Lawson’s last run back. He is easily the second best returner on the team, but when you are chasing a Pro Bowl player you have a long way to go. If the Browns release him he is sure to be picked up.

Players like Lawson and Blake Costanzo could become casualties when the Browns scour the waiver wire. Costanzo has had an excellent preseason chasing down kick returners, but his ceiling at LB just isn’t that high.

We learned that as tough as Eric Mangini is enforcing rules, there may be a slight double standard. Shaun Rogers and David Bowens didn’t play a snap this preseason. Now, if they both are actually injured, then I suppose you can cut him a break. I have my doubts about the severity of Rogers’ injury.

There are probably plenty more things to learn, but really- do you want to watch that again to learn them?

  • RoversRugby

    Honestly I couldnt give a damn about a double standard when it regards Shaun Rogers. I have been wrong before but I would be willing to bet he sat the whole preseason because hes a 350 pound behemoth and it’s very easy to get hurt at his size. Why risk your best defensive player to injury in games that don’t matter? Especially when it gave us a great look at Ahtyba Rubin.

  • Isis

    You hope the Browns won’t use this game to make a decision about Ratliff and Bartel? How about using the entire exhibition season, is that enough?
    Ratstiff is horrendous, and Mangini better not keep him over Bartel. And, couldn’t have asked more from Robiskie, he of the most “NFL ready” receiver in the draft? He caught a few underneath slot passes, and that impressed you? He was drafted as a wideout, not a slot-at the top of the second round.

  • B-bo

    So what happens if Mangini DOES keep Ratliff (love the cute new nickname though–clever nicknames are the best way to demonstrate one’s wit, after all) over Bartel? The sky falls? A tear forms in the space-time continuum? The terrorists win? Why must everything be so dire, so life-and-death all the time? Fact is, if either one of them ends up playing significant snaps this season, the Browns aren’t going anywhere anyway–which, by the way, is true for the other 31 teams in the NFL when it comes to their 3rd string QBs. Turns out it’s not a conspiracy by Lerner, Mangini, or Kokinis on that one…..or is it? Overall, I think the ’09 draft class is shaping up to be a solid group of guys who should contribute for multiple years–which is certainly better than what we’re used to seeing from the team over the past 10 years. Spectacular? Maybe not. But no team has 53 Pro Bowlers, regardless of who their front office is. Bottom line: let’s get to the meaningful games and see what these guys can do.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    Isis don’t start with me. I didn’t call Robiskie “the most NFL ready” anything. In fact, I wasn’t very happy with the pick at the time. But he is a Brown now, and he performed better last night than in the previous preseason games, so in that regard yes I was impressed. When guys show progress you are supposed to be happy about that. B-bo is right, neither Ratliff or Bartel are going to lead this team to wins. And neither has looked good this preseason. Back off.

  • Clown Baby

    I didn’t watch the Browns because I figured the college games would be more entertaining. Boyyyyyy was I wrong. Also, if you haven’t seen the right-cross that the Oregon running back landed on Boise player, I highly recommend finding it.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Craig

    Making fun of Bernie for putting a C in Ratliff’s name in the same sentence where you call him Brent instead of Brett… tee hee… :-)

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Re: Clown Baby talking about the sucker punch – [FanNation]

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    - 76 yards of penalties??

    - Really liked the intensity of both Veikune and Maiava. If anything, DV’s hair makes me feel like I have Troy Polamalu on my team, even if my Troy overpersued on a few plays. No doubt that both make this team.

    - Alex Hall made some great plays; most important was the run stuff on third-and-short after the initial INT.

    - I’m trying very hard to not get overly excited about Coye Francies. Aside from the Rideau TD, I think he looked great.

    - I was hoping that Jordan Norwood would get a shot, and I hope that he’ll be able to be on the practice squad after clearing. Came on strong early in camp, but seemed invisible until last night – and the drops didn’t help.

    - Costanzo should make the final roster at the expense of Bell and perhaps Leon Williams.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Craig

    I agree 100% on the last point Scott. I am tired of being led to believe that Leon Williams will do anything on the field for the Browns. He hasn’t. He won’t.

  • Omega King

    To Isis – I’m sure that Ratliff will be retained because Mangini traded for the guy on draft day. Certainly, he’s “Mangini’s boy” and will be the 3rd stringer. That said – is it really that big of a deal either way? As others have said – if he needs to play, the Browns are in big trouble.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    @Craig- That’s what we call irony. Or my sense of humor.

  • ben

    I don’t care if Shaun doesn’t do anything but sit on the couch between games so long as he’s healthy and can play like he did last year. I mean, they guy takes on gravity every single day, what more practice do we want from him.

  • Jay

    I liked most of what I saw from jennings last night, but on this team with Lewis, Harrison, and the emerging Davis, there’s just no room for him in the backfield.

    Rucker’s poised for a breakout year. I went out on the limb.

    Francies will make a solid Nickleback, and eventually a strong CB, IMHO

    Who should the #2 WR be? Robiskie or Massaquoi? or maybe someone else?

    WFNY should do a final preseason wrap up, and name who they think the starters will be. (QB, WR, etc.)

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    “Who should the #2 WR be? Robiskie or Massaquoi? or maybe someone else?”

    It’ll be Cribbs. Furrey will start in the slot. The rookies will be there for depth with Patten, Hubbard, Leggett and Norwood getting released. It wouldn’t surprise me if they held on to Leggett, though he was brutal in terms of catching balls in traffic last night.

    I imagine they’ll attempt to keep the last three for the practice squad. Patten’s d-u-n done.

  • Harv 21

    Is anyone else finally on board with my theory that Kokinis has intended all along to trade Anderson before the opener? Maybe last night was Ratliff’s tune up as the back-up QB. I’ve thought that the Browns were waiting for some team’s QB to go down in pre-season, or maybe for Al Davis to have one of his Big Arm/Stupid QB flashbacks. Anderson seems just like a Davis kind of guy, and the Raider QB’s are pretty marginal at that position.

  • BP

    Massaquoi will be the # 2 WR on this team even though I thought Robiskie had that spot locked up on draft day. Robo hasn’t done enough in the preseason to earn that spot.

  • Isis

    Rick, what’s with the back off-don’t start with me nonsense? Can you not take a piece that differs from your own? Refer to #10 Omega King for a rational retort. It’s all good all the time eh?

  • Isis

    Harv, I’ve said for MONTHS Mangini is playing a coy game to “try” and build up trade value for DA. I’ve also said they should just take the 4th rounder and be done with that bumb. Watch him sulk and cry if he’s not named the starter. What they have instead done is not take the time to establish the leader on the field and in the locker room, just as “platooning” the second WR will take away from establishing continuity with the named QB.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    @ # 17 – really, you’re going to use the “can you not take a differing opinion” card? The whole point of this site is to rationally debate differing opinions.

    I can’t speak directly for Rick, but I’m pretty sure the issue is with your constant negativity and holier-than-thou approach to debate. We get it – you don’t like the current management team. You think they drafted poorly.

    You have every right to not like the management of the two teams who happen to be floundering right now. People have every right to not like your opinion and constant negativity regarding the teams.

  • Isis

    Scott-final word, I did not attribute the “NFL’s most ready” WR draft prospect to you, I just stated that oft-repeated draft mantra. What I did attribute to you was your admiration for Robiskies’ performance-of which you are entitled to, much as I am entitled to disagree (I think).

    I’m even more disturbed now at the Robo pick than I was the day it happened; and the list of impact prospects that were passed. Who in the heck would follow that pick with yet ANOTHER WR in round 2? (Detroit Lions maybe?). Like it or not or agree or not-I’m pointing something out here that should be a foundational draft for Mangini; perhaps one or two our there might actually view what’s going on rationally and not emtionally.

  • TomR

    those pants look awful. At least throw the orange stripes on there so they match.

  • Isis

    Denny-you just read Randy Lerner’s ranking among NFL owners. And yet you chastise my thoughts on the Browns as “negativity”. Perhaps I’m throwing out a perspective here that so differs from the vast majority that are in the hopper that it results in hostile backlash-well, so be it. And, your insinuation that I’m rapping the ownership only in their days of floundering couldn’t be more off base.

    “People” have every right not to like my opinion, and I have the same right, correct? Is this a forum or a head bob convention? If I read a post that I disagree with or that has innacuracy should I not offer a remark? Wasn’t the majority happy with Crennel AND Savage from the start? (I wasn’t, so call that holier than thou if you like). Am I convinced Browns and Indians are under horrific ownership and management, YES.

    It’s your site, you can ban me or over-ride as has been done. Not sure that is really how you want to view dissent, but that’s your call. Call it holier than thou, tell me to back-off, however you want to view what is bizarrely a minority view here. I’ll always call it as I see it, like it or not.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    “Scott-final word, I did not attribute the “NFL’s most ready” WR draft prospect to you, I just stated that oft-repeated draft mantra. What I did attribute to you was your admiration for Robiskies’ performance-of which you are entitled to, much as I am entitled to disagree (I think).”

    Excuse me? Where did I say anything at all about Robiske aside from that I think he’ll make the team?

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    I don’t have issues with different opinions. Opinions by definition can’t be wrong, as they’re not factual. But essentially screaming the same goddamn thing every day gets old.

    Calling it like you see it is fine but seriously man, there are ways of debating things that don’t make you look like a total d-bag. It’s a lot easier to listen to somebody’s opinion and try and take away the parts that you find value in when you can respect their cognitive ability and the way in which they bring their opinion forward. And honestly, it’s hard to do that when you just write snarky things like “Viva la shapetti, book it” every day. I realize that may sound silly coming from me, as 50% of what I have to say is in jest – but I put thought into what I say, even when it’s hilarious throwaway comments. I’d appreciate the same from everyone.

    I suggest you (and everyone, really) read this – it’s ok to take other people’s thoughts and learn from them. It’s also OK to present opinions in a less negative light, and not say “I’ve been saying this for months, I’m right!!!” [Cnn.com]

  • markm

    Best thing about the game – neither Ratliff nor Bartell looked good. this means that when some other team’s starter goes down with an injury and we can actually get some (please?) value for DA, we can move one of them off of the practice squad to be the #3 guy without some other team grabbing him.

    At least I THINK that’s a positive thing….

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Craig

    The difference is that we report things from the perspective of having an opinion but not claiming to know everything.

    Much of the time Isis you show a religious conviction to your OPINIONS. I am sure in some forums that conviction is warranted. In this forum where we NEVER and I mean NEVER truly know all the factors and variables, it seems completely stupid and asinine to walk around with that level of conviction. Even if you turn out to be right, at this point you are guessing.

    At the end of the day, we all have doubts about everything the Browns do. The difference is that most of us want to be wrong and have the team magically be kind of good. That is our nature as fans. You want Maualuga to be the greatest player ever and Robo to stink on ice so you can be right.

    Or at least that is the way it comes off to a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE AROUND HERE.

  • Harv 21

    @18 Isis: yep, we were both commenting on the likelihood of trading Anderson after the Mangini hire, and debating about his worth in future picks. I’ve just always thought Anderson’s tendency toward crunch-time brain farts is exactly what a “control guy” like Mangini cannot stomach. But he’s going to be pretty valuable to some team – aren’t many #2 QBs in the NFL are better than Anderson.

  • Humboldt

    Wow. There’s a little too much piling on happening here. Look, everyone wants the Browns to do well, but I’m not sure why isis and others are being villified by their criticism of a Browns organization that has done little to allay our anxieties about the franchise.

    Like many people, I don’t like Lerner and I don’t like Mangini and find it regrettable that they are running a franchise that I love so much. I’ll support them, but won’t simply acquiesece to whatever decisions they make without second guessing them or posing alternatives.

    @isis – While I tend to agree w/ most of your Browns assessments, I think your self-presentation on the site can be a little strident. It is amplified by other people sniping at you though.

    Sigh. We have all become the Browns.

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